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Well, thank you.........sm

Posted By: m on 2008-10-22
In Reply to: So problem is with the MT, not the company? You are a real piece of work. - Chris M.

I always thought I was a real piece of work, but now that is confirmed!

What I am saying is that it is not always the company's fault that an MT is not making the money she/he wants to make. There are certain factors in the market place that influence a company's decision on a number of things, including pay rates, and if a company wants to remain financially solvent, those factors are an even bigger influence. Therefore, it might be that the MT needs to look at her/his work schedule, work habits and ability to keep up with the changing industry technology and medical field and make whatever changes she/he can to effect a better level of pay. The MT is not the driving force behind medical transcription; technology is. This is not the case in just the MT field but in a lot of other fields as well.

I've been in this business for almost 20 years now, and while I have not seen near the change that MTs with longer service have seen, I have seen a lot. This industry is not the same as it was even 10 years ago, so we must change to meet the needs of the industry or we will find ourselves sitting alongside the road, a dinosaur that no one wants.

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