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Whatever you do....

Posted By: no genius on 2009-05-01
In Reply to: Does such a thing exist? - MTDays

Do not borrow money.  If you have low to no food, go to a food pantry or call your church (if you have one) for help. 

The only reason I say this is if you borrow money this week, then have to pay that back, that will put you behind before you even get your check.  You do not want to be behind before you get pain.  You cannot solve money problems with money.

Yes, eating ramen soup for a whole week straight sucks, but you will feel better next week when you have some money left over.  Also, keep eating ramen soup ever other day until you have enough stashed up for emergencies.  It it only temporary and when you have a little stuffed under a mattress, you will appreciate the ramen!

Speaking from experience, of course! 

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