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Unlimited Long Distance

Posted By: Fastfingers on 2006-04-11
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As many of you have experienced, my ULD carrier has said no more calling to my work numbers.  Personal use only.  Seems everyone has set a limit of 5000 minutes or no medical transcribing...some type of limitation so I could not quality to use them.  Or as Qwest has done, stopped offering ULD. I know some of you have had problems and I am wondering what companies you have found or what solutions.  I need advise ASAP.  I really would appreciate anyone with a solution.  I have heard of Vonage, but never used that type of calling?  Can anyone tell me if that would work.  Thank you for any help you can give me. 

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Unlimited long distance - sm

I use Verizon Freedom Unlimited LD service.  I use approximately 8 hours, 5 days a week to transcribe.  I'm wondering if anyone who has had this service for quite awhile has had any problems with them, meaning Verizon not wanting to cover your usage or sending a large, unexpected bill? 

Unlimited long distance

I have been researching NUMEROUS companies to look into. I see pros and cons for all of them.  But, my question right now:  Why do so many companies require unlimited long distance?  I have heard if you are found out that that is what you are using the long distance for you could get in big trouble.  MQ has 1800 numbers I am afraid to try any of those companies that request/require you to pay for the long distance. 

Any comments? 

unlimited long distance

first foray into this field.  How to find cheap, reliable, unlimited long distance plan? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.


do you have to have unlimited long distance with them?

Thank you.  I have sent my resume to them twice in the past without a reply back.  I have 10 years experience too.

MDI pays unlimited long distance
Please call me or Rochelle. Of course we pay ULD. I cannot believe you work for MDI and do not know this.

It says on their web site you need unlimited long distance. nm
I use Qwest for unlimited long distance - sm
I called and specifically told them I needed unlimited long distance to use for transcription. I was told all I needed was residential unlimited long distance. I asked about the 5,000 minutes per month limit. I was told that does not apply to transcription. I was told the limit is for people operating call-centers from their homes. I was also told every time you disconnect, the count starts over for the 5,000 minutes per month. I called four different times and explained my situation to four different people and was told the same thing each time. Good luck!
unlimited long distance question

should you tell the cable company what you are basically using it for or does it not matter?  Thank you.

Is there any TRUE unlimited long distance (sm)

carriers besides Vonage and Comast?

I know AT&T and Charter Cable both say they have unlimited long distance, but they really have restrictions on their usage.

Anyone else available?


Unlimited long distance for 50 bucks a month.nm
Does Alltype require unlimited long distance?
RE: Does Alltype require unlimited long distance?
If you will simply go to their website, it gives all requirements for the job there, and 2 posts down, same thread, answers your question.
Radmom, do they require unlimited long distance?
Do all their accounts require unlimited long distance SM
or are some voice files? I saw on the website they require unlimited long distance. Just curious if you know. Thanks.
I'm coming on board wtih MDI/MD, have to have unlimited long distance, BUT...
my local telephone service offers that for $24.95/month.  Since I'm coming from Medquist, I figured I'll be making that up almost entirely in one DAY!!!!  and I had to pay my Internet for me anyway, I'm an addict  with four domains of my own, LOL!
Where do you get a Lanier dictaphone and what is the usual charge for unlimited long distance. nm
Verizon Freedom Plan, unlimited calling including nationwide long distance. nm
long distance?
Do you have to pay long distance? how do you receive and send work? Do they hire part-time? Can you have dialup?
thank you
Long distance?
Do you have to pay long distance and if so, doesn't that cut into your pay? Thanks.
Will most probably need to pay long distance too.
LD = long distance, I believe - nm
long distance
I ordered Vonage but it didn't work for me either with a Lanier or with a C-phone.  Neither would connect to the hospital's dictation system with Vonage. 
Yes, but don't you have to pay for long distance?
Long distance?
I see some ads that sound good, but then I find out you need unlimited long distance and turn away. Do you MTs who work for companies requiring long distance find the long distance bill to take a lot from your pay, or is it not that bad? Also, I have tried Onesuite in the past and it kept disconnecting me. Very frustrating and impossible. What LD do you use that is a no hassle, easy set up, not a big chunk out of pay situation? Thanks!
Do you need long-distance and do sm
they accept satellite connection? Thanks!
You mean you had to pay for own long distance?
long distance
I pay $30 a month for my ULD through cable phone and make about $200 a month more at MDI than when I was at MQ for the same amount of lines, so yes, it's worth it to me.
Help - KS/ATT long distance (sm)

I just started with Keystrokes and changed by ATT to unlimited long distance as account does not have 800 number - I received a letter stating I am using it not in a way of residence service.  Did anybody else have this problem?  What did you do?

Thank you!

Long distance --
Keystrokes has many different transcription platforms they use. Its very simple if your account is a dial in and the facility does not have a 1-800 number you need unlimited long distance. It does not have to be Bell South, ATT, Vonage or any particular company it just has to be secure and work.

I know of many KS transcriptionists that use their residential unlimited long distance with no problems and are still using it with no problems.

Then there are those like me I have Vonage and after a year or two they contacted me to let me know I needed to upgrade to a small business Unlimited line because my usage was not consistent with that of a residential line which at $50 is still cheap in my opinion.

Unlimited LD is like lots of other things, some MT's will have no problems whatsoever using their residential lines and the some will be told to upgrade or change almost immediately. It also depends on how many hours a day you work and if you are ditz like me and forget to hang up at the end of my shift and so I have 16 18 hour phone calls (big red flag).

Also the business makes it easier to explain to my accountant for taxes.

Long distance sm

On my hiring papers I remember there being a place that I had to mark if I had unlimited long distance.  It didn't say what type of long distance.  I'm using my digital now and having no problems though there are hesitations every once in a while but technology will catch up (of that I am confident).  I don't remember seeing a post below about not using AT&T but having to use digital but I don't see them saying that.  As a matter of fact, one Tech I talked to a while back (not from Keystrokes) said that he heard there were problems using VoIP.  However, except for the hesitations, I have not been having any problem. 

As for everything going digital...Yes...it will happen is my prediction.  Where my brother lives in Southern California there already is no more option of the traditional analog phone line.  There is only VoIP available.  They are often wiring new houses now only with VoIP, not the traditional phone lines - or sometimes both.


Long distance

Any new info on Unlimited Long Distance.  I have just signed on with MDI.  ATT giving me Unlimited plan but they will monitor my calls.  They said they would send me a letter if I do not meet their restrictions??  For business plan, you have to be dialing more than 1 number for it to quality... so confusing....


There are some long distance companies...sm
that charge $20.00 per month. Qwest is one of them. Amazingly, Bell South offered a deal that goes with my existing phone package - LD is $21.00 per month, flat rate. I went with Bell South.

I was shying away from companies requiring me to pay for LD just because I thought it was so expensive. I was really surprised! Some companies also will reimburse for certain requirements (LD, internet, second phone line, etc.), although the company I am with now doesn't offer anything. Good luck to you!
Indy long distance
Check out Comcast phone service. If you have another service like cable TV or high speed internet with them, their phone costs are like $50 first line and $10 for a second line with unlimited long distance.
being monitored by long distance co's
I used to have Qwest unlimited.  They also didn't ask and I didn't tell what it was being used for, but a couple of months into it they changed their policy of monitoring after 5000 minutes and pretty soon I had a letter telling me they were dropping my long distance if I didn't prove they were person-to-person calls, i.e., not calling a computer.  If that is the worst that happens, that's not so bad.  Some long distance companies will actually call the numbers you call to prove what you are using it for and then back charge you at a minute rate for all the long distance that you used.  I recently started using Vonage with no problem after talking to other people who use it heavily, but it still makes me a little nervous.  They don't have minute restrictions but there are other restrictions that depending on how you look at it could apply to MT.  My only other choice would be to go to a pay-by-the-minute plan, but it would be way too expensive.  Just hoping for the best with Vonage.
Do they reimburse long distance? NM
MDI-FL long distance question
Those of you who work for MDI-FL, do you have to have two phone lines with unlimited long distance on both? Does that mean you pay two unlimited long distance charges each month??
No long distance needed
It is all done over the internet, easy to use voice player and you can type in either WP51 or Word to type in, done in batches (very productive).
Need your own long distance plan. nm
MDI-MD gals, what long distance carrier do you use?
I work for KS and not in Meditech. I do not need long distance either. sm
I think it depends on the account. I have never been this happy anywhere until Keystrokes.
Originally, you had to provide your own long distance, and there were not the sm

unlimited LD services available back then, so D paid more to compensate for you having to provide your own LD.  One Suite was the cheapest thing available, and it was 2 cents per minute, I think.  Since unlimited LD is now available, that is probably why she felt she could lower the rate of pay.  I am only guessing.  I was making 11-1/2 cpl when I worked there, and I kind of shot myself in the foot and had to leave.  I have had regrets in the past, but maybe I am not missing out on anything anymore.  Sad. 

Regardless, I am surprised at her paying only 3 cpl for VR, which is below what most companies pay, and trying to assert that you can do 3 times as much on VR.  She was always fair with employees and seemed to want to do right by them.  I guess that is the way of the business nowadays.

Good luck to you

Bad thing is having to pay for unlimited long
distance at $30 a month plus and extra phone line at $20 a month plus $30 a month for C-phone rental. Extra $80 a month (plus required internet fee) all adds up.
Is this the branch you have to pay your own long distance for? Is a C-phone needed? nm
Do they use an internet platform or do they require long distance? TIA nm

internet work or long distance plan? -nm
Negatives, no benefits, have to provide your own long distance, (sm)

internet platform for file transfer but audio is through phone line so you have to either rent or provide your own C-phone.  Pros 24 hours to get lines done each day but do have to work 2 weekend days a month and provide a schedule 2 months in advance.  Have heard several accounts are heavily loaded with ESLs.  You work as statuatory, therefore, file your own taxes.

So companies that promise "unlimited" long distance
That's false advertising on their part, I'd say.  If they give you a plan that's unlimited what are their limits?  I'm curious because I have unlimited long distance through AT&T and wonder if they have fine print somewhere too.  I rarely use my long distance for work (I use Comcast for ISP and connect through client's VPN), but who knows in the future.  So does anybody have figures on how many hours on the phone is considered abuse with unlimited long distance companies?  And why can't they balance out heavy usage people with people like me who have it but don't use it much, except for the occasional long gab with family members?
Dont you have to pay for internet and long distance charges from them because most of their accounts
are not on the internet. I think this is the company.
SBC doesn't allow MTs. Many long distance providers don't anymore because of how many minutes

This MDI place really needs to get out of the stone ages already and go internet files like other companies have already been doing for years now. 

Anyone use ViOP(Skype/Vonage) for long distance for C-phone (sm)
Just wondering if VoIP works okay with C-Phone.  I have satellite link-up.  Did a test with Skype (not with C-Phone) and sound quality seemed fine but haven't tried it with a C-phone yet. Skype is only $3 a month.
You'll work as an employee, not IC. Need your own C-phone and pay for your own long distance line