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What does FTP mean? Require for job. nm

Posted By: Thanks! on 2007-03-22
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they cannot require that of an IC.nm

They require 40 from me anyway nm


They only require you to do 3... nm
I should add that they are going to require sm
at least 2500 lines per week as a minimum and do not have a lot of PT positions. It really depends where they have gaps in coverage.
How many lpd does Transhealth require for sm
employee status?  1200?  Do they also require a 40 hour week commitment or just a line committment? Would prefer to have just a line commitment. TIA
Moderator: Can you require sm

ads to give a company name as well as IC, statutory or employee status??  Would make things much clearer and simpler.  Thanks, MomMT

Not just MT, most Employers require it now
It is becoming quite common for any employer, not just MT Services, to do a Credit Check now.  Some companies think that if you cannot handle your finances (late payment, judgments, etc), you will not make a good employee or you might be tempted to try to cheat on something.   Since past employers are reluctant to give any information besides dates of employment for fear of being sued, new employers had to find some other way to dig up the dirt, so to speak.  Just the sign of our times.  No one trusts anyone anymore.  Nothing personal.   Used to be you could just send in a copy of your ID (Driver's license, SS card, passport, etc), and now they want you to have it Notorized, but still get it back to them within the 72 hours required.  Best advice -- find a job you like and try to stay there -- forever!! 
They most certainly require weekends and
They assigned me F-M schedule second and third shift, saying it was all that was available. I was the go-to MT in my previous positions and always at the top of the QA pile and production at an acute care facility with 1000+ beds. Loads of experience and great education. Spheris recruiting could not have been less interested in talking with me (I know for a fact that my manager recommended me to them and spoke very highly of me), yet their ads looking for help are everywhere. How is it possible with all their openings that I'm assigned F-M evenings and nights?????

Is there a way to talk directly to account supervisors?
does MDI require weekends? - nm
I don't understand. They require 98%, and you are doing better than that,
but they are threatening to be removed from the account? I don't get it. What is it they want you to do differently?
Do any companies require less than 40 hpw for FT?
Companies should require MTs to have sm
a complete reference library as most newbies rely expressly on Google or the word help boards. This is where US MT quality has hit the skids in very recent years. The new MTs don't want to bother researching so they can't possibly realize the serious mistakes they continue to make.

All companies who require OT have to pay for it (sm)

If a company has enough work for OT, by law the employee has to record it and the company has to pay it (if the employee has been approved to work the OT).  Get everything in writing.  For MTs, OT is usually the normal cpl rate x 1.5 for OT lines, which equates to the same as time and a half as mandated by federal laws.

All companies I know of go back and forth between no work and gobbs of OT.  I don't know of any company that consistently is out of work or consistently requires OT.  Feast of famine in this industry.

How much experience they require,
are they hiring, etc.
Does this mean Focus does not require
MTs to use company supplied computers? I thought I read on this site somewhere that they did, thus the concern. If they don't, that's great.
Thank you. Then TT has right to require set hours
I think the companies that DO require
you to clock in and out are few. 
What I said was that few companies do require it, so
most of them don't require it. 
There are some companies who only require
35 hours.  You might be able to get by with producing the minimal line counts though if it is a company that doesn't require you to clock in and out. 
I am looking for a company that would not require
adding a lot of demographic information, mostly straight typing, not a lot of ESLs and would hire a newbie.  I am inquiring for a friend who has graduated from a program and needing employment, so would expectnewbie pay. Any information would be very helpful.  I am searching the boards, but would appreciate any up-to-date info. thanks.
As an IC, you should require little to no training.

Basically, ICs are expected to be able to hit the ground running.  You are an independent contractor, not an employee.  A company should be able to send you instructions on how things work with them and the IC should be able to read the instructions and figure it out.  An IC is basically a business in of itself.  When a hospital contracts with an MTSO, does the hospital spend hours and hours on the phone with the MTSO for training or vice versa?  Nope.  The information the hospital sends to the MTSO consists of technical information regarding transcription platform and hospital computer systems and samples.  It is up to the MTSO to make it work!  That is part of the contract and that is why the hospital is outsourcing, to get rid of the headache.

It's the same principle with ICs.  You are contracting with an MTSO to provide a service.  The MTSO provides you with the software, instructions, and samples you need and beyond that the IC should be able to get herself going. 

I don't understand these ICs who expect to have their hand held by the MTSO.  If you aren't confident enough to set yourself up and start working with little or no help, then you need to seek out an employee position somewhere.

Cannot require you set hours, but also
do not have to give you work during the hours you want.
I believe most require you to have your own equipment
I used their equipment for the first few months, paid about $9-10 a pay period.  I ended up buying my own.  The good thing about using theirs is if there is a problem, they take care of it.  I know MQ supplies equipment, but you do not want to go there.
does that require unlimited LD?
Any MTs here who pass over job ads that require

I have never seen this discussed on the board and was wondering if it was just me?

I cannot imagine having to sacrifice either every single Saturday or every single Sunday?  My daughter is involved in various sports throughout the year that meet/play on Saturdays and we enjoy attending church together as a family on Sundays.  How do you pick between your kid and God??  Have you noticed too that this rigid schedule seems to be more prevalent  with the MTSOs that provide the better benefit packages...figure.

Whatever happened to the good ole days of weekend rotations? I don't think these particular MTSOs even realize what they are asking a person to give up.  I know this business is 24/7, but weekend rotations make a huge difference!  Of course the majority of these particular MTSOs seem to be the larger nationals ran by salary paid suits that clock out every Friday at 5:00. 

 Please note that I realize that we are living one of the worst economic eras in history and if it meant feeding my kid or being off on weekends, this wouldn't be an issue.  This has been going on for years.

Oh well, I guess if there are that many MTs willing to give up having a life, these MTSOs have no incentive to make any changes. 

I would really be interested in seeing what everyone else thinks.

I think they require 98% - Which platform were you on? (NM)
Plus they don't require you to be on instant
Yes they can do require that. You can choose to go or
not as an IC but you also should be prepared to be without that job if you choose to stay home.
That's not legal, to require you to
work when there's no work and no pay. If they require you to sit there at your computer for them, then they have to pay you. They can't MAKE you do it for FREE. I wish these companies would get busted for all the stuff they put us through.
How many hours does MQ require for PT?
Is there a minimum line requirement plus minimum hour requirement per week? Thanks!
Do they require a weekend day?
Does Medware require weekends?
Does Medware require you to work weekends?
I've LOVE 2 require that...
but most companies would laugh at me, I'm afraid. I'll just have 2 settle for my $25/hr. job at MQ...
A lot of companies only require line
which companies that don't require a set schedule? nm
Does TransHealth require you to work one day sm

of every weekend (such as Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs) or do they have M-F with rotating weekends?  TIA 

They require 1150 lines per day

How many lines were required when you worked there? Why did it take you more than 8 hours to do 1150 lines?

it sounds like they are going to EMR's which should not require outsourcing...sm
or inhouse people. EMR's are a point n click program that the doctor runs on his own more or less.
I read below posts and don't see whether they require ULD!
So they let you test and then told you that they require SM
3 years' experience?  I thought that many of the companies would waive their requirement if you did well on the test.  If you had gotten 48/50, do you think they would have gone further in the application process? They need a good number of MTs right now it seems....  Good luck!
I wish they didn't require 5 yrs experience ..
I've only got a little over 3 years.
Which companies will let/require me to use Shorthand? sm
I hope the mods will leave this since I've already researched and cannot find the answer on the job board.

I love ShortHand and have been building my Shorthand file for many years now. It's definitely tied to my ability to produce. I know of two companies that use it:

Webmedx - employees use Shorthand
Oracle - may use Shorthand (not sure if it's required).

Any others? And please let me know if required or optional. Thank you very much for your help!
Spheris allows and supplies but does not require SH (sm)
The platforms have their built in expansion programs; however, if you like you can be issued Shorthand
Most companies require a certain quota be met
Even as an IC I committed myself to 180 reports a day. I do anywhere from 180-225. I did not sign a contract but did commit to it.
DeVenture does not require punching in/out. (sm)
but does require you remain available to work during your shift.  No punching in and out though...I am SO gonna keep my fingers crossed they stay the way they are and not try to be like some of these huge companies I keep reading about on here.  Some of the stuff is totally frigged up!  Reading in another thread about the company that forces people to keep e-mails for YEARS about their workflow?! 
TransHealth does not require punching in/out. nm
some companies require 1500 lpd -
From the info they sent me, they require 98.9% accuracy, sm

and if you fall below that 2 times within a year, they dock you 1 cent per line.  If it happens 3 times in a year, you're terminated.  As I recall, pay scale was something like .074 cpl to 10 cpl (think the 10 cpl.  The benefits seemed decent enough.  I have never had anyone give me any warnings or whatever regarding my accuracy, but most companies require only 98%, and the thought that if you fell below almost 99% twice within a year they would dock your pay was enough to back me off.

Their test is rather easy, though, I must say.  Good luck to you.

To the companies that require cable or DSL

I have no access to cable and never will because of the area I live in.  I also have no access to DSL and do not know when that will happen, if ever.   Companies that required cable or DSL should know that they lose out on many experienced and qualified transcriptionists because of that requirement.  Like Diskriter--ever since I started job seeking a few weeks ago they have had post after post looking for transcriptionists.  I cannot apply because they need high speed internet.  What exactly needs the high speed?? Downloading voice files, uploading voice files.  I am curious.  I work for a company that I downloaded the voice files via internet, typed the files in Word and then uploaded them via internet site and/or FTP.  Easy to do and no high speed required.  Can anyone enlighten me?


I need a job like yesterday but my options are very limited.  I put a query on the board looking for companies that are okay with dialup and got only two names.  That is very disheartening.  Anyone out there with company names that do dialup still would be very appreciated.  Email me if you want, whatever, something.


Thank you all.

I don't think any of them do, but some of them require VERY little time to fill in.
Because I do not have the 5 years they require for rad. Spheris
took me on with 1 year experience and now I have 3-1/2 years total. I am thinking of applying anyway to see what they would say, especially because they know that my SIL trained me.