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What companies use Bayscribe platform? Thanks! nm

Posted By: curious on 2008-07-08
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BayScribe platform
Anybody currently using BayScribe as a platform or even hear of it?  Thinking of taking a position and the company uses BayScribe, thought I would ask in advance.  Thanks to all.  Missy.
Bayscribe platform

Can anyone give me information on the transcription platform Bayscribe, as well as Medical Dictation Services, Inc. in Maryland?  TIA

Bayscribe Platform
Looking for any feedback on Bayscribe platform as used by MDI-MD. The good, the bad. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you.
the bayscribe platform is supposed to be compatible,
so you could go with companies that use that.
Bayscribe platform (MDI-MD) versus DocQscribe? sm
Can anyone tell me if the Bayscribe platform is slower than DocQscribe, and if so, a lot slower? If you have not worked on DocQScribe before, then could you tell me if you feel it is as fast as other platforms you have used?  Thank you!
Anyone currently working on a laptop with Bayscribe platform

Anyone working on the Bayscribe platform (MDI-MD). 

What operating system?  Vista or XP.

What kind of laptop?  I have a USB footpedal, dialup currently, but thinking about the wireless connection or air card for my laptop, and want to get a laptop that will work smoothly with this platform. 

Looking for a used or refurbished one.  Any ideas on where to get a used one?



Bayscribe platform is compatible with Vista.
You just need to find a company that uses Bayscribe. There may be other platforms but I don't know of any.
I just started working on the BayScribe platform.... sm
I was thrilled when the Infinity USB foot pedal I've had for a couple of years, worked just fine. This particular model has worked for several web-based platforms I've transcribed on. Maybe I got lucky?

I also just started with Landmark and right now could not be happier! I'm so sorry things didn't work out for you and I do understand that many variables play a huge part in the type of experience one MT may have from another. Good luck to you!
Trying to find company(ies) using the BayScribe transcription platform?

What companies use Bayscribe besides MDI? Thanks!
Does anyone know which companies use Bayscribe?
I would like to apply for a job, but am not really wanting to learn a new system right now.  Anyone know what companies use Bayscribe?
What companies work with Bayscribe, Emdat and Inscribe?
Also MedRemote?  I have worked with all of these platforms and they are very nice, just wondering who uses these.  TIA!
Sten-Tel is the platform. Different companies use it, pay and how companies run are different. nm
Cant that be done on any platform though. Why does it seem DQS is the worst. Is that why companies
buy this platform.  I wonder if you asked a company about it if they would be honest about every little thing they do to take away lines.  I only know for a fact that it reduced my lines tremendously going from a DOS program to DQS on the same account with the same dictators.
Does anyone know companies that use Sten-Tel platform? nm
What companies use ProMed platform?
Are there companies that use a decent platform?
Currently using ExText with Transnet and it is so slow. Need to find a company with some decent software that runs faster. Im getting frustrated, and some days are worse than others. Today is a worse day.
companies/platform question sm

Are there ANY companies out there that use the same platform for every account they have?  It seems that most MT companies out there are using whatever platform the hospital has so they can tap right into their system.

I know Medquist uses the same one (I am not working for Medquist, did that already) and to me it seems like that is the best way to do things.  Have every facility have the work done on your platform.  This business about MTs working for companies and every account uses a different platform is crazy.

Any opinions or answers to the question of what companies do NOT use a bunch of different platforms?

What companies have a decent platform to work on, .

have employee status, lots of work, and minimal confusion and disorganization?   Can do the big 4 for acute care.

List of companies that use Dictaphone platform??
I like working on the Dictaphone platform and would like to find a company that uses this platform.. preferably with low ESL.  Tried a company that had Dictaphone but the ESL was so bad I could not get a good line count.
Love ExText platform but not sure about companies as I'm an IC. nm
Any companies that use Enterprise platform like Webmedx? nm


Which companies use VR for a platform besides Transcend, Sten-Tel and Focus? sm
Am looking for part time editing job, but cannot load EditScript.  Tried Transcend, but the VR just disappeared out of the queue.  I posted my resume, but just get offers for MT, of which I already have plenty.  Would like to post directly to the companies that use a different platform, if I can find them.  TIA.
RISS is not a platform. RIS stands for Radiology Information System. The platform sm
would be EXText.
MDI-MD platform is fast, not full of problems like Transcend platform or MDI-FL

On Transcend platform you have to click, click, click all day and still get errors, change screens constantly -  its a nightmare to work in. 

Yes, SPi does use this platform....it's a great platform, but not worth working for SPi. nm
Bad Platform. I personally know of 3 MTs who left because of the platform.
If you are like me, the bottom line is wages and what I get in my check. I have never worked for Amphion, but I personally know of 3 MTs who worked part-time at Amphion before quitting their other service to see what Amphion had to offer before it was too late. All 3 quit Amphion and stayed with their other service because of the Amphion platform. Too hard to make any decent lines.

Something to think about.


Here is one post from a couple days back:

Posted By: Amphion on 2005-12-02

To all of us trying our hardest to grab our work when it is available, and then still only make 24 bucks a day because of the garbage platform.

Re: Bayscribe
Yes! Yes! Yes. Go for it. You will not regret it.
I've worked with BayScribe for 18 months and LOVE it! Everything is on one screen, no toggling through screens between demographics, transcription, and copies.
MDI-MD -- Bayscribe
May I ask you how long it took you to learn Bayscribe? I haven't read anything bad about MDI-MD; they almost sound too good to be true. Or maybe it's just that there really ARE some good companies out there. It all looks SO overwhelming to me that I'm almost afraid to try it. Any encouraging words you can give would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
You can move through fields using the tab key. Alt D will bring up the doctor's roster.

Bayscribe - Help! sm

I just locked up my keyboard.  It works, except for with Bayscribe.  I'm half way through a long report.  Anybody with any ideas? 



It doesn't matter. I use the BayScribe platform too, has nothing to do with your LD.
Yes, Landmark uses Bayscribe, that is if they have any work!
Bayscribe is a lot like DQS. Don't particularly like either much! nm
is MUCH easier to use than DQS! No comparison!
I have heard this as well and am waiting for the recruiter to call me back as I am very interested. I have heard nothing bad at all about MDI-MD which is great!

I currently work on the Bayscribe platform and I absolutely love it!  It seems to be very MT friendly and I also get a great line count.  Hope this helps-

Is this a good platform to work on?
It's okay--I have worked with a lot worse. Pretty simple and easy to learn.  Doesn't slow you down in any way, I don't think.  
i like bayscribe too,
your cc list, adt, text area, QA comments, are all on one screen.

but i saw recently where about 3 companies were mentioned that use it, and i cannot find where i wrote them down.

its not perfect, but i think you can go pretty fast on it.
Try MDI-MD. They use Bayscribe
It's kind of a bare bones kind of platform, but I really like it. You are not slowed down by opening up a lot of windows for your demographics, transcription page, and copies. You can access your own reports, but as far as I know, no one else's. Hope that helps.
Do they use only Bayscribe? TIA

Does anyone know if Bayscribe will run with other transcription programs loaded on same computer???


Bayscribe is a lot faster than DocQscribe. It's very MT friendly. The only thing about it is that that spellchecker is...shall we say....quite anemic. Other than that, it's awesome.
I have worked on DQS and Bayscribe. There are certain features of DQS I like better (being able to insert a doctor's name into the report with a keystroke command, but overall Bayscribe is a lot easier to use.
IT and Bayscribe
Yes, I've had this happen. You have to be careful to spell the first word of the sentence after the period correctly or it sometimes won't capitalize. I'm still trying to figure out what causes this. I think it has something to do with backspacing too many times. This just started happening recently.
Why do you need them in Bayscribe?
the bayscribe Expander and work and my ShortHand works in whatever program I'm in, including Bayscribe.
If you have an internet account, you do not have to input any patient info. I've worked on ExText before, and I think BayScribe is faster because you don't have to wait for the pages to load. You just transcribe.