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Unkind remarks

Posted By: Sherry Lee on 2009-02-28
In Reply to:

I find it quite disturbing to see unkind remarks on this board.  We are professionals,  should act accordingly, and try to support and help our brother and sister MTs.  Puffing about line counts and insulting others is just plain mean spirited.  Everyone gets something different to deal with.  Can't we be decent here?  Who else but others in our profession would understand the complexities and diverse situations we get thrown into on a daily basis.  Things are not like they were 10 or 15 years ago in this business.  Lets share information, give support, stick together, and be kind. 

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unkind remarks
I agree with you, Sherry.
my goodness, how UNKIND. HOW UNKIND!!!
you do no know her circumstances at all, not at all. Many/most are single mothers, no child support (less than 20% pay child support) Many have no cars, money the equivalent to Jack-in-the-Box. I don't even want to read stuff like you posted. Beter get in the real world.

I don't see how a lot of single mothers do it emotionally, money-wise and on and on. Life can be pretty unfair and one feels trapped.
Not to be unkind, but if they also
MT be considered since she passed the test and did not tell them she was an offshore MT?  If the company requires a certain amount of experience, there is a reason.  If the company decided to let everything the require slide, then what will that company become?  If you did well testing, you might want to try gaining your own accounts, which does not require any experience at all.
Need to be so unkind? SM
You know, I'm another of those who if TT management had to depend on me for emails and phone calls, they would be sitting around twiddling their thumbs all day every day. I've been doing this work a long time and I don't require supervision or much of anything else except hospital specs, physician's lists and work to do. My job is to take it from there.

Some of the posters here seem to be really distressed. I think we, as satisfied employees, should try to help them instead of castigating them. I would try myself to help them but being remote, we don't even know our fellow employees and they don't even specify what the problems are so it's a little hard to answer. As for the lack of comminucation, I have already said if I had a complaint it would be lack of communication i.e. lack of response to emails. However, I'm a persistent little devil and if I need to send an email and I don't get an answer; well, I send it again, and again, and again if necessary until someone answers me. Just my 2 cents worth for whatever it (isn't) worth.
Not to be unkind... but

do you stay with a company that has no work and continues to hire.  Instead of asking people not to apply, why don't you apply at other places and find some steady work?

I just don't get it.  I hope the best for you, but to just sit with no work and then complain is not going to solve the no work issue, but getting those resumes out and finding that company with steady work will.

These nationals are a dime a dozen, why not try another?

Uhmmm not to be unkind, but it looks like that job

I apologize if this sounds unkind, but it seems kind of cheesy to post sm

how great your company is and solicit referrals.  Perhaps you mean well -- I will certainly give you the benefit of the doubt.  But in my 30+ years of transcription, I have rarely found that it pans out to refer someone.  Granted, you say that the recruiter knows that you do not know these people and are just soliticiting the referral bucks, but it just sounds wrong for many reasons.  Heck, I have referred FRIENDS to companies I was happy with and either they hated the company and were mad at me (using the word mad loosely .. perhaps disappointed/whatever is a better choice) or they didn't measure up and the company was disappointed that I had referred such a person. 

Regardless, I am happy that you are happy where you are working.  THAT, for all of us, is the bottom line it would seem.  I want to have a home where I can just work and be happy for the rest of my working days, which will probably be until I'm 100, so I guess I had better make sure I AM happy! 

Good luck to all of us. 

I agree. Just because we are running out of work, it is not fair to belittle or be unkind personall
to Dorothy or any of the staff. I agree they have most likely over hired as this is the first time I have ever run out of work at MDI, holiday notwithstanding and it has now been going on for a couple months now. I am frustrated to the point of tears myself and may be looking for another job. I have tried to address these issues with her to no avail. I do hope things will get better but this will be the last week I can afford to hang on. She said things will pick up this week and I am hoping she is right, if not I too will have to leave. At any rate, I have no complaints personally with Dorothy. She has always been very kind and fair to me. I will truly hate to leave but probably have no choice.
Keep the personal remarks to yourself.
You are entitled to your opinion, but so am I entitled to mine, and I am always willing to engage in honest debate about any point. I am also willing to agree to disagree. But making personal wisecracks crosses the line, and does not further the discussion.

As for me being 'untrue,' you don't know the first thing about me, who I am and what I'm made of, so unless you can prove to the world at large that you really DO know me (which you don't), again, keep the personal remarks to yourself.
Those remarks don't bother me..coming
to work at OSi.
come on now...you know what was meant by racist remarks--sm
let's not get carried away here. save your *giggle* comments for the comedy board. talk about overkill! jees.
It nice to see some positive remarks about MQ, sm
I am starting tomorrow and am looking forward to it.
Your disparaging remarks, oh if only you knew
Does the remark about lack of education make you feel more important? My husband and I own a business (not transcription) and it serves our needs very well. I am retired over 3 years now, just work parttime so as not to get rusty because I really enjoy transcription- it is not something I have to do now to make a living. Our business taxes and mine are separate. I no longer pay social security and I make an excellent bottom line pay in trancription because I am fast after all the years I have done this. I sponsor several animal rescue places where most of my earned money goes to. I would not feel bad about my lack of education. I have done ok in my life and have reached a time when life is just a bowl of cherries.
Post edited for inflammatory remarks (SM)
and further posts of this nature will be deleted.

You can express your opinion without name-calling. Everyone has their own experience. Respect it or don't post here, period.
Post edited for inflammatory remarks (SM)
and any further posts of this nature will be deleted.

I have had an excellent experience with Nicholas Transcription since signing on with them over two months ago. She pays on a weekly basis and the pay is seldom late. When it is late, it's only one or two days off. I received my first paycheck via DD the second week (on a Friday) after I turned in my first invoice, which is not usual. In fact, most MTSOs pay on a bi-monthly basis -- she pays us weekly!!! I have gotten paid in a timely manner with the exception of only one or two times and both times, she paid me the following Monday or Tuesday and she made me aware of the fact that the DD would be a day or so late. Also, the owner was upfront and honest and made me aware that late payments do happen on occasion prior to my ever signing a contract and I was fine with that -- so long as I get paid, I'm fine with that (AND SHE DOES PAY ME WEEKLY)!

Also, the owner is extremely flexible, understanding, and extremely very easy to work for. The dictators are great and the work is very consistent.

I speak from present experience! I work for her now and will continue working for her. Don't believe the negative comments -- they are not true.
Inflammatory remarks? Lets see, stand up for your
Yep, then guilty of inflammatory remarks made in attemtp to get MTs to see they are only victims if they ALLOW themselves to become victims.  I dont mind when others strike back at me, it shows they at least have the backbone to do that.  Now if that would channel that backbone to do something about the situation they are whining about, they might get somewhere. 
That's right. Back up your claims with facts, not with lunatic remarks.
Step up to the plate and post in more of a professional manner.  Otherwise, it serves no real purpose.  MTStars was not created for people to come only to post their personal smear campaign.
Hateful remarks usually arise after someone from the company in question
and people get sick of it. Sorry, but it's true. Yes, people do get very angry and probably post things they shouldn't but when you see someone on here posting 24/7 and it's obvious where they're from and what they're up to it really starts to grate on your nerves like Chinese water torture.

Information people gather from this board also includes warnings from former employees of companies about their past experiences and observations and I've used that information many times myself. It's a life-saver.
No worries. I can understand how her remarks could make you angry. sm

At least people, men and women, can now take off for that special time.  This is not the same by any means, but I remember working inhouse quite a few years ago and our supervisor had everyone so terrorized and in fear or being off that a woman had her gallbladder out and came back to work the next day!  I hope those days are gone. 


There is a comedy board...put your remarks on that board. nm