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Posted By: Platform on 2009-04-29
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Can anyone tell me what platform(s) that Webmedx uses (straight typing, not VR), and any other info as to ease of use, is it Word-based?, do demos automatically insert, expander, etc.   Thanks

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What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
Webmedx ad apply at Webmedx or Transhealth ? (sm)
Apply to one address if you need equipment, another if you want to use your own?  Does this mean they are still acting as 2 separate companies?   Can anyone explain this?
Webmedx?? Why do you say Webmedx is foreign??
Been with them 10 months.  They are great.  Fair. Great platform. Great pay.  But, I have been doing this for 25 years, no idea how it is for newbies that need hand-holding.  Though the trainers seem competent and willing, the little contact I had with them.
I like WebmedX very much.
Most important, pay is on time, direct deposit, and always correct. QA folks are very helpful without being condescending. They and the managers really do want you to do well and do whatever they can to help you achieve that. I am on a heavy ESL account and yet I find it quite easy to do as there are so many avenues of help with access to numerous samples and the ability to view transcribed records.

My experience has been quite good with this company. I can only speak for Webmedx as I have not worked for Medware.
Apparently, you don't really want opinions if you don't want to hear from "Bashers."

However, I have nothing bad to say - I have been there 8 mos. - come on board. They have great insurance. They provide you with a text Expander with your computer, and they pay on time everytime. My supervisor is probably the best I have ever had - I've been in this business for over 20 years.

Having worked for both and currently WebMedX, they're the best choice.  They are a lot nicer and easier to deal with, their pay is better, their benefits are better, their scheduling is better.  I honestly have had no complaints with them.  Once Spheris went through their whole restructuring plan for pay and line counts, they went right down the tubes as far as caring about their employees instead of the almighty $$ for themselves, in my opinion (sort of like MQ is doing right now).
Does anyone work for webmedx? Do you ever run out of work?  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Check out Webmedx - they have very affordable health insurance coverage. 
Webmedx sends out Christmas gifts, as well as gifts during MT Week. This compan rocks!

Run from Webmedx

Can anyone give me some insight on this company?  Do they provide steady work,  do you make your lines and hours either PT or FT, benefits and are MTs appreciated? Thanks!!!
I have been with Webmedx for several years now (acute care MT) and they are a wonderful company to work for!  I have a great account, a flexible schedule, and feel very appreciated by the management staff.  We just received our Christmas gifts.  I also received gifts during MT Week.  The platform they use is very easy to learn.  I hope you give them a try!
What about Webmedx?
Webmedx hires PT MTs and rates run between 7 and 9 CPL, depending on the difficulty of the account.  We are all running OT right now and more accounts are coming on next week.  They provide computer too. 
I will check them out! Thank you!
Definitely WEBMEDX!
They are an AWESOME company to work for!
Anyone know anything about Webmedx? TIA
Has anyone ever worked for WebMedX, and can you tell me if you are happy or unhappy. Could you tell me a little about it.
They don't pay! That basically sums it up.
I've worked for them for over 6 years doing Radiology. Every two weeks my check is in the bank. I worked for an MTSO for 7 weeks and every check has bounced. Is the pay as good as a hospital or free standing Radiology clinic. NO. But someone who wants to work at home because of small children or transportation problems couldn't go wrong working for them.
Webmedx sm
I just checked.  The recruiter said they are not hiring IC's.
I have been working for Webmedx now as an MT for over five years and they are great! Probably the most professional company I have ever worked for.
Do they pay relatively well for experienced MTs?  I have 11 years of experience, 9 of those acute care.  Does anyone know their pay scale?  Thanks.
Webmedx also going VR

but they do have bonus pay -- for now.

Have no knowledge of Axoltol, but Webmedx is heavy ESL and some really bad ones (I used to QA there). On a positive note, their software is incredibly easy to use and pay was decent, everyone nice to work with.

Any information on this company pros and consciousness appreciated


New at Webmedx
I was hired in as a low level 4.
Webmedx does. nm
I believe Webmedx does too
Webmedx (sm)
6 pm to midnight...$1.00/hr
Midnight to 6 am...$2.00/hr
6 am Saturday through midnight Sunday...$0.50/hr

All are in addition to your normal line rate, of course.
Webmedx sm
I have worked for them for almost four years.  They are a good company to work for, but they have a LOT of ESLs.  They pay by the line.  They do offer good benefits and PTO.
Webmedx does not pay by minutes, but by the line. I have worked for this company for several years and absolutely love it!
You are very welcome!
Webmedx - 100%!!!!
They are tops to work for!!

is webmedx employees or IC? thanks!

to ex-webmedx
I was thinking of applying to Webmedx as they sounded reasonable.  As you are ex, where did you go? and do you like it there?

Hi.  Can anyone tell me for webmedx can you work M-F.  I currently work Sun-Thursday and looking for a change.


Hi.  anyone work for webmedx?  are most of the ESL with a heavy accent?  They sound like they have a lot of ESL.  Is it worth a chance leaving a solid company but without too much flexibility for THEM?  I have been with my present company almost 8 years and not sure what to do.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
why not???
Thanks for everyone's help. It sure helps to have a lot of input to help make up one's mind.

I hope things work out for you in what you decide to do.

MDI-FL or Webmedx

Is anyone making any decent money at either of these companies?  I would love to hear from you before making a decision.  Acute care versus ER?    Benefit package?  Flexible scheduling?  I need full-time with benefits.  Appreciate your input.

Webmedx PTO
So that is like 28.08 hours for the entire year for sick and vacation?  Or is the pay period weekly to be 56.16 hours per year, which is one week vacation and 3 days sick for a year.  This is scary as I started with 28 days at the hospital and am now up to 30 days a year which includes sick, vacation, and holidays combined.  Thanks for responding. 
how about WebMedX?
any info?
Webmedx ESL
Webmedx has pretty much nothing but ESL from what I see, and I have 9+ years of experience. I'm leaving to go with a company that pays a little less but has easier dictators -- and is actually giving me the worktypes and specialties I was promised. With that I can make up the difference in $$ and save some aggravation. P.S. I learned the hard way -- start with the new company BEFORE you quit the first one if at all possible, because the recruiters promise anything but the reality if often quite different.
WebMedX. nm
Webmedx. sm
Webmedx offers those things, aside from the easy dictators. I don't think ANY offer can honestly give you that guarantee. Amphion is low pay, okay benefits and little flexibility.
Webmedx QA?

Does anyone here QA for Webmedx?  What is the pay like?  How is it?  TIA.

I passed all their testing and interviews, however, find the pay too low to accept.  I found them wonderful and the boards with positive comments, however, they won't budge on the pay and I can't go that low.  Also, she reminded me I'd be the new kid on the block and would be working holidays, which I'm not interested in as I'm only part-time and kids/holidays come first.  Hope this helps.
I am looking for a FT position with a company with full benefits. I was wondering what anyone had to say about Webmedx. 
Hello, I'm an MT of 32 years, and one who worked for Webmedx, was offered another position with a different company and was never so sorry in all my life that I left Webmedx. Webmedx staff is wonderful and I've kicked myself (every day) for ever leaving. Their benefits are good and they are more than FAIR to their employees :-)

After trying two other national companies (after leaving Webmedx) I decided there was no company like Webmedx and since I am too old to transcribe and there were no openings for trainers/mentors I couldn't return to Webmedx, my only alternative was to retire (which I did in May 2006). If Webmedx ever had an opening I would jump at the chance!!

Good Luck and I hope this helps you make your decision.