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WebMedx versus MedScribe--Opinions? Can you use Instant Text?

Posted By: JobSeeker on 2007-09-26
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Don't want to go to a situation

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Shorthand versus Instant Text
I was wondering if someone could tell me if there is a big difference in these 2 Expanders please.  Any info is greatly appreciated.  TIA! 
Instant Text versus PCShorthand, etc.
I am looking into purchasing an expander. I posted somewhere on the board yesterday, but can't find my post or replies.  Are there any pros/cons to either of these expanders?  How hard are they to learn? I have been an MT for 20 years; would it be worth it for me to use one? Are they better than the expansions I would use with Dictaphone ExText?  Thanks for any advice!
MDI versus MedScribe versus SoftScript versus Transsolutions versus TransHealth. SM

I'm getting ready to start applying and these are the companies that I'm looking at.  So give me the low-down.  Good, bad, India?

Here are my criteria:

9 cpl or better

Does NOT send work to India

Good accounts with at least 50/50 of ESL versus American dictators

Consistent work flow - no downtime or time spent waiting for work

Upper management should be professional, positive, and encouraging.

Pay for lines WITH spaces.

Is there such a job out there or am I just dreaming?  If there are other companies other than the ones I listed that would fit the bill, please feel free to let me know. I tested with TransHealth and I felt like I tanked.  It was a hard test and I had to use the mouse to stop and start the dictation as it was online test and you couldn't download the voice files.  So that made it a lot more difficult.  One of the dictators was cutting himself off through the report and I had to leave some blanks.  I'm very frustrated with this whole process of looking and testing.  Are all the tests like that?  Or are there companies that allow you download the test files and transcribe them using your pedal and software?  Ugh!  I am just so frustrated and discouraged.

Thanks for any helpf.

Instant text and OSI
When I was there about six months ago, I used IT and it worked fine. You need an expander to make any money there....and still not easy to make with the system/amount of demographics you have to enter.
I use Instant Text sm

I use Instant Text with EXText without a problem. 

I believe the EXText software is better than some, and certainly better than DocQScribe. 

I think the pay is fair -- the more difficult accounts are paid at a higher rate. 

The real problem with OSi is running out of work due to overstaffing, even with backup accounts.  The flip side is the bonus program for high production when the account falls behind.  Seems like am employee stability problem for some reason I can't figure out. 

Does anyone know if Intant Text has a trial version to use to decide if you like it before you buy it?
Instant Text

Instant Text
All I can say is that I have Instant Text and it has interfaced with every kind of platform I've ever connected it with. Never have had any trouble with it whatsoever.
Can Instant Text be used with
I'm trying to use Instant Text.

I also have the the Saving Keystrokes book, but am so busy, don't have time to check it all out. I used to do macros back before Windows was born, but now cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do any that work.

Hopefully, when the work is a bit more caught up, I can spend some time with the book.

Does anyone know if Instant Text
Have you tried Instant Text?
I tried that with Dragon, too. Major waste of time and money. If only I had bought Instant Text then, instead of Dragon. The best way to make money in this business is to become the absolute master of Instant Text. In less time than it takes to INSTALL Dragon, you will be using Instant Text with ease. My productivity increased massively the very first hour! It's a great investment. I really, really need to reduce the mileage on my wrists, so I decided to give IT a shot, and it's working!
Instant Text
Does anyone here use Instant Text along with Extext Word Client? Thanks.
Any MDI-MD MTs using Instant Text? I need help (sm)
Okay, when I use Instant Text in Bayscribe, it will not capitalize after the colons, and this is so irritating.  Does this do this to you? Also, for some reason, sometimes it will capitalize after a period and sometimes not.  There seems to be a glitch.  I called tech support at Instant Text and I updated with the latest revision but it is still sporadically not capitalizing after the periods.  I have both Bayscribe and Instant Text set to capitalize after a period.  Are any of you having this problem?  It is costing me a bunch of time and not to mention causing a lot of frustration. 
Instant Text
I purchased IT from another MT on this forum and I love it! She sold it to me for $95, plus $5 shipping, so that was around $85 off the retail price. I always buy my software this way, and I check ebay also.

I like IT because most of the macros (glossaries) are already pre-loaded, versus having to make every one yourself. It will also continue sentences and you pick the right phrase, or you can customize your glossaries. It takes a little time to learn it all because it does so much, but it is worth the investment, in my opinion.
Instant Text
InstantText has a forum you can go to to address this problem as I have just recently had this very same thing happen to me. I only resolved it when I went to the link provided in the form to download a revision of IT Pro.
instant text
Are you on the email group for Instant Text? If so I just sent out an email today with some commands. You can reply to that so I know your email at work. I think since you are on Chartmatrix, you might not be in that email group. You can do reply by email here but I actually have an older email on here-- but tell me you are emailing me and I will check that one. Just trying to get around putting my email on the board here, know what I mean?
Instant Text user
Does anyone out there using Instant Text have problems with it?  I have used IT for years and recently upgrade to Pro Version 5.23, using with WP 12 and Word 2000.  Just within the last couple of months I have been having trouble with IT just unlinking itself with WP or Word, whichever I'm using.  I swear I'm not doing anything but just typing away; I'll type a shortcut and it won't expand and I'll notice that IT has unlinked itself.  I have written to IT and they have basically told me they don't know what's wrong, that it must be my computer.  I've gone on their website and upgraded the fix for WP 12 users and all and I'm still having that problem.  Another problem I'm having (and I'm sure there's got to be a setting that I don't know about) is that when I go online to research something (while I'm working/typing MT stuff or whatever), IT will automatically link itself to the internet, etc.  Anybody have any suggestions to help me out?  Thanks, I appreciate any help.  Maybe it IS my computer, but if anybody else has had this problem please let me know if you and how/if you were able to fix it.  Thanks again.
Instant Text user
Try www.worldstart.com and ask one of their techs in the message board if they can help you. This site is great for all kinds of computer problems. They have helped me quite a few times and it is free. They also will tell you if you want to know the best antivirus, popup blocker, etc to use and most of them are free. Good luck.
Can Instant text be used with OSI software?
I really would like to know if anyone working at OSi use Instant text.  If not, how is the software?  Thanks.
I use Instant Text with EXText. NM
Can you use Instant Text with Transhealth's
Instant Text should work
It has the capability to link to any program you have running, even email, so while I've never tried it with IChart, it's worked with every program I've ever run.
Any MDI-MD employees use Instant Text? nm
Can Instant Text be used with ExText instead of the
built in ESP Expander program?
re: AutoCorrect/Instant Text
I, too, have used AutoCorrect exclusively for the last 2 years and have been able to do very well on my line counts; however, after some recent research into Instant Text I ordered it (and actually just received today).  While I have not had time to use it yet, I really like the fact that it has WAY more capability than AutoCorrect.  I can't wait to experiment with it and believe it will prove to be a worthy investment when I learn all of its possible functions.
I use Instant Text and Bayscribe (sm)
Instant Text has a converter program within itself. The Intant Text technical support can answer any questions you have and will help you if you decide to purchase $189 and worth every penny!
Instant Text question

It's probably in the manual but I can readily find it.


How do I bold type something and same it as bold type???



Instant Text and Chartscript

Just got switched to a Chartscript account.  I am wondering if anyone has been able to use their Instant Text in Chartscript.


Or, should I simply bite the bullet, and abandon it in lieu of the Expander program that comes with the system.

Instant text pro V and DocQscribe

Any Precyse people currently using Instant Text Pro V on DocQScribe platform?  Just wanted to know how well it works for you and if it is really compatible with DocQscribe.

DocQscribe and Instant Text
I have been using DocQScribe and Instant Text and they work great together. Instant Text is compatible with most Word-based platforms, and it is the BEST Expander I have ever used.
Instant Text and ExtText
I worked on ExtText 2 years ago with Instant Text Pro V, and it worked great!
I Know Med Platform - Instant Text?

Is there anyone out there that has used the I Know Med platform?  Does Instant Text work with it?  I was offered a position with Aces Up and that is their platform.  Thanks

Instant Text Answer
You're actually typing in your own copy of Word for this particular client, so anything that currently works for you in Word, will continue to work.
I also vote for Instant Text. nm
Will Ichart interface with Instant Text?
New MT Looking for Instant Text Friendly Company
Hi, Just graduating from the MTEC program and wanted to know which companies out there allow you to use Instant Text.  Gotten way too used to it during school and can't give it up!  TIA!
Shorthand and Instant Text will work
Don't know about any other programs though.
I check my counts against Instant Text sm
I've only been at TT for a short time but I use Instant Text to check my counts after every report based on inclusion of spaces on a 65 character line and when iChart is done updating, the counts agree. In fact, iChart always has more lines than IT does, probably because I don't include the cc or signature line in the count.  So, I don't feel cheated.
There are glitches with MDI-MD's platform and Instant Text. nm
Which company platforms allow Instant Text?
Was wondering if anyone can tell me some company platforms can use Instant Text - Keystrokes, Axolt, Amphion?  Thanks.
Instant Text and Shorthand both work with it. nm
Can Axolotl MTs use Instant Text as their expander?
I read in the archives that you have to use their computer.  Does anyone know if you can keep using Instant Text as your Expander or do you have to use their expander only?
I cannot recommend Instant Text highly enough...
Here is a link to many many reasons why...


These will tell you why this program is the best thing that ever happened to my production.
Bayscribe/Instant Text question

I can't get my Instant Text to work with Bayscribe.  I know it is linked.  What might I be doing wrong? 

Ijust purchased Instant Text
So far it works with everything I have, even this post. 
Have you tried emailing Instant Text tech support? sm

Sometimes if it doesn't work exactly perfect they can send you a fix to make it work. The link is on their webpage somewhere and they have a forum where you can search, too.

Is Instant Text compatible with Axolotl's platform? Thanks!

Or do they have their own expansion software?  If so, what is it?


I've had checked line counts in Instant Text and sm
actually found Instant Text lines to be less than i-Chart and pretty much equal to Word.
MDI-ers: Is Instant Text compatible with MDI's platform? Do they offer health benefits? nm
I've used both PC SH & Instant Text and they are comparable ... would love to hear comparison (s
Shorthand (or my version of it) seems to have a compatibility problem with the Bayscribe platform Expander ...so I just use ShortHand (I don't know if it's just my quite old version or not) ...

I switched from Instant Text to Shorthand when the in-house Meditech job I was working agreed to install Shorthand for the department.

I believe they both have 90 day or some such downloadable trials.

If you have more than one computer, it's not a bad idea to buy the disk and documentation so if you need/want to reinstall it, it's there ... though that may be old school thinking on my part.

Good luck.