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Which companies use Emdat?

Posted By: Tomatoe on 2007-01-17
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I was looking at the system and see that it is a nifty little piece of software and is probably a great timesaver. Just wondering which companies are using it. Anybody know?

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Which companies use Emdat? nm
Which companies use EMDAT?

Companies that use Emdat?
Does anyone know of any companies that use Emdat Inscribe that are hiring?  Mostly clinic work, please. 
EMDAT Companies

A few more companies (clinic work) that use EMDAT

Stat IQ Solutions

Orion Transcription

Bridge Documents (formerly CHS - Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions)

Mediscript or Medscript (Out of Naples Florida)

Emdat - Which companies use it

I am ready to go back to a platform that has a doctor lookup, count my lines, takes care of my invoice, and has work there when I log in.  Which companies use Emdat and are they hiring?!  Thanks in advance


Which companies use EMDAT?
I like Emdat too.  Who is hiring that uses Emdat right now? 
Can anyone tell me companies that use Emdat Inscribe?
I would like to apply to those companies as I am very familiar with this software and love it, but I need a new job!  Thanks!
What companies use the EMDAT program?
Here are a few Emdat companies inside...sm

They've used it in the past. I have no idea if they're still using it or if it's their only software in use. They are or were:  Allegiant, Greenlight in Oregon, Interpro, Lee Perfect, Orion, Phoenix MedCom, Probity, PDA, Stat-IQ, and Stat-Med of Missouri. There may be others... nm

Anybody know of any companies who use EMDAT and pay more than 7 cents a line SM
besides Lee Perfect and Phoenix MedCom?
What companies work with Bayscribe, Emdat and Inscribe?
Also MedRemote?  I have worked with all of these platforms and they are very nice, just wondering who uses these.  TIA!
Hired by Emdat or using Emdat software?
I was of the impression that Emdat was software, not a transcription company. Were you hired by Emdat to do transcription for Emdat customers? Or is the company for whom you work just using the Emdat software? Thank you.
I've never used Netcare, but Emdat is great!  Easy to learn, easy to use.  I honestly have no complaints about it.   
oh thank God! I thought it was just me. I worked for a half-day or so on a trial basis for a company using this platform several years ago and i never got how it could NOT stink!! I though it was because they send IMs every two seconds about the weather........but I spent more time on that platform trying to get it to work than I ever did transcribing anything.
Im so glad it was not just me. Emdat - never, ever again.
7 cpl on Emdat
In defense of Allegiant, this is without a doubt the PERFECT job for me. I work whenever I feel like it, nobody bothers me, and I'm only obligated to transcribe 500 lines in 24 hours.

I worked for a large company and made 10 cpl. I had constant interruptions with emails and IMs from an idiot supervisor. I had to research new drug names and instruments and procedure names on just about every report. I was tickled if I transcribed 150 lph. I worked for a smaller company and made 9 cpl and spent half my time with my foot on the backup pedal trying to understand ESLs. By the time my shift was over my head was splitting. I work for Allegiant, make 7 cpl and average 250 lph without breaking a sweat. Not too shabby. JMHO.
What is Emdat? (sm)
Please, what is Emdat?  Also are you limited to transcribing 500 lines per day or can you do as much as you want?  Thanks. 
7 cpl on EMDAT

We pay significantly more than that at Lee Perfect.  If you have 5+ yrs exp in a clinical/hospital setting that is current/recent.  I would love to see your resume!!!!

Karen Sorensen

QA Account Manager

Not a fan of EMDAT

I had the same problem.  I cannot stand typing using the F1 function keys.  I would call technical support where you purchased the foot pedal from and tell them your problems.  If the foot pedal does not work on your computer then get your money back.  I cannot stand EMDAT.

Former EMDAT user.


Lee Perfect out of Chicago and Allegiant out of Indiana use EMDAT religiously.  Apply there.  They are ALWAYS hiring!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know that Greenlight Transcription out of Oregon does, Phoenix Medcom, and Allegiant. All three are good companies and they always pay on time every time!
EMDAT is a platform that MTs use to type notes. It is very user friendly, but you have to set up your own auto correct. Your regualr auto correct from MS Word will not work, which I did not like at all. You have to purchase a separate foot pedal from the other USB pedals and it costs right at $100.00. Good luck!

The owner makes excuses as to why she has not done this or that.  Some like it, but her pay is very low and no feedback for QA.  I think you only get paid if she does by her clients.  Do not know for sure though.

Can anyone tell me about Emdat? I have an IN-DB9 pedal.  Is that compatible?  Thanks in advance!
Not true.  I worked for a company using Emdat for a short time and I did not have to buy a special pedal.  I used my USB pedal, the same pedal I have used for numerous jobs.  However, I personally did not care for Emdat.  It conflicted with my version of Word. 
You might want to try Professional Dictation Associates (I think that is the name of the company). They pay over 8 cents off QA but why you would want to work on an Emdat system is beyond me. I hate it. I think that is one of the worst VPN ever, but that's just me. I know there are MTs out there who like it. I'm just not one of those.
Can anyone tell me how EMDAT is to work with? PC requirements, foot pedal, etc?  Thanks!
I like Emdat
I've been working on it for about two years now - no real problems, very user friendly.
I find your post interesting because I am a fairly new MT and Emdat is all I have ever known.  What do you feel is bad about it and what platforms do you like better? I'm really curious.  I feel like I've got it pretty good, but if there's something better, I would love to check into another opportunity.

I was offered a job using EmDat and have never used that before.  Is it a good platform and easy to use?  Can you get your line counts okay on this or does it slow you down.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

This is a great platform IMO! I found it very easy to use and very, very easy to get my lines in and then some! The only down side (if you want to look at it that way) is that for most companies now a days you have to have a special EMDAT only foot pedal to work with them instead of the old school use it with Express Scribe and multiplatform foot pedal. Good luck!

I am having trouble too but what area are you in.  Comcast has a major outage in Pennsylvania, part of Delaware and part of New Jersey.

Emdat is not very good when you have fast speakers. You are not able to control the speed at all.
You most certainly can control the speed with EMDAT.  You must not have the correct version or something.


Greenlight Transcription in Oregon

Allegiant Transcription

Lee Perfect



Zylomed uses Emdat.
They use EMDAT, which I think is a decent platform.
The spell check sucks.  it is NOT MT Friendly and the line rates do NOT add up at all.  I hate it.
You need to download the program. You do not need a special foot pedal anymore. I have been using this for almost a year now, and both of my pedals work with no delay (settings). My sound is just fine and I can adjust easily. The spellcheck does stink though.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I have been working on the Emdat platform for over 6 years now with 4 different companies.  I have never used a foot pedal.  I use the function keys, F2 to start and stop, F3 to fast forward and F4 to rewind.  Piece of cake.  Very user friendly program. 
I disagree. I found/find EMDAT to be very user/MT friendly. I make my line counts very easily. I worked for a company making 2 cpl more using another platform than in my EMDAT job, but made more money per hour ($3 more per hour) at my lower paying EMDAT company. I hope this helps:)
I totally agree with Red, I also went from a higher paying job with another platform to EMDAT and have absolutely no problems with lines or the platform. Whatever problems were before, certainly have not been there the last year.
I've been working with Emdat for 3 years and I love it too. Would hate to learn a new program. Like you, I have literally thousands of short cuts in Autotext. I don't use a pedal but hotkeys... even easier.
I work in Emdat and love it. I have to type in the demo info but if the docs don't give much info, that's what they get back. If no date is given, I put the dictation date. Some of the docs I type for will mumble the patient's name and I have to look for it. If I can't find it, it goes to QA---patient not found in database. I still get a decent line count. I don't think anyone's going to get rich in this business. A few pennies less really doesn't hurt me that bad, but I know what you mean. ;-)
I've used it exclusively for the past 3-1/2 years and I don't think it's as bad as some say. In fact, I think it's very easy to use and I love it. That being said, I have nothing else to compare it to, so it might be wise to get an opinion from others who have used a variety of platforms. I can easily get 800 to 900 lines a day, which may not seem like very many but it's far above what I contracted to do, so I'm happy. :-)
New To Emdat, Platforms, Etc.
Could someone please give me a brief tutorial on what to expect with national transcription companies? I am familiar with the .wav files, but am not exactly clear on the terms, Emdat and platforms. Is this just the method by which you pick up your dictations? Also, if you have your own Autocorrect/Autotext dictionary, are you able to use that as opposed to the company's? Any advice and information would be very much appreciated. Please E-mail if you can. Thanks!
Anyone work on Emdat? sm
What's it like? Good for production?
What platform do they use..Emdat?
How is the EMDAT platform? sm

Possibly as compared to Netcare?  Thanks so much for your help! 

Does SoftScript use EMDAT?
If not, do you know what they do use and is it efficient?
Does SoftScript use EMDAT?

I thought I already posted this, but now I can't find my question!  In any case, do you know if SoftScript uses EMDAT?  If not, does anyone know what they use and do you find it to be efficient?

Also, do you know what they pay per line?

Thank you.