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Why (Some) MTs have a bad name...

Posted By: HD Wallen on 2007-11-17
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I advertised here a few weeks ago because of an influx of new business. I received a plethora of resumes, and initially chose four people to offer IC positions. One chose not to stay on with us. She picked up some local clients, and was able to charge them more than I could pay. I wished her luck, and we parted professionally, agreeing to do business with each other in the future. A second woman has been wonderful, an asset to our business, and we hope she stays on with us for many, many years. (As have most of the people who have come on board with us.) A third woman clearly did not have the experience she claimed in her resume; her work establishing she had little or no true experience. Should I have checked her references? Yes. But we were in a hurry, and my lead MT did interview her. Suffice it to say the woman spoke a better game than she typed. We let her go. Number four is the one who bothers me the most. He wrote anxiously, desperately wanting the position, and willing to work only one specialty. We tested him, and his work was of sufficient quality for us to bring him on board. We created logins for him, sent him our paperwork, got everything ready. He returned the paperwork to us. We gave him his login information, and assigned him to an account. Next day, no word from him. Next day, no word from him. We had to find somebody else to cover the work (the senior MT who was going to train him on the account ended up doing the work herself). His dilatory behavior did create some TAT issues, but thankfully it is an understanding client, with whom we have a long-standing and good reputation. I wrote him asking him what was up. He wrote back - he had decided not to take the position (which he had already taken by virtue of returning his paperwork). No apologies. No nothing. I wrote back letting him know that he would not be eligible in the future for work with our company. His response? I wouldn't want to work for you anyway. Just as there are good and bad companies out there, so too are there good and bad MTs (or people claiming to be MTs...) In fact, I also received a resume from a woman who had worked for my prior employer - leaving their having deserted her job, attempting to steal and ruining a relationship with a client along the way. I didn't bother to acknowledge receipt of her resume. I merely chuckled at the fact that she did not list the former employer on it. Smart move on her part - but I feel sorry for whoever does end up hiring her. (And folks here have busted her in the past for some of her posts, faking credentials and the like... she appears to suffer from an inability to be honest.) Over the years I've read a lot of stories here about companies treating their employees and/or ICs poorly. I'm sure that some, perhaps even many, do. I just hope that y'all remember that for every bad company, there is very likely a proportionate number of bad MTs. HD Wallen P.S. While our MT side seems sufficiently staffed for the moment, we may need one decent GT to supplement our General Transcription arm.



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