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When your advice is insulting

Posted By: Way past time for some to retire on 2009-03-23
In Reply to: MT 30+ and running has serious problems - Seen It Before

You may be the best at your profession, if you think so.  However, when time has taken its toll on you....it's probably time to go.  Or maybe just try to stick to what it is that you do best, but it is certainly not communicating with people.

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Good advice, and advice that I'm giving real thought to ...

If I had known that they offshored before I accepted employment with them I never would have gone there to work.  I've been here long enough now though to not want to lose my benefits. 

Still ... making a DECENT PAYCHECK and making a living without being stressed out over the type of work that I'm doing is just as important as good benefits. 

here here, but didn't you like the pretty picture on the oversized coaster!!!!
Insulting or what?????
I read this ad and my blood pressure got so high, I came off my seat. Old Timey doesn't seem to mean having a brain. Perhaps those of us who have been in this profession -- personally I have been for over 45 years -- have burned out all of our brain cells. Gimme a break. The whole attitude of that ad is insulting. Sure hope she sits and waits for applicants -- maybe she can check out the Wal-Mart Electronics Department.
They only pay 7/8 cpl! That's insulting!
.04 and .05 insulting
Amen! Glad you will not let them post such an insulting remuneration.
3 cpl insulting indeed
What next! Will we have to pay to work?
nobody is being insulting.

In my response, i posted about the NEGATIVE response shown to the original poster who simply thanked me for an encouraging response.  Somehow, the negative poster(s) assumed that their response was not appreciated as there was no specific thank you involved.  FYI, the OP did not say she didn't appreciate the other posts; but someone with preconceived ideas jumped to conclusions huh? therefore, my post about attitude was, i believe, correct.  Remember, she was a new hire, excited about her new job, and looking for some support, NOT to get slammed with a bunch of negatives. 

Again, when you have a bum attitude, it affects your personal relationships, your work relationships and your decisions as well.  There is a time and place for negativity and i don't think that is what the OP was looking for. 

Their pay is insulting.
Less than 7cpl. No kidding.
wow.......that is insulting.
was that an offer made to an MT with experience?

Especially as an IC! Very insulting.
that rate is insulting!
Try to find something that pays hourly. It is very hard to make money being paid by the line for QA, especially if the accounts are hard or the MTs do not do good work.
That's just as insulting as implying that
those of us who had everything go wrong had it happen because we weren't quality MTs. Attitude is 90%?  I'll tell ya, I sat there with my HAPPY EXCITED attitude for days and days and days and days, and guess what???  No work was no work was no work.  Had not 1 bit to do with my attitude, and its insulting for you to even speak that.  There were a great number of us hired on at the same time, all different accounts and platforms. I think one cheerleader made it thru without a hitch, and the rest of us got hit with one technical problem after another, keeping our chin up and plodding thru all these hoops, because we had a GREAT attitude, only to encounter no work over and over and over.  Days turning into weeks, weeks into over a month. Give me a break.  Attitude.    They don't have their act together for some reason, and it sure was not OUR attitudes. 
This is absolutely insulting. nm
Who's pay isn't insulting anymore?
The best I've ever been offered was 8 cpl for standard transcription on an account that only had editing at half that. The MT business just does not seem fair anymore. Sometimes I think they don't want us to make a living. But it is not like they can survive without us. Besides greed, what are they (MTSOs) thinking these days?
Not only insulting, worthy of becoming physically

No offense, but you are insulting the wrong ones.
You are correct when you say that difficult jobs make you a better MT. But the same holds true for cherry-pickers. They would be decent MTs (as well as honest ones)if they were honest enough to type whatever came up into their que. In my early days as an on-the-job MT, I myself had a more experienced MT cherry-pick and my lines and paycheck suffered because of it. I don't check for cherry-picking, never have, but I resent them thinking they have a right to pick and choose what I type. I, too, now am good enough to do any job, but that is no excuse for others to be dishonest. You obviously must not have to worry about money. It's a shame you are insulting the honest MTs who are complaining about the dishonest ones. You seem to be insulting the wrong people.
Not insulting. Just stating my observation of the
w 2
Insulting others who are hurting is not standing up for yourself
Don't fool yourself into thinking what you have up your back is a backbone ;-)

7 cpl with my experience was insulting...and if your insulted that I said so, GOOD! you should be!
If others read my posts as insulting that shows their
I post what I see as proactive, get her done, dont be a victim encouragment. Strongly put, maybe.  But I feel passionatly about this issue and hate to see women letting themselves be vicitms.  Engaging in the poor you, you been treated bad, it is so sad, does nothing to encourage them to drag themselves out of the mire and take charge of their lives.
I think your comparison is ridiculous and insulting. Try getting a farm worker's job and you'
True. It was demeaning and insulting. Tell me you didn't like my resume or that I smell bad..
Whatever... but don't tell me that I do not have experience.  What is with these people. If they are that unprofessional, we would feel blessed we received the kiss-off form letter LOL
I dont think that the act of insulting a person whether on a board or in life is no way to treat any
Who in the heck pays you that insulting rate. As Dr. Phil says, "Are you kidding me" LOL
There is no way. I cant get over it, 2 cpl a line???? just pennies a line what an insult for your time. I dont care if you are an old MT or newbie that is ridiculous and when people accept that kind of pay it just drives down the cpl for all of us. I mean heck if they can get people to do it for 2 cpl, why pay 5 cpl so they can pay their bills. That just blows my mind. You'd be better off working an 8-hour shift at McDonalds.
So telling someone to suck it up has nothing to do with lack of spiritual grace or insulting a perso
I am not the poster you originally addressed this to, but I will from now on suck it up and consider myself under your advice and control. Feel better now? For some reason, I don't... I think I need to check to see why...
Yeah I had applied for the Escription account (before I knew the insulting pay rate) with years of
experience and no one bothered to get back to me. Once they told me what they paid, I would have never accepted anyway, but I find it odd that they would not pursue someone with years of experience. I guess they knew there would be no one I would accept their pay. Apparently, they are hoping some desperate people apply, which is NOT me but best wishes to them.
Stop taking these insulting wages and they will stop offering them.
bit of advice - sm
I have worked in many hospitals over many years, and after a bit of trial and error, I have found that this approach has always worked in my favor -

I STOPPED sending resumes to HR departments. Why? Because I would inevitably end up with a computer generated letter "thanking me for the resume ... on file ... should a position come up ... blah blah blah." I would contact the hospital and say I am responding to the position that is open, what do you mean you don't have a position??? The response would be "Oh, well someone should get in contact with you soon then."

By the time an HR department got off their butt to start calling in people for the position, chances are the transcription department was into overtime and overtime meant loss of $$ and next thing you know, it was being outsourced.

So I cut out the HR department, and would find out the name of the head of medical records and send my resume to that person. The person would either go to HR and say "contact this person for an interview" or would contact me themselves and set up the interview.

I would even send a resume to the head of medical records even if there was no opening because you never know. Hospitals may have onsite transcriptionists as well as outsourcing. But if the hospital realizes that there is the possibility of another Transcriptionist right in the area, they may be able to utilize me. Hence, I would get a phone call.

It's just a bit of advice - don't always rely on the website for transcription positions.

my advice is ask MQ for more than that...
if you have the experience and are 'seasoned' you should start out at least at 9 or 9.5. be firm. they must need MTs. if they say they do not pay that much say you are sorry to hear it but you have other offers, and everybody is paying at least 9 now...(IF you are as good as you say and you tested and passed, etc.)

men do this- they push back a little...

even if they simply will not give you more than say 8.5, they will at least know you are not stupid. if you take it at 8.5, tell them you want a review in the near future and expect to make more than that...

geeze, I started at 9.5 there a year ago...?

if you are good, demand to get paid what you deserve.
Thanks for the advice - sm
It's not a lot of money, but since I was courteous enough to send the equipment back immediately, I just don't understand why they aren't paying me. I am not going to drop it though.

Thanks again!
Here's my advice sm
If you are on your own and don't have a spouse or a second source of income, this isn't the job. You've really got to have some backup with Webmedx. This is not the company where you'll be on one or two accounts and have all the work you can do. This is scraping for every bit of work you can get some days and bouncing around on lots of accounts.

However, the benefits are very good. I'm not sure if they take them away, though, if you can't make your lines. Surely not if there's no work, but if there is work and you have trouble, don't know.

IF you have benefits through a spouse, I would go elsewhere and be an IC. I would not be here if I didn't need the benefits.

Good luck making a decision!
I appreciate the advice, but would like something a

see my advice
If you have been working for someone else, take a document, do the word count and the line count and see what you would need to charge per word to equal what you want per line.    I also worked for someone that did that and lost a lot in letters and consults as I charge by gross line.  She paid 1 cent per word also.  In medical there are more longer words than shorter one.  I would not do it for less that 2.5  to 3 cents per word as I just looked at one of my documents and it would have taken probably 3.25 per word to make what I did off of that document.  Good luck.  With words no spaces are counted. 
I need advice
Does anyone out there know about Entente Health Care.  Has anyone ever worked for them?  I have been offered an Editor position with them but I was wondering how they are to work for.  I hope I am posting this in the right place since I am new to this.  Any comments appreciated.
Thank you...I did take your advice SM

to heart.  It wasn't an easy decision as I heard just as many negative comments as I did positive comments.  After careful consideration, I decided to give them a chance.  I think I'm better off having heard all the negatives and positives as I was able to make a more informed decision.  I really hope I'll be happy there.  I'm not naive enough to believe it will be perfect (what company is?), but I want to start off giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Everyone's different.  I worked for Spheris and hated it (others I know love it there).  I worked for Medquist and liked it (lots of people hate it there).  So it's my hope that I'll find my niche with TransHealth.

I really do appreciate your advice, though.  I hope that you have found a job that is better suited to your needs.

Take care,


That would be advice. nm
Thanks for all advice given sm please
That is what I would love to happen in the long run,  but I am pretty certain that at this point I could not handle the potential daily workload myself, and I would not want to mislead them and get myself in over my head...  New advice??
My advice to you

Right now things are slow, probably on all or most accounts.  Get yourself a backup when it's busy.  Then you have it to fall back on at times like this.

Thanks for the advice (sm)
One of the jobs I had in Ophthalmology was at a medical school, but, of course, only in that specialty.  I know the job that fits me is out there somewhere, that is, if I lose my current one in August (I really do like the office for which I currently work).  Thanks again for your input.
Same advice here, but
I might add that nursing is also emotionally and mentally exhausting.  When I worked full time, I basically worked and recouped from work.  Not much energy left to enjoy life.  I'm glad I learned everything I did, but don't want to go back. 
looking for advice

Approximately two and a half weeks ago I accepted a job offer for IC status. It would be another full week before I would hear from them again, and another four days before I was able to train on the platform. As I sit here now, I am losing money, because I still do not have a password to begin work (this being yet another four days after training). It seems like a good job - a job I would like to keep. However, I am getting very frustrated with the lack of communication. I email and do not receive responses. I call and leave messages, and do not receive a call back. I have considered doing overflow work for someone, but if I ever get going on this job I am afraid that I may be spreading myself too thin to do that. I do not particularly want to name the company, but if you would like to know you are welcome to email me. I will, however, let anyone that may come on here asking about this company know.


Thank you for letting me rant.

My advice.

Thirteen years is a lot to give up for the unknown.  The current Transcend employee below basically said as much about her own situation, and she makes a lot of sense.

Why don't you try it on a part-time basis?  Then if you find it's a better place for you, you won't lose anything.

When I worked at TS, the platform was down every other day and tech support was virtually nonexistent.  Maybe things have changed for the better.  I hope they have.

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Thanks for the advice
Need some advice...

Hi everyone,

I just need some advice here. When put on a new account is it common to make stupid mistakes while getting used to how a doctor dictates? Does QA to some degree expect that these little mistakes are going to be made when starting out on a new account?

I was recently added to a new account and I am not making many mistakes, but the VERY FEW I have made make me want to kick myself--HARD. They aren't big mistakes..just something that when I see corrected I say WHAT WAS I THINKING ...(though, it did make sense to me when proofing at the time)...  basically the hear one word and it turns out to be another scenario, regular English words, not medical...the ones that make you feel  


Don't get me wrong, my QA is wonderful and doesn't try to make me feel belittled because of that or anything. She is excellent. I just really beat myself up over things like this.   I certainly don't want to look sloppy!!

Is this the norm for everyone just starting out on a new account?

Thanks for listening and for any words of wisdom.


being a new myself, and getting an oncology account, which I know nothing about, makes it really hard, plus, my doc is ESL and talks like he's got a mouth full of marshmellows. I make mistakes all the time, dumb ones too! But, never, but never kick yourself. Just learn, if you spend your time kicking yourself, you're not focusing on the learning aspect. Just calm down and learn. Bec
Need advice
Can anyone tell me anything about Phoenix MedCom?  I have a choice between them and a local physician's office with an hourly pay of $14/hour.  Please tell good and bad, consistent work flow, easy platform, if its hard to get time off when needed. Also have always been an employee, so any tax info about ICs would be greatly appreciated as well.  Please email ASAP.  Thanks. 

Can anyone tell me about Phoenix MedCom.  Have a choice of them and a local physician's office with hourly pay of only $14/hr.  Please tell good and bad.  Also I have never been an IC before, so any tax info appreciated.  Please email ASAP.  Thanks!

Need Advice
Need some advice here.  I have been doing transcription for over 8 years the old- fashioned way with microcassettes and regular cassettes and am now wanting to go with a national account, which uses things like .wav pedals and different updated equipment.  I need to start testing with some of these companies, but I need to know what equipment I need so that I'm prepared to take this new step.  I assume wav pedals are different than these outdated pedals that came with my transcription machines.  Where do I start?  TIA
I better take your advice
I am starting to have bad luck with this company. The workload is very light when I log on to type. I request more work, but they never seem to respond back. I think I better start looking somewhere else. Thanks for your advice.
My advice would be to look for a job
Take the experience from this other job and put it into a medical center and work onsite for a while to learn all you can, around here most let you work from home after 30 days of working on site. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't stay with this company as they don't sound very professional, and you deserve better. Good luck. :)
You mean some ADVICE?