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Was thinking about applying at Transcend.

Posted By: need info on 2005-08-13
In Reply to:

I've heard a lot about VR and the VR platform.  Are all their accounts on this?

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I was thinking about applying

I work every sunday now, and I would really like my weekends free.  I also don't like the software too much, and I have to pay LD.

Thanks for all the info you gave me. 

Can anyone tell me anything about TTS? I am thinking about applying

Can anyone tell me anything about TTS? I am thinking about applying?
Thank you.  I appreciate your reply. 
I was thinking of applying
Do they pay more than 3 cpl for editing? I need to make some money and that's the best offer I've seen so far and it's pitiful from what I've read on the boards.
I was thinking about applying for this company
myself as an SE but I had been reading some bad things about it and got scared off. However, I have read some very good things about MQ too!
Was thinking about applying at Transtech.
Could anyone give me info on if they have orthopedic accounts or what kind of accounts they do have, pay info and how they are to work for. Also do they hire part time employees.
I don't work there, I was thinking about applying. nm
Oh no! I was thinking about applying with that company.
Thanks for that info - I was thinking of applying there but not now! nm
Hi! Thinking of applying to Keystrokes.....
Would really appreciate any help/comments/pros/cons of this company. 


Do they outsource?

Have steady work?

Use voice recognition?

Pay competitively?

Health insurance?

Offer part time?

Allow you to choose your own hours?


Thanks in Advance for any replies!!!!     


I was thinking of applying at Deventure
and don't have any idea what benefits they provide to part-timers. Could you tell me the benefits are? Thanks! Merry Christmas!
Thinking about applying at TransTech, anyone
know what the starting pay is roughly?
Any info on Medware...thinking of applying..nm
Thinking about applying with Medware. Is work and
Don't you think other MTs thinking of applying with this company would have liked the same info?
Why did you turn them down? just wondering..I was thinking of applying.

how is PT account with Keystrokes? Thinking of applying..sm
I have many years of ortho, PT, and PM&R experience. Just curious in regard to KS's PT accounts... the number of dictators you are assigned and length of reports..are primary accounts available?? Thanks for any information.
No, you blathering idiot. I was thinking of applying. I
Anyone know what med ins carrier Keystrokes has? Thinking of applying FT. nm
Oh really? What company do they carry their insurance with? Thinking of applying there.
Has anyone heard of Transcript USA or have any information? Thinking of applying
I have no found no real information on them. Thanks for your time.
I'm thinking about applying at Keystrokes for a radiology position.
Could anyone tell me if they pay per report, how much they start you with and if there are increases along the way. Have seen past post with different amounts and have seen a post in the archives stating 1.25 per report and 1.25 more for reports over 2 minutes long.
What line count problem? I'm thinking about applying
Wow. One of my friends was thinking of applying there. I'll have to caution her!
I had no idea they were so bad! They offered me a position a year ago, but I turned it down and ended up going with Keystrokes, and I'm glad that I did! They kick you off the system when there is low work? That's screwed up!
Anyone know what Medware's ins. for family coverage runs. Thinking of applying
Just looking for a company that offers decent insurance for family coverage.
MDI-FL. thinking of applying. Is medical insurance still high? That is what has stopped me before
I cant remember what the cost was but it seemed to be be high for single and family coverage. Anyone know?
Keystrokes--Ortho account IC status. Anyone know what the pay is?? Thinking of applying. Thanks
Is Keystrokes a big company or small? I am thinking of applying. Time to leave the Q. nm
The sad thing is that I do not even think they would notice if I left. I am a high producer but not very vocal and they seem to have forgotten about me :(
Does Transcription, Technology, & Support send work to India? Thinking of applying if not.
Does anybody know. 
MQ Houston office closing? I was thinking about applying but I just heard that they are closing
the Houston office soon.  What's going on with them?
I'm thinking of going with Transcend....
...they pay 9.5 cents for transcription and 4.75 cents for VR editing.  I'm really interested in learning the VR system since it seems to be the way things are going to be in the future.  Hope it's not a mistake.
Come on somebody, thinking about working for Transcend ?? nm
At first I was thinking that you were being unrealistic, not thinking about taxes, benefits, etc. bu
surprised to find that you are not asking the moon. Let me clarify a few things: Rates charged are not as high as 0.25 per line, but no one that has U.S. employees goes as low as 0.115 or they would not be able to pay their bills. A more realistic range is 0.125-0.165, and that top end is hard to find, most falling at 0.14-0.15 per line.

The rates of pay you propose are very reasonable IF the following is true: These are seasoned MTs who do not need a lot of hand-holding, QA or blanks filled in, unless a very difficult/impossible doctor.

How about a scale based on experience and accuracy of 0.09 - 0.105 per line (acute care), and $1.15-$1.30 per report (radiology)?

The VR one is tough as everyone, MTs and MTSOs and facilities are still feeling their way on this. As an MTSO who was an MT, I feel that VR editing is as difficult to do as regular transcription. I don't think that it should be substantially less pay or charged less as the end product is still the same.

Funny thing here? My company already follows that scale. We should work together, not at odds, to reinforce this industry and bring it back to where it should be, right here in the U.S.A. with a decent paycheck.
Have you tried applying for

unemployment compensation while looking for a job?  It might help to alleviate some of the pressure if you have bills to pay and might prevent you from accepting the wrong job out of desperation.

Good luck to you. 

Try applying elsewhere. I have 8 yrs exp. and most
thanks, I was considering applying
Are you applying
to MD-IT?  All I know is I also am looking for info on this company, as they my clinic has outsourced all of our in-house transcription to them.  I have an opportunity to work for them, transcribing the same physicians/therapists that I do now.  However, they seem to not be too forthcoming with information.  I am a little leary to sign on with them, having been in-house for 14 years.  It is a little scary to me.  I do not want to sign on and then miss the opportunity for unemployment/COBRA for a while and just take a break and move on.  I don't know what to do here.  Many sleepless nights I'll tell ya that much.
Why are you considering applying to OSI?
Won't be applying there.

Why do companies even allow this? It only allows the lazy MTs to make more money, leaving the MTs that will actually do all types of work by all kinds of dictators to struggle to make their line counts.  This is why I am currently looking for a new job.  I am tired of the cherrypickers on my account who refuse to work the ESL docs.  You know what?  I don't like them any more than you do, but I still do it.  Why?  Because it is my job!  

Sorry, just makes me so angry! 

I think you might have better luck sending resumes to companies who are NOT posting ads on the Job Seekers board. Looking at the number of hits their ads are getting those companies are probably already getting flooded with resumes.
Applying MT
Because they know we seasoned MTs won't just settle. Too bad we can't organize all MTs to not settle.
applying MT
I believe that transcription companies and owners do not want to pay for real transcription quality and are willing to hire the ones that will accept the 0.3 cents for QA and the 0.7 and up to 0.825 per cpl. Where is the real appreciation for the excellent transcriptionists? It seems that Transcriptionist is viewed more as a money maker.
I saw that and thought about applying.
Sylvan that's never been used, couldn't get it to load onto the computer, and couldn't get a refund for. I wouldn't want to use them again. I noticed using that software is one of the requirements.
Anyone with exp w/ PMT in Kentucky? Am considering applying there. Thanks! nm
Applying for jobs
Do you tell them how much money you want? Sometimes if you do that they do NOT respond -- you may be asking too much. I have applied for five jobs and have heard from all five.
Just how aggressive should one be in applying (sm)
I have applied/tested for several companies.  So far only one has contacted me and, to be honest, they're not my first or second choice.  I did email one of the contact persons listed, was told they'd received a large number of resumes and were working through them.  Should I be sending followup emails to everyone?  Phone calls?  At what point does one become an annoyance? 
I thought about applying there, but I think 6 cpl
If you go to their website, you see what they charge their clients, so they're making a bundle off of their ICs.
Applying online....
On www.mditrans.net there is a link on the left that says apply online. I don't think there is a link to apply online at the other site, just email/phone numbers if you wish to contact them.
Not Worth Applying With
I tested with them last year and spent a very long time on the test to get it just right, but they never felt the need to even respond to me with good or bad feedback.  Just ignored me completely, like you should do them.  I feel no response in either direction to an applicant says a lot for a company.  Maybe if they read this they will learn some business decent procedures and treat their applicants better. 
I am applying for Transtech
What is the report limit until you are released from QA at Transtech?  I need to think about how to finagle it with my present job.  Is it 5 or 10?  Thank you.
It depends on how many others are applying. I think
it took about 2-1/2 days to hear back after testing.  Evidently testing goes through a normal QA process, only it is last in line, so it may take a while based on how many others are applying.