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Posted By: recycled on 2008-04-21
In Reply to: Yep. I agree. But just now, this second I just went LOA - mtMOM

I think it is fantastic that you are doing this. I recently quit a job that was turning into the job from hell. I regret 'losing' the people I worked with, but the management 'team' had warped into a blooming mess, to be polite. I honestly felt I was in a war zone.

GOOD for you for taking this action!! I would give you a real hug if you were here.


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woohoo again
I quit earlier this month and also had my husband's benefits to fall back on. I truly feel lucky for that.

I dunno about how recovering MTs can recover when there are great sites like this that allow you to.... type type type without getting paid for it! Just like a real job! LOL.
Woohoo...you say it girl!!!
I get so sick of people not taking pride in their work and if everyone did there would not be so much complaining about it...
woohoo...welcome to Keystrokes...
you will love it!!!