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United Stinks!

Posted By: Jen on 2006-10-24
In Reply to:

I tried to work for United for a few days.  I specified MULTIPLE times I am NOT a morning person.  They disrespected me and called ALL DAY, started phoning before 7 a.m. to ensure I don't sleep at all since I went to bed after 6 a.m.!!!!  They sent an email telling me to phone them when I feel like speaking to them.  Great...I won't break any nails dialing the phone - TWO MORE STAFF PEOPLE CALLED ME TO HARASS FURTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why were they calling?  To ask why I was not typing right then!!!  Well duh!!!  Second shift begins at 3 p.m. my time and all this drama was going on at 1 p.m. my time!!!!!!!!!!  HELLO!!!!!!!!!  GET AN EDUCATION!!!!!!!!  LEARN THE TIME ZONES JERKS!!!!!!!!!  So, for the money and the harassment and the sweat shop atmosphere, I recommend any other company. This one is not worth the hassle, the time, or the energy since the staff is disrespectful, hateful, inflexible, inconsiderate, unprofessional and unacceptable.  Is the money even worth it?  No, for my 15 years' experience, they offered 0.08 a line.  Oh..another thing...I told them I would work this weekend - they don't have an auto job feed so it took over 3-4 hours for someone to 'send me work since their system is antiquated.  Yes, you have to rely on someone to send you work in order to have anything to type and then they send you 2 jobs, you type, you request more work, and you get more work after having downtime of 2 hours.  So...in 8 hours, you are lucky to have typed 5-8 jobs.  So, to get up to 15 jobs, count on 12-16 hours a day!!!! 

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United TR
Would love to hear from anyone who works for this company. Pay? Benefits? Work load? Do they provide equipment? Any info is greatly appreciated.
I tested with them and they had one very unreasonable transcription test (one particular note) that totally turned me off.  Horrible sound quality on top of a heavy ESL accent.  I was afraid that was a hint on what was to come with that company so I never finished the test. 
United Tran
What is the deal with United Tran?  Is it a reputable company?  Reading an ad from them, I thought it sounded good; but then when I went to their website, I noticed some misspellings.  Just made me wonder.  What does anyone know about them?
United Transcription
Recruiter, Melissa, had me do a questionaire first. after she was satisfied with this, she wanted to send me a pre-employment screening test. However, it looked like she was only going to send it to me if I had planning on taking it RIGHT THEN AND THERE just because it was timed and needed to be back in 24 hours (we are about 6 hours apart, and I do have another job). She did this twice. I waited for days. Why couldn't she just send the test as an attachment to download like NORMAL companies would?????

I finally emailed the company and told them how unprofessional they were, particularly Melissa, and that they actually did me a favor.

United Transcription

Can anyone tell me anything about United Transcription? I've done a search and cannot come up with much.  TIA!

I think there is a United Transcription in NC, not SC. (sm)
... and there is another company out of India. The one in NC is not a scam, though they are a young company. When I talked to them, it sounded like they used fabulous software. The bad thing is that they still don't seem to have a website, which I think they should so people could more easily distinguish them from the Indian company.
Does anyone know anything about United Transcription?

The ad looks like it's a good company to work for, but looks can be deceiving.  Anyone have personal experience with them currently or in the past?  TIA

United Transcription

Does anyone currently work for this company or has worked for this company in the past?  If so, give me the good, the bad, the ugly and otherwise!


United Tran
Yes...I did research on United Tran through the BBS and what I found is that they are out of Florida.  This is a company that has changed their name.  I can't remember but it seems that the origional company was out of Colorado then moved to Florida and started under a different name and now it is United Tran.  Be careful on this one....look at the BBS report.
United Transcription

Will you email me with the details. 


Has anyone heard of United Transcription?

Anyone know about United Transcription

Just want to know what they pay before I go and take the voice test.


Any info is appreciated, Thanx!

United Transcription in NC
Does anyone have any experience with this company?  Thanks!
Okay, thanks - I'll assume that no bad input regarding this company is a good sign!
Skilled and United. sm
skilled transcription and/or United transcription both located in Charlotte NC. Anybody work for them? How do you like it?
United Transcription
Saw an ad for United Transcription on another website..wondering if anyone has any info on them?  TIA
Do you really mean 12/14/05 or 2/14/06? Stinks either way. nm
0.7 cpl STINKS

I heard back too.  No thanks!

GP.... This really stinks.......... sm
I'm really sorry it has happened to you, but like one poster said below, I rather think the ACLU would be interested in this.

I had an employer who threatened to sue me once when I left the company if I influenced any MTs to go with me (as though I had that much influence). I never heard another peep out of him, and hopefully you won't out of this either. I'd cross my fingers for you, but that makes it kinda hard to type. ;o)
RE: United Trans Scam
They are a scam. Run for your life. Don't give them a dime.
Was this United Transcription in So. Carolina or the other one? nm
Anyone heard of United Tran?


Any info on United Transcription?
Have seen many ads on Monster..Just wondered if there was any info out there on them. 
United Transcription, Inc. Any Info?
Anyone heard of United Transcription? nm
Australia and United Kingdom......
United Transcription/RI Unlimited.
Keep away from United Transcription.  They literally change your reports at QA and blame you for it.  Also, RI Unlimited.  They give you 3 tests, avoid all phone calls and then tell you they don't need any help.  Also this minutes thing.  We should turn them all in for not paying taxes.  Bring back the Independent in IC.  No sure I am staying in this field much longer.  They want it all and don't even allow for error.  Minimum wage is going up.  You are better off working in WalMart. 
United, Archivus, Transportal. sm

I did look up prior posts on these companies but did not find the answer to this question.  Do any of these companies hire IC?  Do these companies base full time on line count or hours if they have employee status?

Thanks for your help.  I am trying to narrow down my search.  I appreciate it.

United Medical Services
out of Colorado....Any info on this company?  Any and all info appreciated.  TIA
I'd take the other job offer. MQ stinks!
Their program stinks!
Cymed STINKS....sm

If you are considering working for this company, they pay 7 cpl for employee status, they do NOT pay for spaces and the lady that does the training is so rude it ain't funny....either she is overworked or she is just a wicked cow!

PLUS, they do outsource and some of the offices lie to you and say they pay for spaces, they don't. 

I wouldn't say DSG stinks.....
I previously worked at DSG, but didn't stay because of the sound quality. I now work at GIMT, and their sound quality doesn't even compare!  It's so much better than DSG.  Other than the sound quality, DSG was okay.
The whole thing stinks. (sm)
I don't think you are getting it! You do realize that before you get a job to edit that it first goes past an Editor in India, don't you?

Crazy stuff, an offshore MT types it, it is then edited by an offshore editor (who is not much better than the MT)and then it comes to us to be edited again with a 100% listen.

I think we have all accepted the fact that offshoring is a reality and we all knew when we accepted the position with MW that we would be editing offshore work, but I did not sign up to work for slave wages ($8) an hour.

I have no clue what your situation is, but I am way too good to work for that. I also have more pride in myself then to be insulted by the people of MW.

I understand, but that stinks for us who need help...
I figured that would be the answer :( Oh well, back to square one.
The pay stinks, in my opinion.
stinks as compared to what?
maybe the account stinks
It stinks right now, worse than ever - sm
It seems no one pays much anymore and if they don't post their pay and ask you to state what your requirements are and you tell them, you never hear from them again.  Or worse, they have idiotic platforms that are not MT friendly, no matter what they say.  I swear there are no decent-paying jobs out there anymore for the MTs who have been doing this for over 20 years.
It's still Apex and it still stinks sm
I'm hoping to leave there this week.  It is Apex and it really is the pits.  There is nothing MT friendly about it.  I also came to realize they only have 1 account so with that always running low there isn't much hope for making a living there.
yes, it is Scribe and it stinks! nm


The platform stinks.
You emailed me to tell my pay stinks? sm
well first of all, I work part-time 4 hours a day, and make up to $100 a day, so that is $25 an hour, so don't email me and tell me I don't make squat. you don't know anything about my situation, and at least I don't make 4 cents a line for VR, so I consider myself fortunate. Why did you ask such a weird question, then I answer, then you rip. Just another one of the bitter, unprofessional people on this board.
United Transcription in North Carolina
Anyone familiar with this company?  If so, would you recommend them?  Thank you.
United Transcription out of North Carolina
Hi Fellow MTs:   Would anyone have any information on this company, United Transcription out of Charlotte, North Carolina?  Any information would be helpful.  Also does anyone know if they pay for spaces or benefits?   Thanks
You said a mouthful, sister. United we stand,
divided we fall. Right now, we're falling.
The company stinks and if you look back through
the archives you'll be hard pressed to find a good post about them, and then they have to be from someone in management.  Even people that didn't listen to our experience and went to work for them are living and regretting they didn't listen.  Absolute worst company there is. 
DSG stinks. GIMT is great though
Exactly. India work stinks.