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Very decent bennies. If you do ESL, you can get 10 cents

Posted By: Transhealther on 2005-09-02
In Reply to: TransHealth has great benefits, PTO, paid holidays for fulltimers. nm - THer

a line with bennies.  Check them out. 

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7 cents a line with no bennies and no taxes taken out is good!
What are we coming to!
Can an MT make a decent living earning 7 cents per line

Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth.  It would be great to be paid 10-11-12-13 cents per line (as an employee not IC), but that is not a reality in this job market.  Yes, MTs will take jobs that pay 7 cents per line, but that MTSO is not necessarily underpaying or demeaning the MTs that work for them. 


Bottom line is that you have to do your homework because, yes, there are people who can make a living on 7 cents a line and will take those jobs.   It really depends on your skills and how dedicated you are to making your maximum possible lines per hour.  The MTSO that is offering only 7 cents a line but has easy dictators can actually pay you more per check if you type more lines per hour than an MTSO that is offering 10 cents a line but has horrible quality, ESL dictators, nasty QA, etc and you can barely type 100 lines an hour because of it. 


MY TIP:  When you interview, ask what the approximate minimum and maximum lines per hour that the other MTs that are doing EXACTLY the same accounts that you are going to be doing are achieving per hour/day/pay period.  If the recruiter/MTSO will not tell you that information, you probably donít want to work there anyway so just terminate the interview before wasting any more of your time.  The slowest MTs are probably new and the ones achieving 200-250-300 lines per hour have been there a long time and know the account(s) forwards and backwards.  If you plan to make that MTSO a long-term employer, you will have a pretty good idea of what you can potentially achieve if you stay there long enough.  Donít let them tell you the ďaverageĒ of all the MTs that work for the company or what their perfect employee Suzie Q types.   We all know every account is different, so Suzie Q who just started last week and is already doing 150 lines per hour may have easier accounts than the one you are going to be working on, so that is not very representative of what your account(s) is really going to be like.  Ask specifically about the accounts you will be assigned to and donít let them distract you.  Again, if they donít want to tell you, terminate the interview. 


According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, in 2004 !!!, the MEDIAN hourly earnings for a Medical Transcriptionist (probably  mostly hospital and office based) in May of 2004, was $13.64 an hour. 


Just for reference, it seems like most MTSOs have a 6000 lines per week minimum production standard which is about 150 line per hour (40 hour week) on average for full-time MTs.   


        If you are being paid 7 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (150 x 0.07) = $10.50 per hour.


        If you are being paid 8 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (150 x 0.08) = $12.00 per hour. 


        If you are being paid 9 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (150 x 0.09) = $13.50 per hour. 


        If you are being paid 10 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (150 x 0.10) = $15.00 per hour. 


If you are one of the highly trained experienced MT and type 200 lines per hour on average, you are even better off. 


        If you are being paid 7 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (200 x 0.07) = $14.00 per hour.


        If you are being paid 8 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (200 x 0.08) = $16.00 per hour. 


        If you are being paid 9 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (200 x 0.09) = $18.00 per hour. 


        If you are being paid 10 cents per line, you are making a minimum of (200 x 0.10) = $20.00 per hour. 



The median hourly earnings in 2004 was $13.64 per hour.  That was almost 4 years ago.  With a minimal 2% per year cost of living/inflation increase, by 2008 the median hourly earning should be about $14.76 per hour.       


2004 --------- $13.64

2005 x 2% = $13.91

2006 x 2% = $14.19

2007 x 2% = $14.47

2008 x 2% = $14.76


So, in my humble opinion, if you are an experienced MT with 5 or more years of experience, when you call that MTSO offering 7 cents per line the accounts you will be assigned to should be easy enough so that you can make an average of 210 lines per hour within a relatively short period of time.  If they say their experienced MTs are only doing 175 to 200 lines per hour on average, that MTSO is drastically underpaying their experienced MTs and it is time for you to move on.  If they say their MTs are averaging 250 to 300 lines per hour, then that MTSO may be worth looking into further, even if their starting wage is lower than what you originally thought you should be getting paid. 


I think if WE ALL start doing this, the MTSOs will start to figure out that we are not going to work for companies that underpay our skills and experience.  If enough experienced MTs hang up on these companies, eventually they will figure out that the recruiters/supervisors need to be more honest with us regarding their pay structure and the difficulty of their accounts. 


Some food for thought !! 


More information from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook: 

Medical transcriptionists had median hourly earnings of $13.64 in May 2004. The middle 50 percent earned between $11.50 and $16.32. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $9.67, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $19.11. Median hourly earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of medical transcriptionists in May 2004 were:

General medical and surgical hospitals


Offices of physicians


Business support services




If you want more information, check out the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics web page for Medical Transcriptionist. 






When I find decent people who know the value of decent wages, I will!
Thanks. Can you make any decent pay with them and are the accounts decent. What is your feeling
that. Thank you.
What is average? 7 cents, 8 cents, 9 cents? 65-character?
I also work for 8 cents a line. I left a job typing OPs for 10-11 cents sm
to take a clinic job. I made an average of $17-18 an hour with OPs, now make $16-17 an hour, but the work is easier on me. I do not call that poor pay. I type 200+ lines an hour. True, it isn't the $26-27 an hour I was making 10 years ago at a hospital, but that's gone for good. I have excellent skills, make better than 99% on QA at any company I have worked for, and some of those have been very demanding.

I'm afraid the people that are expecting to make $20-30 an hour in MT are going to be disappointed. A few can still make that amount, but for the average good transcriptionist, the pay is much more likely to run $15-20. Benefits are pretty much gone. However, I feel that what I'm making is considerably above what I could make in another field, unless I decide to teach, which I will not do. Still, I make more than I would at Walmart or Burger King, or even a secretarial job. It's my choice. Good luck to you.
The mentoring program does not pay 8-1/2 cents per line. Believe it is like 6 cents.
Whether an MT is new or an editor, 4 cents a line is deeply insulting, and 9 cents per line isn't really too much better. You know, I understand that most of these MT companies want to save money, but most of them don't seem to want to pay what an MT's time and skills are really worth. Why not pay an MT who has been in the field for 7-10 years or more 15 or 20 cents per line? At least I might consider working for one of these companies at home if I were to be paid that much straight off the bat for having 12 years' experience, but I guess that would be too much like right...
Do they still pay you 5 cents a line and 2 cents if you send anything to QA?
I have a problem with 7 cents and 8 cents a line because
...when I started 15 years ago, my very first MT job started me out at 8 cents a gross line, then went to 9 cents a gross line after only a year. I was SOOO happy and proud of myself for choosing a profession that paid so well - I imagined myself making a lot of $$ once I had 10 or 15 years experience behind me...

Well that never happened; in fact, it all went backwards, pay wise. The company I worked for back then sold out to a national, and of course the pay was cut, and 9 cents a gross line was never to be had again, at least not that I could find. I am considered living in poverty now. I started out great but have ended up very badly.

I think my own personal problem is that it's hard for me to let go the fact that I made good money just starting out and how everything I had ever learned about jobs, careers and pay was that the more experience and education you have in a particular field, the more your pay goes up as each year passes. Well my pay has been consistently taking a nosedive for at least a decade now. I actually have to work MORE to make at least as much as I did years ago, and it's killing me health-wise as far as my wrists, my legs, my neck, my back....

It also kills me that I'm going to have to accept 7 or 8 cents a 65-character line when I made so much more than that 15 years ago.

I suppose to someone who's just starting out, 7 or 8 cents would seem pretty good, though. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to land any jobs with my resume. They may not want me with my years of experience, probably want a newbie who will be more grateful about such low pay. I dunno.

I could just kick myself for wasting money on MT school those years ago when I could've spent it on a career that would actually LAST and where I'd be making great money after being in the same field for 15 years. There's just no reward to this business. None at all, IMO.

I would NOT recommend this field to anyone just getting started. To me, it's a dead field.

I'd have more freedom working at McDonalds (for a number of reasons), and, believe me, I've been considering taking a local job around my home for minimum wage. At least I'd have a consistent paycheck and would know exactly what I'm getting every 2 weeks, then build from there as far as another job or two.

Well anyway that's all. I really need a job. I'm going down, going under, and it's a shame because I do very good work and have all this experience but no one seems to want me, even the low-paying companies. Oh well.
Don't know about bennies but I believe
employee line requirements are 6000 per pay period for part time and 11000 for full-time.

Also, it's spelled Chronicle Transcripts.

They seem to be a good, solid company to work for.
Pay and Bennies

This company is not on the upend pay scale as of yet seeing as how they charge the hospitals 11 cents per line, but they are consistent with work and have promised future raises as they become more established.  I started out in the apprentice program making 2 cents per line for <98% and 3 cents per line >98%.  Some on here scream about working for that low of pay but I just don't feel I'm deserving of regular pay until I have the experience.  After one month I was given a pay raise that brings me up to the regular pay status, so it was well worth it for me.  As for the bennies, I am part time so I can't help you there.  They have many different packages for the type of work and experience you have, so you would just have to submit your information to them to find out what they would offer.


I know many on this board have been burned by many a national, but I like CorT and the people who run it.  They are genuine and helpful.  We'll see where the future takes them.  I plan to be on board with them as they grow!

Pay and Bennies
Thanks for the info. Even though the pay sounds low I like how they actually give the raises and it sounds like you are appreciated for what you do and don't get lost in the shuffle. I've been with MQ for 7 years and have only had 1 raise in that time, and that took 1 year to actually happen from the time I started asking for it.  I don't mind MQ that much, it's just that my speciality is ERs and I get very little ER work these days. I also like the fact that CorT is in Ohio, just about an hour and 15 minutes from where I live. I'll check it out further. Thanks again for the info!
Yeah well, having work to do is the name of the game. I paid for my benefits at MQ and didn't get anything but a crappy paycheck, went through a lot of my savings to boot. I pay my own hospitalization and I save my money for time off when I want it. Anyone who works for benefits pays for them eventually. Get smart and smell the coffee. And I make more per line than I did at MQ. So, your problem is????
Well, bless you my child for your good fortune. I make 11, I get about 125-150 in bonus money every two weeks because we have so much work, which is my mad money. I can sleep in if I want, but generally keep to my promised schedule. They know I produce, I get a GOOD tax break, and I woulnn't work it out any other way. To each his own.
Then no bennies for you! Be an IC.
What kind of benefits does MDI-Maryland offer? What kind of transcription do they have - acute care? clinic notes? ER? And lastly, do they have line incentives and is there a cap on them? Very interested...
No bennies because
all MTs are IC/SE status. As far as I know, they have acute care and clinic, not sure about ER. No line incentives but I feel they pay very well. cpl range from 9-11, depending on the account and they pay spaces and punctuation. Software is nice to use, too. Hope this helps. Contact them and someone will respond very quickly. They are wonderful to talk to and will take all the time you need to explain and answer questions.
IC and bennies
Insurance...That is one of the reasons I went back in-house. I had been without health insurance for 3 years and at age 50, felt I was pushing my luck. It sucks, but now I have health insurance, PTO, AND.......a 403B. If I could have those bennies and still work from home, I would be delirious.

Good luck.
Need teh bennies too much! Otherwise
I've been at DeVenture for 2 years and in no way, shape or form do part-timers get benefits (at all). If you DO, I'd say there's something amiss.
Does MDI-MD have employees with bennies or
is it IC only?  Couldn't tell from the website.  Thanks.
Plenty of work? Any PTO? Okay bennies? nm
Agree with all except the bennies part.
There are several MT companies that offer bennies to employees. Not with IC though.
Any companies offer bennies for
Wow .. where do you get 9-10 cpl with bennies? I have 30+ years of experience sm
and 8 cpl or 8-1/2 seems to be the best I can do. :(
Few cents here, few cents there stolen from you by
I'll add my 5 cents to your 2 for 7 cents sm

I know an MT who sits on her laurels and whines about no work and only getting 9 cpl after 5 whole years of experience. She can type 3 specialties, won't touch an ESL, goofs off when there is work and whines when there is not. I have tried to help, but it is quite plain to me she doesn't want that help.

I have about 3 times the experience of the above MT. The only specialty I have not done is pathology. I have literally done everything else. I know the BOS 2 like the back of my hand and I have outstanding accuracy scores (even if I can't type straight here). I work as an employee and make a base rate of 8.5 cpl, which I never get because I always have some of the different incentives offered. I regularly turn that 8.5 cpl into $25 an hour and at my PT job where I get 10 cpl and faster software, I can turn that into $32.50 an hour.

I have heard, more times than I can count from other MTs that they wish they could have my income. I can tell they why they don't. It is called hang out to complain on a message board like MTStars. It is doing everything, BUT your work on your shift. It is your lack of a willingness to learn new things, even if they slow you down some. This very year, recently in fact, I was put on straight cardiology procedure notes and I didn't worry for a second that I would suffer financially. I AM FLEXIBLE and that, in a nutshell, is why most MTs will not succeed.

A long time ago I realized that if I want more money, I was going to have to work SMART, not hard. In my 15 years, I now make 5 times what I did my first year and at the same exact line rate I had then! I spend less time working to achieve that these days. So no, I can't agree with your sky is falling routine.

Most of you...your attitudes suck. If I had to have you on site as my employees, you would not last 15 minutes. The first time I heard you at the water cooler whining about your pay, I'd fire your fanny so fast it would make your head SWIM. I have eyes in the back of my head too, so when you started making that stink face you are making right now, I'd have sacked you for that, on the spot, no warning and no day's pay. The ONLY reason you all get away with this is that you THINK no one who knows you is watching and that your respective contract holders can't figure out who you are.

By and large, I can't tolerate other MTs as friends. I find them lazy, self-absorbed whiners and complainers with some the worst negative attitudes I have EVER seen! If you hate MT so very much GO GET A JOB DOING SOMETHING ELSE. I can tell you, your bad attitude, your tendency to complain, whine, witch (with a capital B), moan and ALWAYS see the most negative side of everything...THAT crap will follow you to that new career and it won't be any better than this one. You have issues and I really think they are issues for a good therapist. They are called personality disorders and many of you have them in multiples and in spades!

I think you should be completely and utterly ashamed of yourselves. Too many people are out of work, homeless, and starving this Christmas to be so opinionated and selfish.
They asked about MDI- not Transcend -- different payroll, different bennies....
You obviously do not work for MDI-FL.
Best companies for radiology (pay, work, bennies)?
Any input appreciated - need to leave the convention center...
There are no bennies. They offer IC and statutory status.
Pay is comparable to most of the services. If you want employee status, they do not offer it. They are a good company though.
I'm not quite sure why people keep giving companies who don't pay bennies the nod. sm
I guess it's all relative.  A lot of MTs, because of health problems, cannot get benefits on their own.   There are enough good companies out there, who pay as much as futurenet, who DO pay benefits, thank God.  AND they have direct deposit as well, which is pretty important to some people.  Gosh, even the smallest services have direct deposit.  Not understandable in a company anymore that they don't provide it.  Glad you are happy, but there are better deals out there.
Any info on Diskriter? Other companies FT with bennies?
I keep seeing jobs for home-based MTs with hospital benefits, employed by the hospital system in Florida, etc. I'd sure appreciate if anyone could provide info on this company. I've love to be in a work situation like this again, but know nothing about the company. I'm sick and tired of MQ. Need a FT situation with good benefits and MQs are so expensive and I think the out of pocket is ridiculous compared to what I've always had in the past. Thanks so much.
9 cpl barely passable if an employee with bennies, but -
if you're an IC, don't forget you have to buy your own health insurance, no PTO days, and you have to own & maintain your own equipment. If it were me, I'd be asking 12 cpl, might (just MIGHT) settle for 11 cpl for the right employer, if the accounts are good line-producers.
I agree BeyondTXT is ridiculous, especially if you need to get bennies! nm

We were getting laid-off, wages cut, losing bennies
Like for the last 5-7 years.
Company has been steadily growing, great bennies,...

I've never had a late paycheck.  Pay is very competetive, PTO, holiday pay etc. I believe there is more than one platform on which to transcribe - depending upon the account.  I work on the main platform - not glitchy for me.  No problems reaching my line count.  I'm quite content there, no plans on leaving.

For every single company out there, you'll find happy employees and not happy ex-employees. Deciding on an employer is a hard decision to make.  Good luck with your choice, no matter what it ends up being. 

Any companies out there paying 9.5 to 10 cpl for employee status with bennies?

Please!.   I am looking.    I have 20+ years experience in all work-types, acute care, multispeciality clinic, 98% and above on accuracy, 1600 lines per day.   I'm sort of desperate, but don't want to settle!

Starbucks offers a lot of bennies, including health,
for part-timers.
Great office staff, okay pay, horrible ESL's, no bennies....NM
Great bennies but extremely disorganized and out of work a lot. nm
Can anyone who is employee status at Medscribe weigh in on the bennies? (sm)

Is the insurance expensive?  Are they flexible with schedules?  TIA!

Webmedx- Do they offer bennies for part timers?
Also, what does the phone interview consists of.  I was told it would be a 30 minute interview.
No work, no paid downtime, bennies might leave...
Their line rates are competitive, and their bennies are among the best in the business. I'm happ

Yes it does, but 35 hours a week is all that is required to be full time and get bennies.
When you run out of work doyou have to make up lines/hours to keep bennies? (nm)
Not sure if you need bennies or not, but QT hires IC and has plenty of work and pays gross line! sm
You can apply at www.qtmedical.com It's a great place to work. Pay is always on time, always correct, recognized for holidays. They pretty much leave you alone and let you work. Very, very rarely run out of work. Depending on experience, pay usually starts around 7 to 8 cpl (gross lines) :)
Read that post below on hospitals? They're definitely good for great bennies! nm
No PT bennies. Easy interview, but don't remember details. Good luck. NM
I love challenge. Hubby is self-employed, too as a tri-axle owner/operator. No bennies at all unless