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What do you get paid for Speech Recognition editing? nm

Posted By: poll on 2007-07-02
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One more speech recognition editing question...sm
Do you feel that you get double your lines of what you were actually typing when you edit speech recognition or how do you compare?  thanks
Best co's for speech recognition/editing new hire??
jokes on you, silly. editing is speech recognition, not qa.
Speech Recognition Editing - Can someone explain/provide insight?

Can someone explain how Speech Recognition Editing works? 

When a company hires people to do this, are they usually looking for MTs or those who have done regular QA before? 

Do you listen to an entire audio file based on what a speech recognition program spits out and fix?  If so, what kinds of fixes are you normally looking for? 

I'm completely ignorant on this topic so if anyone could explain the basics, what they like/don't like about it, what it's like, etc. I'd appreciate it. 

Also, is there a consensus that this is perhaps the future of MT?  What do you think? 

speech recognition
We won't become obsolete, but we will become trained as editors in speech recognition if we want to keep our jobs. Spheris already is doing this on 1 account they have. Other employers probably are too and will follow suit. It's coming. (I've been resistant but want to keep my job.) It's not so horrible, just learning the hot keys or function keys. The MTs who initially resisted and were trained in speech recognition now love it and can't imagine going back to straight typing. Yes, I can't believe I'm saying this, but ALL MTs who trained on this who hated it at first now Love It. Something to think about.
VR/speech recognition
I COMPLETELY agree with PathGuy on this one. What I was told the basics of the VR were that the physician dictates into their system. If his/her voice is easy to understand, eventually VR is able to record his voice, thus turn it into VR/speech recognition report/s. BUT, there are many, many ESL dictators and EFL dictators who have nuances in their voices, etc., that the VR WILL NEVER be able to adapt to. This, my friends, means that a Transcriptionist must always be needed to translate what is dictated. This we have some comfort in, because there are always a lot of dictators out there that VR will not be able to do that part of the job. This is not to say that the Transcriptionist is left with the worst dictators, but it DOES SAY that VR/speech recognition does have its limitations. Bravo to PathGuy. I believe that a lot of docs WANT AN MT transcribing their work and not some VR system because the MT IS MORE CAREFUL WITH THE DICTATION/REPORT. Kudos to us!!
Speech recognition
There is no way I doubled my lines and I was good at doing Speech recognition, in fact had my employer asking me to help others achieve their goals in speech.

I hated it because there was no money in it and it is faster for me to type and edit my own work than try to interpret what the computer is spitting out
speech recognition
I think at this point I have just about been beaten.  I thought I found the perfect place where I could stay and transcribe, and less than 6 months into it I have lost a ton of my work, not due to speech recognition but due to EMR.  It keeps happening to me!  I'm throwing up my hands at this point.  I'll try editing at a new company and maybe I'll be able to stay put for more than 6 months before new technology eats my job again.  I understand that you want to transcribe and not edit and I hope you find a good company.  I just don't think anyone is safe from either EMR or ASR anymore.  Best of luck to you. 
speech recognition
i am new in this business and I was wondering why doesnt anyone use speech recognition to get a better line count?  Is this just wishful thinking on my part. I just heard about this product called Naturally speaking today and it seems like a dream come true for any MT, though obviously unethical?  Any opinions or experiences?
Speech recognition
I am tired of killing myself and ending up with nothing, so I was considering speech recognition.  I just found a very affordable program called Speech to text that gives you a 30 day free trial. I know it has good and bad points, but has anyone out there ever tried speech recognition to make more money as an MT?
speech recognition
I was wondering about the pay rate (the usual pay rate).  I was just notified by my current company that the speech recognition rate received is 5 cents a line.  Is that one everyone else is getting for speech recognition.  I understand the thinking is the pay is low because it is not much typing???  
If using Speech Recognition, I don't like it. nm


Speech recognition
Go to Google and put in voice recognition. The first thing that shows up is link to wikipedia. Scroll down a bit to Applications and Healthcare. It explains everything in that article. You can also go to other links that show up, too. Remember, research is a vital tool for an MT. I hope this helps.
Speech Recognition

The computer records the speech and the MT goes in and reviews the report to make sure everything is correct. 

I am sure MTs know that RESEARCH is vital in our job.  So is professionalism, some people should do some RESEARCH on it!!!!

Speech recognition.
TT vs MQ speech recognition
Have worked on both MQ's ASR and TransTech's escription VR. TT's blows MQ's right out of the water... no comparison, TT's is a zillion times better. Just my opinion.
More OSi accounts going to speech recognition
Please, if someone is really in the know, please give info of what is going on. I'm starting to get worried now.
EXTEXT speech recognition

Anyone that does extext speech can you tell me a little bit about it. How many lines per hour are you able to get?  Is it easy to hear? 

You lost? QA was around before speech recognition
Spheris Speech Recognition...
Could someone please tell me how Spheris' SR program is? I've worked with a couple of other SR programs and they were awful, so just wanted to get some opinions before I applied. Thanks!
Speech recognition, an oversell

Speech recognition is an oversell!  The qualified Transcriptionist simply cannot be replaced by a machine that cannot understand the dictator. I heard the word presbyacusis clearly stated, and the Speech thingy typed: Please be a Q-tip  For Social Director a pocket rectum.  The best of my week was the when the dictator said the patient liked to play tennis for exercise.  The Speech thingy had its mind elsewhere and transcribed play penis for exercise.  My goodness, Lord help us all!  I really find it more efficient to do straight transcription than correct every 3 to 4 words in a document.  Am I alone out here? 

actually I think it is speech recognition..nm..any info?
I think it's automated speech recognition - nm
JLG=the name of a MT service. SR=speech recognition
Didn't know JLG had speech recognition!
Was doing speech recognition for a california hospital.

Automated or automatic speech recognition...nm
read again - it's for speech recognition, 3-5 cents.
Speech/Voice recognition fallout
I must pass long this info about what is happening with those facilities who go with speech/voice recognition. They have found that they need editors more than they thought. So they advertised  for someone with 5+ years radiology experience to work in-house.  Result? Nobody applied. The word had gotten around that they were trying to eliminate the need for MTs so nobody in the area applied. Now they are forced to make the remaining MTs that they have in-house do the QA and they must outsource the rest. Just FYI! :)
Speech recognition, research, and professionalism
There are 2 different types of speech recognition, so maybe you need to do your research. Your answer certainly did not really explain much.

Being a true professional is certainly not being displayed by you shouting (using capital letters), so maybe you need to learn more about all these things.
Has anybody out there used Dragon speech recognition software to do this job?
What are the pros and cons...does it really work?  Please post what you know about it!  TIA
I'm happy with Webmedx. They pay probably the best speech recognition
line rate out there.  Work is steady, pay is like clockwork.  Bennies competetive.  No complaints.
Speech recognition and the future regarding MT work. Does anyone besides myself have the feeling
this will overtake out typing work and we will become obsolete in time? Makes me really wonder if MT will be around for a long time
Does TranTech have speech recognition and is rate reduced?(sm)

Also how would you rate their SR program as compared to Medquist SR? 

Electronic Medical Record, Artificial Speech Recognition, and
Voice Recognition question. Anyone with experience on Dictaphone Speech system
Is it relatively easy to maneuver through.  Is it easy to double or triple your line count.  Any all comments/suggestions welcomed.
Editing voice recognition

From my own experience, you can make more typing.  The pay for editing is usually pretty low, by the line, and because the recognition is so bad, you might as well type the reports. The companies that market SR basically tell their prospective clients what they want to hear, e.g. that their SR can understand bad dictators and ESLs, that their SR isn't thrown off by background noise and that the doctors can dictate from anywhere (like their car in heavey traffic), and the SR will understand them.  I myself use SR to transcribe due to bad hands and wrists and I know what it can and cannot do.  I spent a lot of time training mine so I get around 98% accuracy.  Very few doctors will put in that kind of time.  The worst SR program that I have edited is Dictaphone and it is just terrible.  E-Scription is better and more user friendly.  Medquist's program isn't bad either, but it still boils down to how good the dictator is and if he/she is willing to change his/her dictation habits and where they dictate from, and most importantly, use a headset when they dictate.  Once a mumbler always a mumbler and if they are used to dictating their reports right after they see a patient, in the hall with phones ringing, nurses talking, etc., it is a lost cause as far as SR is concerned.  You might want to search the archives for messages from other people who have tried editing SR.  Good luck.

Are you sure your aren't editing speech rec?
That's what it sounds like. That is not QA.
the pay for voice recognition/editing is better at MQ than Transcend
Transcend only pays 60% of line rate, at least MQ is 80%.

Is that true?
What is everyone making doing voice recognition editing?
Can anyone tell me what you are making monthly doing voice recognition editing?  I am doing it now and I am not sure if I am making enough money or not.  Thanks
Can someone please tell me what is a fair rate per line for speech rec editing?
Thanks in advance!
Does anyone know anything about radiology voice recognition editing with Superior Global? sm
I cannot find anything about them.  How do they pay?  Do they have enough work?  How are they to work for?  Any info at all would be appreciated.  TIA.
Transtech does have voice recognition. Horrible platform for editing.
Dictaphone Exspeech is the very worst VR platform I have ever worked on.  Yes, the MT line rate is much reduced for it, too.
What speech/editing platform do you find the most profitable (money-wise for the MT, of course)?
What company uses it, please.  Detest Dictaphone Exspeech.  DQS was very user friendly.  Any others?
How funny.. I did the Focus thing too but even they paid 4 cpl for editing, not 2.5, that is too low
but I understand your just trying to get the experience. I havent heard anything about AC but I say go for it.. You dont know until you try and your right ANYTHING is better than Focus.. They are a nightmare for sure.
I think your getting it all wrong.. She is probably doing VR editing..not the same as QA editing..
Does make a difference as you are not correcting someone's else work.. just VR to make sure the sentences make sense, right punctuation etc..If you have good English skills, it is not that difficult but this 1.5 cpl is a joke.
Training on the system, not paid, but if you are physically typing reports then you are getting paid
Oh, yea -- PAID, too. Grandmother PAID LEAVE would be a great drawing card to TT !!

Just love that PAID TIME OFF !!

Any company that makes you wait to get paid until they get paid by the client
is not a company you want to get involved with. That's part of being an MTSO, figuring out how to cover your payroll while waiting to get paid. I would stay away!
Is this a live count of lines paid for or same as CTRL I that we do not get paid for ?? nm
Me too.. the outsourced company was paid for and paid me for headers, but OSI does/did not.