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What platforms should I stay away from? sm

Posted By: Been looking for work on 2007-10-03
In Reply to:

I recently worked with a company that uses ChartScript and I quit because I hated it....VERY slow!  I have heard that Meditech is not much better.  What other platforms should I watch out for??   

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I can't afford to stay with VR. If they paid more, I'd stay.
The situation sucks. I really liked this company when I started there. I know they read these forums, and they are aware that we are unhappy over VR line rates. They stroke us with cute emails and say we're the best, but I can't feed my family on praise. They're turning into another MedQuist, and so I'll be leaving.
Stay low and stay very, very quiet. Do not
ask questions, do not talk to the supervisors unless forced to. The answer will always be the same, that you are the only one who has an issue, everything else is perfect. Never mention anyone's name. This place has the mentality of the Borg, everyone has been assimilated, which means if your supervisor does not like you, or does not like your friend, you have no chance. You associate with so and so, so you are exactly like them. That quickly goes through the Borg network and every team lead, ROM, and person in management, including HR, is aware of it. You'll be labeled a trouble maker and your life will not be worth living. Any trial to clear your name will be done in the fashion of the trial of witches. You are in a dunking chair - if you drown you are innocent but it is too late by then.

Remember, a ROM never makes a mistake and never tells something that isn't true. They are perfect (and nastier than a pack of hiennas.)

If you run out of work, it is your fault. You are just lazy. Can't make enough to take care of your family? Too bad, you need to work harder.

And forget getting an answer from management. It doesn't
happen. So, as before, stay low and very quiet.

And do a good job? You can be assured that if you do a good job, do what you are supposed to do, and stay quiet, no one will even recognize your name. They have no idea where you work, what your schedule is, or that you even belong to Transcend.

DocQScribe is the best platform in my opinion - it's MT friendly (whether the company is ripping lines or not is another, ah, truth).  Really, though, just what were they thinking when they came up with BeyondTXT!  Good Lord!  eScription is good too. 
They have many platforms
Some accounts do require a C-phone or a Lanier and others are wav files. I do Radiology but they do have acute care and clinic. They offer FT, PT and IC. They are not as flexible as other companies I have worked for but they do try. I would rank them at the top of my list of companies.

Good luck!
They have 2 platforms, one of which is much better
If it is for the account I think it is for, it is the easy platform with good sound quality. I would look into it further before you make your decision.
Does MDI-FL have other platforms
besides Meditech.  If so, what are they and are they user friendly?
Do you know what platforms they use
for radiology? Pay usually by
line or exam? Dictators?
I believe that they use two platforms. sm
I work on the newer platform (TAe), and Instant Text DOES work with it just fine. =)

Hello all. I am the owner of a small (but very busy) transcription service here in the U.S. and am considering purchasing my own transcription platform. I currently lease the platform that my MT's are using. I would appreciate some info from anyone that is working on a web-based, non-FTP, MT friendly platform. I know that most larger transcription companies have proprietary platforms, so I am looking for one that I can purchase ready made. Any help is appreciated!!  Thanks!


May use other platforms, too. sm
Chances are Sten-Tel is the platform you will be using but have known companies that use Sten-Tel that also us other platforms, also. They are telliing you to keep track of your lines using the work count feature found under tools. 
They have several different platforms.
I only work on their eScription ones though.
It seems like anymore each company has their own platform anyway, so I don't think it's a big deal as long as you are a quick learner.
there are several platforms; which one are you on?
there are several platforms; which one are you on?
Not with platforms but know of a few with FTP. sm
Smaller MTSOs that do clinics and private practices typically have the M-F hours, but they don't often have platforms.
different platforms?
Does Webmedx still give you various platforms to transcribe on depending on the account. 
So when you say (i think it was Jill?!) you don't work for a company that uses platforms, what do you use? Just email? I am new to this, so bear with me please. Also, what do you do when you want to quit one company and go to another? I would want to give a notice, but isn't that hard, trying to do the 2 jobs at the same time?! Any info is appreciated.
I have 3 different platforms for 3 different
That's what I was going to say. Some platforms,
I heard of that with DocQscribe, for instance. But with DQS, you can safely copy & paste from Notepad, which strips out the formatting codes. So I've sometimes C&P'd something from Word into Notepad and then into DQS in order to circumvent the formatting/printing problem.
Can you say which VR platforms are best? sm
I have never done VR but I'm sure I will have to pretty soon, and I would like to know which of the VR platforms are good ones, and which are bad, from someone who has actually done it.
VR platforms
I think EditScript is the best platform I have used for VR. For one thing it seems to be more accurate at picking up dictation (what the doctor is actually saying and not a bunch of garbage) and not picking up asides (like the doctor greeting someone who comes in while he is dictating) Also you almost never have to take your hands off the key board and use the mouse There are short cut keys for everything I have averaged between 300-400 lines an hour and sometimes as much as 500 lines an hour. You can also speed the dictation up to 150% or more and it is not garbled.

Are there platforms that consistently:

1)  record a line count that matches what you show your line count to be


2)  function with minimal technical issues.

Anyone willing to provide specific and honest input on SoftScript's platform?

There are a few different platforms (see inside)
Here is what I know:

They have a different platforms, depending on what the hospital uses. They also use Beyond Text, which Transcend uses. Personally, I have been on BYT and while I like it, I prefer AIM.

They also have Meditech and Dictaphone text platform.
New To Emdat, Platforms, Etc.
Could someone please give me a brief tutorial on what to expect with national transcription companies? I am familiar with the .wav files, but am not exactly clear on the terms, Emdat and platforms. Is this just the method by which you pick up your dictations? Also, if you have your own Autocorrect/Autotext dictionary, are you able to use that as opposed to the company's? Any advice and information would be very much appreciated. Please E-mail if you can. Thanks!
Platforms are proprietary...
...and based on account. To my knowledge, there are three, distinguished by version number: 3.5, 3.8, and 4.0. This has come about through Spheris acquiring other transcription companies and assimilating their proprietary platforms.

I work on TWS 3.8. It's not bad, but it could be better. The Expanders are crude and it takes some time to build up a good collection of them. It won't correct for capitalization, i.e., changing the first letter of the first word of a sentence to upper-case a LA MS Word and other typical office word processing programs. It can be a bit crashy at times. Still, many people do very well with it, and I can't fault the training provided--though keep in mind, I was trained three years ago. There may have been changes since then.

Hope that helps.
And out of 3 different VR platforms, their BeyondTxt
Bad sound quality, way too many problems.
Junk platforms
Yep, me too.  Walmart, here I come!!! lol.  I think I may do well on the night shift! After all, I'm used to it!!!!!  HEEEE
Anybody know what platforms Keystrokes
uses for radiology?
There are different platforms, but TWS is very slow, even with
Has anyone ever tried using 2 platforms on the same computer?
Unfortunately, my one job is not doing it for line count but I love the account I have now, so I have also secured a second job with another company part time. The problem may be that I have a platform in my computer now for the first company and the other company has a different one to install. I did inform them of the software I am using now and they won't know if it is going to conflict until they do a review. If it won't work, I am going to have to buy another computer, which I have found locally that is being sold for a really good price because of some cabinet scratches. I am also told I can purchase a special switch which allows me to use one keyboard and one monitor for 2 computers, as well as a router for DSL so my Internet connection can also be utilized for both. I am so hoping that I can use just one computer for these jobs, as to save myself about $550, especially since one never knows how a new company is going to work out. Has anyone ever tried this? I would sure appreciate it if you could tell me how it worked for you. I realize different programs may or may not work, but was hoping someone has already had this experience. TAT!
I have multiple platforms
I have Emdat, ExText, and Bayscribe on my computer.  No problems here.  I think it just depends on your computer's processing speed and RAM
I have both of those platforms and everything works well. nm
Not all of MDI-FL is escription, they have many platforms. nm
Keystrokes platforms
For all three of my accounts at Keystrokes I use high-speed DSL, which is a requirement for many platforms.
MT-friendly platforms
You have read my mind. I love good old Word and sound files on Express Scribe. Still looking for more clinic work. Had a great gig and lost it due to another company typing for cheaper. My former MTSO raised her rates and lost a lot of her accounts. I am with a national now and I am not liking it very much.
Transcription platforms
I am not sure this approach will work for you.  A company can have a good platform but unfriendly work rules and/or poor pay.  A company can have a less sophisticated platform but friendly work rules and/or reasonable pay.  Add to this that the good platform may be proprietary and not found anywhere else if the work rules and/or pay are not to your liking.  I agree that the sophistication and ease of use of the platform are important, but using that as the sole criteria may not lead you to a happy situation.  Personally, I admire DocQScribe very much, though not the speech recognition module, but as far as I know, that platform is proprietary to MedQuist.  Best of luck in your search.
Transcription Platforms

Anyone have any suggestions on a platform our company should use?


Many different platforms and accounts...sm
KS is a large company with many different accounts, different platforms, and I would guess scheduling flexibility could vary from one account to another. Then throw in the fact that line production can vary from MT to MT -- well, it's too broad a question to answer with specifics! I would be search the archives, though, because there is a lot of KS information to be had there.
There are different platforms for different accounts. sm
The oncology account is new. It uses Allscripts which is very easy to use. I am going to be on the ortho end of the same clinic.
They are changing platforms and we will all be
Not currently there but left due to those platforms
Scribe - slow and tedious and i was stuck on an account where i had to fill in info twice. Hated that. Allscripts was better with speed, but at the time i was unable to verify my line count and i was finding their count did not even come close to what i was suppose to be paid for (body of note) by 65 characters in word... I am talking a BIIIG difference.
KS does not pick the platforms...
that the facilities they contract with use. Those platforms and their requirements, like ULLD, are almost always in place when KS contracts with them. I hear MTs get upset about C-phones and why any MTSO would use them but the MTSO is going with what the facility wants/has been using. These platforms are network-wide for some very large health networks sometimes, and they can be reluctant to pull the plug on one that has served them well for sometimes a very long time...not to mention the costs involved.
There are 2 platforms here. Ent and Chart sm
I know the Chartmatrix side has tons of rad work.  I think this side has a different STM too.
VR Platforms, What Do You Use/Experience?

The VR platform I use where I work was awful, at least in my opinion.  You do not use a foot pedal but toggle using the keyboard. You should see some of the words the program hears.  I did so much editing, I could have typed the whole note faster.

What has been your experiences with VR platforms?


Multiple platforms
There are a few platforms depending on the account. However, of the accounts I've worked on, they all tap into your version of Word, so whatever Expander works there will work with TRX.
Working on 2 platforms

I work for 3 different companies and have 2 accounts on one computer, laptop, and then on my other laptop I have 2 different accounts.  There wouldnt be a problem unless they were the same program like ExText with Dictaphone.  I dont have a problem with acct specifics just have to remember what acct you are typing for. 

Keystrokes platforms???
Does anyone know what platforms Keystrokes uses for their accounts (besides Chartscript) and which of these other platforms is compatible with the ShortHand expander? Thanks.
Actually there are 2 platforms, one you can use your computer on. nm
Platforms vary, most are okay. You can get
a decent line count, and editing is good once you take time to learn it. Pay is good. They can be flexible. But they have some really horrible managers that could easily be replaced. Some are good, but many never communicate, some of the managers will tell bold-face lies just to protect themselves even if you can produce e-mails that show they did just the opposite of what they claim they said. But they are the chosen few so never try to report them or it will be your head on the platter.
There are multiple platforms
The platform depends on the account. Every account has a different platform.
Anyone know what platforms/companies besides Q...
will utilize dial-up as well as the cable/DSLs?