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W-2 Oracle

Posted By: MQ-MTr lnng, long time on 2007-01-27
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Anyone get their W2s or 1099s or whatever from Oracle yet?

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Can anyone tell me about Oracle?


Does anyone have any current info on what Oracle in like.  Are they a good company to work for?  The last posts were back in Feb 2005, not that positive, any new info on them? 
Does anyone have any information, good or bad, about Oracle??
Anyone have any info on this company?
Oracle, IC only?
Is Oracle IC only and do you know if you can use dial-up? You sound happy with them, do they pay for spaces? Thanks.
I'd try someone like Oracle
You can do IC with them, and they have someone in their accounting department that will actually figure out what your taxes should be for your paycheck, withdraw them out and give them to you in another check, so you can set aside. Then, if you really feel uncomfortable about the tax issue, you can prepay your taxes quarterly with the IRS. Transcend is not that flexible with employees, only with IC (that's what I am with them) - and even then, you'll be lucky, with their platform and stinky dictators, to make much money at all. Try Oracle ... you can change your schedule whenever you want, and there's the benefit of the tax lady who will help you with that aspect.
thank you LTMT, you helped alot
Oracle and JLG

Anyone have current info on working for Oracle? I did a search and looks like there were a lot of problems with platform but nice people. Do they still use the same platform? I thought I saw somewhere you had to have a C phone or do they have internet transfer now?

Also need on info on JLG. I've found a few posts. Can anyone currently working there tell me what line counts are required, how easy to get, and do use a platform called Vianeta and how is that to use, MT-friendly, have to enter demos? Thank you!!! Just trying to get a list going here of pros and cons, any help VERY much appreciated!

RE: oracle to Flo
Don't really know what the other posts were referring to but wanted to share my experience.  I applied, got a response the same day and within one week was working with them.  Wonderful people.  I've worked for 3 other on line companies in the past.  So far, this is the best experience of all of them.  Flexible schedule and I never have run out of work.  It may depend on what accounts you are capable of doing.  I have accounts that don't seem to run dry and have experience in many fields of work so can do different accounts also.  Platform does take a bit of time to get used to though and is a bit user unfriendly but not that bad really.  Pay comes on time and direct deposit option at no cost (many charge for it).  You have to weigh all the options I guess and see what is most valuable to you. 
Thank you very much. Unfortunately I haven't been an MT for long, about 2-1/2 years and on the website is says they need at least 3 years experience. I'll keep them in mind.

Do you have an email address for Oracle or website address? Thanks in advance.


Oracle (sm)
Oracle is great. I worked for them recently but had to leave because of needing benefits.

Flexible - yes. You're an IC, and this is the company that comes closest to treating you as an IC. They give you a weekly quota, and you work when you want as long as you meet that quota. You work one weekend day.

Platform isn't bad. It's getting a bit dated, however. Software isn't written with MT input, which accounts for most of the problems MTs encounter with it. Still, it's not bad.

Some accounts are C-phone, some wav pedal. Depends on what account you do. You can probably rent equipment through them if you don't own it.

QA leaves you alone. You don't get QA reviews because they understand you're not their employee. I'm sure they do reviews of your work within the company, but you won't hear anything from QA as long as you're doing good work. None of the nitpicking that occurs at most companies.

Very little turnover. Friendly people in the office.

Keystrokes - I have no experience with them other than the things I read on this board. They seem totally unprofessional, and too many MTs seem to be having problems with them.
I work for them and am real pleased so far. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. I like the flexibility. I have alot of experience and have worked with a few other companies as well as in the hospital and this is by far one of the best out there I think. Anything I can answer let me know.
Did you have to be persistent with getting hired? Also how is the platform. Are they with digital dictation yet?
They sound pretty good. I work with MQ. I know I should make the switch but just wandering if they would be good for long term?

Hi.  anyone work for oracle transcription.  how is the sound quality and software?  thanks so much
hi. thinking of going with oracle. How is the sound quality and is software easy to use?

Depends on the company. If you don't need the benefits, I don't know what's to worry about unless you'd be absolutely depending on a set income. With OTI I never, ever ran out of work. I can't say that for any regular employee position I've ever worked for.

There's nothing to fear with taxes. Simply pay about 25-30% of your gross income quarterly. Keep all your receipts and mileage. Just be disciplined about not touching that money that you set aside for taxes. You can even pay them over the Internet now.

Oracle sm
I would rethink about working at Oracle.  Work is very low there right now.  It looks like they overhired.  I've been there 2 years and have never seen it this low.  Great company, though.
Does anyone have information about Oracle Transcription?
they kept telling me that they wanted to hire me.  I had to make 3 calls after that since they were not calling me back.  The recruiter even e-mailed me back to tell me they had an account that I could have and then did not call me back.  After that I realized they were pulling my chain, not being honest or not organized; whatever you want to call it.  I went with my instint and just dropped it.
For Oracle
What is the daily line count requirement for full-time employee status?
Does anyone know what the line count daily is for a full-time employee at Oracle?
platform they use?  I am also wondering if anyone works for them part-time just doing clinic or is it a mix of acute care and clinic?  Thanks so much in advance.
My experience with them was good....I worked PT and as long as you got your lines in each day, they left you alone. Platform spellchecker was horrible though. Any questions had great response time....they use an IM type setup. Filling in all the demographics took lots of time, keeping my line count from what it could have been, so found something else. Pay was decent.
Oracle .......

Can anybody tell me anything about Oracle?  Good, bad, ugly?  If you want to PM me, that is fine, too.  I am thinking about applying with them.  (I have 27 plus years of experience and am proficient in Bayscribe.)

Would like current info regarding Oracle, platform, enough work, flexibility of working.  Pros and cons or anything you care to add.  Thanks
Anyone at Oracle currently and happy there?
I have worked there three years.  Their flexible, leave me alone and I am paid on time, every time.  I have three good accounts, good dictators. Platform is Bayscribe, it's okay.  I am not monitored, which suits me; probably because I work six to eight hours every day. Good company with nice people! I would recommend them.
I have worked for Oracle for three years.  Great people, great company.  I am paid every time, on time.  Good accounts, great dictators.  Love it ;-)
Oracle......anyone know anything about this company?
anyone ever work for oracle?
comments welcome
Working for oracle
anyone out there with any comments on working for oracle transcription?
another oracle question
I was told work ran out at times and they you their own word program. Do you send work back through that program? They don't use FTP site apparently. That's what I am used to.
Need a C-phone and ULD for Oracle
They thought I knew it already, hence, I'm not working for them, and was pretty ticked off about it. They account they wanted me for is not going online for a few months, and I couldn't wait that long. Went elsewhere.
info on oracle
i can tell you that oracle still does use that platform.  I have not had problems with it too much but it is not like using a word program.  I haven't been there long and am still sort of getting used to it.  They are good to deal with and flexible.
Yes, it's Oracle. Be persistent (sm)
The owner is the one who does the hiring. You may have to keep on her. I had to keep at it, but was hired.

I've been in this business for ages, with many nationals, and this was my best experience. I wish I hadn't had to leave because of needing benefits. If you do acute care and don't need the bennies, it's the place to go.
Oracle website
Their website is www.oracleti.com. They currently have an ad at mtjobs.
Oracle/Keystrokes ?'s

Thanks out there for any help with my questions! I've done searches but just wanted some current info.

I sent a resume to Keystrokes and got a call back saying they would call me later but couldn't set up a definite time, so of course I missed the call cuz I wasn't home when they called! Said they would be in contact by email I think but haven't heard anything further. What kind of platform do they use? internet or do you need a phone line too? easy to use and can you see the line counts? Do they hire IC or just employee? Are they flexible with hours? Just wondering if it's worth my while to contact them again somehow. I was wondering about clinic accounts.

On Oracle, how is the platform there? I noticed on searching about platform being hard to use or something on that order. Anyone have current input on the platform? and do they have internet accounts or do you need a C-phone or something like too? I wasn't clear on that from reading an ad they had up on one of the boards. Are they fairly flexible? Thanks for any info!!  


I was just hired by Oracle and sm
they do subcontracting not employee status.  I haven't started yet.  You hear good and bad about all of the companies but lately I have heard some good things about them.  Basically, I have been told as long as you do your lines, etc, good quality, they don't bother you.  That is what I was looking for and I hope it turns out that way.  23 years with MQ and then all this other stuff happened.  So I feel like I am going back now to what I loved about working at home in the beginning.
No reply from Oracle
I filled out the online application about 2 weeks ago and never got a response from them.  That really frustrates me.  Is it so hard to be courteous and send some sort of reply?
Oracle and hiring

No reply could have to do with what you filled out on your questionnaire and whether they may hire you or not, i.e., experience, specialties you can type, etc. etc. and what their needs actually are at the moment.  They are hiring alot of people right now also so it can also take time. 

Oracle = no work sm
There is no work right now.  Seems like they overhired recently.  This is the worst it has been since the 7 years I have worked there.
Oracle (OTI) Transcription
Does anyone work for this company and if so, how's it going with their new platform? I am wanting to get on with them, but said they don't have an excess amount of work at this time. What more can you tell me? Thanks
Oracle or Lee Perfect??????

Could someone please give their input on these companies, pros and cons. 


Oracle....OTI? Any NEW information?
I have done a search of the archives but am looking for current information on this company. Good/Bad? Any information would be greatly appreciated. TIA
Oracle Transcription

Has anybody that applied at OTI for the radiology transcription positions heard back from them yet? 

Does anyone have any new info on Oracle? (sm)
I found some stuff in the archives but nothing recent.  Would like to hear from anyone working there currently who can tell me about their platform, stable workload, benefits, etc.  TIA
Considering apply for Oracle, OTI. Does anyone

know how versatile they are on scheduling?  I've heard its IC work, meaning we can make our own schedules, but once we make our own schedule, are we stuck to it or can we vary (I have small kids so I need to vary my time).

Also, is there enough work?  I don't want to both applying if they run out constantly (my current MT job never has work, that's why I'm leaving).

I've heard the pay isn't all that great but I need the flexibility on my schedule more than anything right now.  Thanks for any/all info!

Oracle uses Bayscribe