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Webmedx questions...

Posted By: sm on 2008-12-22
In Reply to:

Can you work part-time at Webmedx? If part-time, do you get any PTO or can you take days off without pay for vacation time? Are you required to work holidays or how are holidays handled? I know they let you use their equipment but do you have to pay a fee for this? Thanks for any and all answers.

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Questions RE: Webmedx...


I am currently looking into Webmedx and have a few questions for those of you that work for them:

1.  How do you keep track of you hours? Do you have to punch in on internet such as eTime?

2.  What is their software and how user friendly is it?

3.  How flexible are they with schedules? I understand you have a 12-hour window, how does that work?

4.  How is their pay, good, bad or same as other nationals? Do they base pay on experience? Do they give raises after an appropriate amount of time or do you have to beg for them?

I am sure I will think of more, but this is it for now.


Webmedx Questions

I've been an MT for 7-1/2 years and have always worked as an IC and we used my husband's benefits, but these have been cut recently so I am looking for a company offering good benefits.  I am wondering what Webmedx's benefits are like.  Are vision and dental avalible?  Do they offer a 401K?  Do they have direct deposit and how often MT's are paid (montly, bi-monthly, etc)?  I'm aslo wondering if they hire for specific shifts with set hours or do you have any imput into the hours you would like to work once you are hired?


Webmedx questions
Does anyone know if they are hiring?  Do they pay decent?  Run out of work a lot?  Are you required to do VR?  Thanks for any help!
Webmedx employees: Two questions (sm)

Do you run out of work a lot?  How is Radiology workload and pay?


Unhappy QA at Webmedx -- Transhealth questions

I'm yet another unhappy CQI/QA member at Webmedx and have to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who has ever spoken up about their negative experiences at Webmedx (though I understand anybody who's too afraid to speak publicly, which seems to be the majority of the QA department!). I realize that it takes much more courage to speak up than kiss up or stay quiet, so I always appreciate anybody who comes to these boards and posts.   And anybody who's been in this industry any amount of time knows that the adage all mention of the company is good advertising doesn't apply to this field.  Things have definitely taken a turn for the worst with the QA portion of the company, IMO.

I have questions about Transhealth, which has been recommended as an alternative to doing QA at Webmedx.   I'd like to know what the upper management of TransHealth is like.  Is the person who manages the QA department someone with a background in MT, or is it someone who is a data puncher but doesn't even do that well?   Do they express support for QA, or do they seek to squelch communication online and in the department through intimidation because they're afraid of criticism and fallout of their decisions?  Do they have several people at the top who handle different departments, or do they have one person in several roles, perhaps all of which they're unqualified for?   What kind of quota is there, and how are you paid?   Does ALL your work count toward the quota, or do you find yourself doing a lot of work that doesn't qualify? 

I realize this is much to answer.    Please feel free to add anything else you'd like that would help me make a choice.  Thank you!

~~Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.--Bertrand Russell~~

Actually I posted looking for answers to my questions above, not looking to answer questions, but

to here goes...firstly, I don't know about the platform, only that it is Word based. Secondly, I have many years cardio, and thirdly, no the test was not hard. Still looking for any answers to my questions above. Thanks in advance.

What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
Webmedx ad apply at Webmedx or Transhealth ? (sm)
Apply to one address if you need equipment, another if you want to use your own?  Does this mean they are still acting as 2 separate companies?   Can anyone explain this?
Webmedx?? Why do you say Webmedx is foreign??
Questions for you.
What benefits might not be the same?

Also, as we're paid for what we type, I'm not sure what you mean by "I put all I had into it and didn't get much in return."

I guess I'm confused as to what the company isn't doing in terms of what you are owed in returns Not trying to pick a fight, just wondering what I'm missing myself. I work, I get a paycheck. I have benefit opportunities that others do, at least as far as I know. Medical, dental, etc.

Can you help by clarifying this, please? It might help the rest of us to understand.
A few more questions
What about the rental fee for part timers. Do you pay that forever or until equipment is paid off? Can you use your own equipment? Thanks.
I went to Wegmans, but the only copy of RBJ they had was for 7/27.  I am wondering how all of this is going to affect my job???  Are there specific changes pending that threaten the existance of this company?  This may sound bad, but there are slimy people all over the place, but as long as my job is secure, I am not going to quit my job because of her lack of ethics.  They seem to be a pretty good fit for me and I have never had a problem getting paid, which I have with a few other MTSOs in the area.  They are pretty consistent with the work and have good dictators and a great platform.  I wish someone would post the actual article, as I can't seem to get to it no matter what I do.
Thanks for replying. I was just wondering if you were happy working for DTS and if they were a good company to work for. I was wondering about how well they pay and also if they offer benefits..
I am only testing with them right now but hope to get into a job with them soon.
If you would like to email me, you can at chantel7@msn.com.
A few more questions
What do you do about insurance, vacation and holidays, also when there is no work available or when your acount runs low?

Thanks for all the info?
Questions about DRC.

How is their pay?  What is considered full time?  How does the 401K work?  Is there any employer match?  Is the health and dental insurance good, and is it affordable?

Not so sure I want to go the route of employee again, considering it.  Just trying to weigh if I did whether it would be better to go with a hospital or with DRC or something similar.

Would like a few questions
If you work for so many of these nationals and leave, do they have it out for you?  I have sent out a lot of resumes and got no replies.  Not resumes to the people I have worked for, either.  Is it a bad time to be finding a job?  Has the job market vanished to India?
I have some questions about them also.
More questions....
If you are saying that 1000 words x .11 (cents per line) equals 110 -- are you assuming that one line equals 10 words?

How are you equating words with cents per line?

Does anyone know anything about JLG transcription?????

Could you email me please? gin3tac@yahoo.com

Just a few questions

Do you have to work weekends/holidays?  Do you stay on the same account or switched around?  Platform?  FTP or C-phone?

Thank you for any answers. 

More questions...

Would 50 cents per link be considered good pay?

Also, wouldn't it make a difference to be paid 9 cents per gross line versus 65 characters for radiology?



JLG questions please...
I've done a search and the reviews seem to be mixed, anywhere from the worst to the best...but I would just like to get some very current info as am thinking about applying with them? I understand there are several platforms. I've never worked on Vianata sp? Is it MT-friendly and can you check your counts and are they accurate? How is the sound quality? I had seen a comment on pay being sometimes late, no direct deposit yet? I also saw comments on rude QA, staff, management. How is it now for you guys?  Thanks!! Any help greatly appreciated....
Few questions
Can you tell me more, please?

What is their starting rate?
Flexible schedule?
Do you type in word?

They ask those questions
because you have to do updates at minimum weekly where you have to open, run, and save files on their platform. 
D&L questions - please SM.

Just a few questions about the company.  Do they offer part time?  Is the work typically consistent (amount and when received - time of day/schedule)?  Does the work end up being more 1st, 2nd or 3rd shift?  Thanks!

To MDI-MD-ers questions

Audio through internet or C-phone?  If C-phone, how is sound quality?  Lots of ESLs on account?  Do you work on mainly one account or required to work on several?  Thanks for your input.  Looking for ''home'' with enough work on one account or possibly two, good sound quality, decent pay and appreciation for quality work.  Tired of many accounts, too many ESLs and suboptimal sound quality.

Few questions........... sm
Is it because you are constantly being switched between those multiple accounts?  Is this something fairly new?  If so, possibly ask your service manager why the constant switching and request to be kept on the same account.  Increased lines is increased money for them, also.  Good luck!
2 more questions -
I forgot to ask if they have internet or second phone line work, and do they have a line requirement. Thanks a lot.
e-MTS questions
Any pros or cons? Do they have plenty of work? Are accounts laden with ESLs? Do they transfer voice and text via internet or required to use C-phone? Pay scale range? QA staff friendly and helpful? Do they offer part-time as well as full-time? Thank you for the information.
Thank you - a few more questions sm
Are these reports? I am typing letters and I am SO tired of looking up addresses!! What platform and how many lines per day is required? Thank you for taking time to respond to my post.
MDI questions

I'm interested in going the IC route after being a full-time employee.  I'm thinking of applying for a job with MDI and have the following questions:

1.  I've never worked as an IC, so I was wondering how you go about estimating and paying your quarterly taxes.  Also, can you clarify the process of how they pay half of your social security tax?

2.  I understand they use the Bayscribe platform.  Can you use your own word Expander program loaded on your computer or do you have to use the Bayscribe one within the platform.

3.  Does the company give you access to report samples from your account to help with difficult dictators? 

Thanks so much for any info you can share with me!

RE and More questions

I understand about the whole flexibility thing. My current company allows me to work whenever. What I'm wondering is do they offer flexiblity as in you can work a few hours in the morning and a few at night? Also, do they allow you to work within a window of time or do you have to say I'll be on the clock from 4:45 to 6:30 or something similar? I know a few companies I've interviewed with said that you have to work your hours between 6a and 4p but that you could work them anytime in those hours. I'm just wondering all this because I have a toddler and he's very busy and his naps are inconsistent. I get up early in the morning and work but sometimes don't get to sit back down to work until around 7:00 at night when he goes to bed.

Also, how many hours on a holiday are required? How many hours on the weekend? How does their weekend rotation work? Do you have to work one weekend day every week? or what? Also, the site, when I went to test, said they are only hiring full time. Is that true? If so, because I'm looking for PT, should I even test?

Please help me find some answers!  Thanks ladies!

Two OSI questions

What are the OSi pay dates? Also, does anyone know the cost of medical insurance at OSI for one person?



asking questions
sometimes even asking questions and researching here does not help.  You have to trust your instinct, give it a shot and don't leave your present company until you are 100% sure.   it can be frustrating.
OSi questions
I worked for OSi in the QA department for over a year. Like another poster, I found them to be totally supportive, friendly, and helpful. I'm not sure why I have seen comments saying that the QA department sucks. I thought it was an excellent QA department that works very well together. Each QA person I knew was more than willing to help both new and seasoned MTs with their questions at any time of the day, even if they were not on duty at that particular moment. MTs are not normally switched off of accounts unless the MT specifically requests it, or, if after repeated feedback and assistance the MT still appears to be struggling with a particular account. If you aren't happy with the account you are transcribing on, talk to the account coordinator and she will help to find a better match for you. It was my experience that OSi would much rather have happy MTs transcribing on accounts they like than people who are unhappy and producing low quality reports. Before the question comes up, no, I do not work for them any longer, and the ONLY reason is that their insurance plan did not meet my needs at the time. Otherwise, I would be LOVE to be back working with them. I have yet to see that level of support, feedback, and teamwork at the company I am at now. I would say give OSi a shot - you won't be sorry.
Questions on this too.

Hey, guys. Are you over on WAHMs? I hang out there, and nobody posted an answer to this same question there. I'm interested. I think $50 is a little low for medical focus groups. But I'd be interested in working with him if I could find some good info.

Just out of curiosty, why not Ubiquis? I find I can get $80 audio hour with them. Not the most touchy feely guys in the world...


Certainly ask questions.
Yes.  After sending in resume, but before testing, I ask if I can ask some questions so time won't be wasted grading test, if the company and I are not going to be a good fit.  I have a few questions that I ask every company.  Some have even thanked me for saving them time, if it becomes clear this is not the company for me.  Companies dont want to waste their time any more than you want to waste yours.
a few questions
Are you able to use an Expander program with it?  I have Instant Text.  Is it similar to Word?  Does it have autocorrect like word does?  Thanks so much!
What is the pay rate for clinic and for acute care? How are the dictators? Do you have lots of ESL? How often do they pay?

What are the pay dates, and what are the incentive line count requirements?

Thank you!

MDI-MD 5 questions
1. No insurance offered. SE status.
2. BayScribe. Easy to learn and use.
3. Yes.
4. Need to talk to recruiter/not sure. You commit to how many lines you want to complete in 24 hours, can complete them at any time.
5. Rarely.
I have several questions
Do you ever run out of work?  How many accounts do you work on?  How expensive is the insurance?  Are you happy there?  How flexible are they on scheduling?  I appreciate any information.
More KS questions

I am probably going to apply with them real soon. OK to email you with a few questions? 

Ask questions, but also, if they are serious,
The manager here did nothing but lie, lie, lie. I truly wish you the best. Working for a hospital can be good money and good benefits, if the manager is good that is an extra added bonus. I don't mean to rain on your chances, just go into this open minded.
ACE-MT questions

Hey does anyone here, currently or in recent past, work for Ace Medical Transcription out of Washington DC? 

Please tell me all you can about them, all relevant stuff that is.

Thanx in advance.


a few questions

I will be starting with TT soon, and I have a couple of questions if anybody is willing to take the time to answer them.


1.  Do they have a time clock you punch or another method of time keeping?

2.  Do they have a system in place for raises?

3.  I know they require Sat or Sun, but if you have something to do, how easy is it to get a Sat or Sun off?

4. How soon after you are hired are you allowed to use PTO?

5. Is their platform easy to learn and use?


IC questions
I was thinking about becoming an IC.  Could anyone tell me how the taxes work on that such as can you pay in quarterly? Do you set up an actual business? any other info you can give would be greatly appreciated.
SPi questions

They do not pay for spaces.  You can make decent money, when you do NOT run out of work, which is almost never.  You can use your own machine.

If you like getting paychecks wrong, no handbook, no contacts when you have questions, incompetent account supervisors, offshoring when work is light, keeping it here when TAT is in trouble, then sending offshore again.........by all means go for it.  I think you have heard enough negative on this board to make the decision a no brainer.  You seem to be not affected by the whole offshoring idea.  Go work for them for 6 months and let us know how that is working for you.  

SPi questions
I would like to hear from people who work there NOW.

Are you able to earn a decent salary there?

Are they still not paying for spaces?

What platform do they use...is it easy to make your lines?

Do they pay via direct deposit?

How long does it take to get started after being hired?

Are benefits available and are they reasonable?

SPi Questions
All those questions have been answered for you. Do you not believe them because we are past employees? Why do you suppose we are past employees? If it were a good place to work we would still be there.
If you are that adamant about it, take the job.......like I said, let us know in 6 months (no 2 weeks) how it is working for you, okay? I would be very interested to hear.