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Posted By: nc on 2006-01-12
In Reply to: I do not want to work for a company - who offshores. Please tell me

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Webmedx doesn't offshore (nm)

Webmedx is NOT offshore, nor foreign owned. 100% US. nm
I think the 2 largest companies that do not offshore are Webmedx and Keystrokes. sm
Webmedx is in the $25m range with 750 employees and Keystrokes in the $20m range with 600 employees.

I am not sure about SoftScript or Transtech but I do not think they are bigger than those two.

I know that both have goals to be in the same size range as Spheris. I worked for Spheris in management for a while before coming to my senses and both companies were discussed frequently.

I just hope that MQ or Accusis does not buy either of them. The rumor is that neither will even think of selling but $$$ talks and MQ still seems to have plenty even after losing the lawsuits AND after having a negative income for several years. Not sure how or why, but their pockets are deep, as are those at Accusis.

offshore overseas.... not outsource .... correct term is offshore.
This seems to be pro-offshore board. Messages against offshore often just disappear.
offshore to India, it's OFFSHORE (off shore), not outsource to India.
What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
Webmedx ad apply at Webmedx or Transhealth ? (sm)
Apply to one address if you need equipment, another if you want to use your own?  Does this mean they are still acting as 2 separate companies?   Can anyone explain this?
Webmedx?? Why do you say Webmedx is foreign??
The offshore...
but that's to cover third shift. They have no intention of replacing their whole staff with offshore workers. There are things I don't like about the company but I believe them when they say that. They've been offshoring for years and have plenty of work for those who want to work in the US.
Offshore, offshore, offshore.
Do you me offshore

Outsource is what hospital do when they send their dictation to a company such as Transcend or OSI.

Offshoring is when they send their dictation to overseas transcriptionists.  It is easy to confuse the two.

offshore definitely nm
They offshore, top pay is around 8.5 cpl.
There have been several complaints the last couple of weeks about lack of work.  Benefits are good.   Don't know about platform.   Check archives, lots about them lately. 

Diskriter and OSi also offshore. 

Rather than have new posters search through tons of archives for answers to this question, maybe a list should be made of all companies that do offshore and posted permanently on the board, with revisions made as new ones come up.  Just a suggestion...please no flames!


Yes, they offshore.
They have a facility in India. The fact that they offshore is all over this board. They have purchased several companies. I do not know if one of them is in New Jersey.
Did he tell you they offshore? nm
They offshore.
They both offshore
They use offshore. sm

I saw this on their website under hospital solutions:


We offer a choice of Domestic or Philippine based medical transcription services with U.S based Quality Assurance specialists, and 24-hour or STAT file turnaround.

They offshore too.
It's offshore
I never thought the academic and research would go offshore too, but I was wrong.
With a pay cut like that...they might as well offshore.
Offshore sm
Medware, Focus Infomatics and OSI send work offshore.  Don't know about the other one.
and it's no wonder MT is going offshore with
makes an MT work under these conditions!
They offshore. Very low pay.
I think you mean that they offshore.
They offshore. They don't pay very well.
They've changed the way they pay recently, which I think is a bit strange, but seems an attempt to make it seem like you are making more than you are. 
No but they do offshore
They finally admitted it after denying it for years. I am looking for another job for a lot of reasons. One reason is the extra work without pay, and they do offshore on one of my accounts so I have to hop around to find work to do. I am tired of it. The other poster is correct-- they do not seem to care about the MTs.
Yes they do offshore
Yes, they offshore
They offshore, pay low.
I think two people who work there speak English.
Well they do offshore of course
They go give mentees a chance and spend the rest of their time figuring out ways to screw the rest of the MT's out of lines and money.
It's definitely the big O that is sent offshore
because I had to QA them.
Yes, they now offshore sm
They have what they call Precyse International now in India I believe.

It was a pretty great place to work, but as soon as they started to offshore, things changed quite quickly. They sent the good work away to Precyse International, at least on the accounts I worked on anyway. That is why I left.
They do offshore!
Yep, they do, I work for them and I do know this for a fact.
How do you know they offshore?
Their recruiter told me they don't.  Specifically, I asked if that was how they got their name and was told Yes.  But WHY are they ALWAYS advertising?  
yes they offshore, otherwise not bad
they pay on time, pay rate is 6.5/9, insurance isn't great, but my supervisor and QA are good, they have incentives and overall are decent.
They offshore..nm
AND they don't offshore!!
They offshore, but don't really want you to know that. They

also slipped that the best dictators are offshored while the garbage is left for US MTs to do.   The recruiter told me that I was lucky that an account that almost never has any openings because all the MTs love it and don't leave had an opening.   After she mentioned the name I knew she was full of BS because I had worked on the account when I worked at YOG and I knew how difficult the account was.   When I talked to the team leader she told me what a difficult account it was and that they couldn't keep MTs on it because it was so difficult.  

The recruiter and the team leader IM'd the entire time I was talking to them, which I felt was very distracting and unprofessional. 

I turned down the position so can't give you any specifics, but they sure did leave a bad taste in my mouth and I would never recommend them. 

Wonder where there QA is located.   Oh, yeah, we got to fix those errors for peanuts per line.
I don't know if they currently offshore, but

they have in the past.   They lost so many accounts due to the poor quality of the offshore work.   Positions are IC only and no direct deposit.  I don't know how much work there is with Rad account, but there isn't much work otherwise. 

I wouldn't recommend QT until they can prove themselves again.  You can go back through the archives and read past posts about all the issues the last few months.   There are still lots of hard feelings and lots of good MTs still struggling trying to find positions with decent companies.   

Does MDI-MD offshore? SM
My primary will have work and managers starting getting huffy about TAT and then all of a sudden there is no work.  Very dissappointed that I'm on an account that is consistently running out of work.  Right now, I have nothing!
They (as far as we know) do not offshore, but
They have outsourced to a service -- no secret.
Please remember one very basic thing - business people are the same the world around - they are in it to make money. Sooner or later, Indian and other foreign companies are going to demand the same pay as American based companies (why should they continue to accept less money for the same work but with less profit). I truly believe that sooner or later (hopefully sooner) this will naturally cause a turnaround in routing of this work. Hopefully, for American companies, there will be SOME of us left who can actually do the work.
Offshore knows when they get same $ as US MTs
management may not tell you but believe me - there is more of it going on than the MTs know. If there are editors working there then more than likely the work is going to India or the Philippines.
No, they are not offshore!!

None of Axolotl's work is offshored.  We have more than enough work, too.

What kind of an organization would work towards taking away jobs from those who have been members for years??? I agree their guidlines SUK.
They have been sent offshore - seriously. I

even had one company slip during an interview and tell me that the good stuff was sent offshore.   It seems that the majority of the ESLs are the same nationality of the country that the work is being sent to and it would make more sense to send them those dictators.