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Why no recent posts about Omniscribe? Everyone happy there?

Posted By: j on 2007-03-03
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Happy with Omniscribe as well!!!
I have to reiterate what the previous defender of Omniscribe had to say. I have been with Omniscribe for about 6 weeks now, and I am perfectly happy with the owner, QA personnel, training, etc., as well as the rest of the staff. All have been very helpful and considerate of me during my training. Any questions have been answered quickly through either IM or e-mail. The owner has been very understanding of my personal needs and very respectful of me as a contractor.

Be very careful of adopting opinions from people who do not have first-hand experience with a company. While boards like this can be useful tools in your job search, adopting someone else's opinion as your own without speaking with an actual employee or two could cause you to miss out on a very nice employment arrangement for yourself.

I'm happy at Omniscribe!

Another happy Omniscribe IC
I just wanted to say that I am really happy at Omniscribe. I feel like I am part of a very strong team. I am a newbie, and I love the support, patience, training, and QA people. They always answer my questions promptly. The owner is a very encouraging person, and she is very understanding. I love Omniscribe! I feel appreciated!
Posts from April said everyone gets 8.5 cpl/newbie or experienced. Recent posts said
recent posts...
Pay is late. Recruiter takes forever to get back with you, if ever.
there are recent positive posts; look below
they pay on time, direct, I have had the same supervisor and QA for 4 years now, they are helpful and nice, insurance not so great, large deductible, all other benefits are good, they have productive and weekend incentives. They do expect you to meet your quota and keep a close on that. Help desk is there 24 hours.
I have read all of the recent posts that came up
when I searched, was wanting more information as it did not answer all the questions I had, that is why I was asking someone to email if they could give me more specifics. Thanks.
Recent posts about them are VERY negative. Might want
see archives, recent posts not
exactly glowing.
Read all the recent posts about TT and KS but..

if some of those who work at these companies could email me I would appreciate it.  Looking at possibly making a change soon and just wanting to ask some specific questions and chat about your experiences with them.  Thanks!

Check recent posts about J&J.
recent posts below are all negative.
Check the archives - there were recent posts about them.
USA Only!
Most recent posts show bad as of late. nm
It's EASY to search recent posts (sm)

using Google site search.

Ex:  chase site:mtstars.com revealed all the posts written about this transcriptoin company, most recent first.

Just from recent posts there are still ongoing pay issues.
They have easy escription accounts but I can't tolerate being paid late/wrong. Good luck!
Odd ... I did a search and most recent posts from 2006.
Thanks for responding anyway. Not sure what I'm doing wrong in terms of the search feature.
Check thru the recent posts here that have them running out of work. nm
If you've read the recent posts about them, how could you even think of applying? nm
I left there several years ago, but from reading recent posts, SM
it seems to me that if it's the MTs who have been there for a couple of years or more that are are liking it fine there and sing the praises, and that it is the new hires or recently hired people who don't like it and don't seem to get work or at least get bounced around.  Just an observation from what I've read.  HTH.
many recent negative posts on Company Board
Recent posts in the archives too. Open your post and then near
the bottom click on the blue related posts to bring up most recent ones.   They pay 8 cpl, dictators are horrendous, they have very frequent turnover. 
Anyone have any recent info on Sten-Tel out of Massachusetts? Old posts were rather confusing sm
as to whether the company was Indian or not.  There is an ad up on another board for editors.  Are they offshore?  TIA.
Check the archives and more recent posts. Lots of info there.
many recent negative posts of Amphion on Company Board
there are a couple of recent posts on the main board, bout halfway down...
Also check the archives, you could do much better for yourself...
Recent posts show them with late or nonpayment issues. Do a search. nm
Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA

Be way of Omniscribe!!
I am an IC for Omniscribe...
and have never been happier. I started near the very beginning - about a month after her first major account. My checks are not late. _____ works very hard to keep her MTs happy by providing us with our own forum, keeping us up-to-date on things happening with the company, and providing plenty of feedback and encouragement. I have worked for major nationals and the difference is night and day. I am thrilled with my job and LOVE working for Omniscribe and for ____. I'm not sure who this other person is but I have communicated with every employee that has been at Omni. I will say it again. Checks have not been late. ____ is all about encouraging her MTs. She does demand high-quality work, but then I demand the same of myself. Those are the facts.
I really hate to get into a war of words on a board, but feel the need to tell you that I think Omniscribe has been unfairly represented. I have been with them for 2 years now, and it is a great company to work for. I would strongly recommend that if you are interested in getting an unbiased opinion, you contact the owner and ask to speak with one of her current employees. After all, anyone NOT still working for her probably has an ax to grind. Please don't hesitate to apply! - You will be very happy you did.

I have worked at Omniscribe for almost a year now, and I love it here. I had worked at 2 of the big national companies in the past, and I am so much happier here than I was at either of those companies. The owner here really tries to work with her MTs. I never felt I was more than a number at the other places. I also love the account I work on.

This is a great company for newbies because they are given lots of guidance and feedback.

I have no complaints and plan to stay a long, long time!

I live in Idaho and have never heard of this company, where is it
Can anyone give me any information on Omniscribe?  All of the posts I found were old.  Anything current would be great.  If you want you can email me.  Thanks in advance.
Anyone got any info?  I checked the board, but I haven't found much out there.  I am curious about them.
As the owner of Omniscribe.... sm
I would like to come here and say that I have no idea who this individual is. She/he has never worked for me and my paychecks have NEVER been late. A company who does not pay their MTs would go under in no time flat and I am still going. Omniscribe is a very small company and I can count on one hand the number of MTs who have left here. Not one of them would come to a public forum to bash me or my company, so I'd be very curious to know who you are. I'm certain you have me and my company confused with some other place.
Anyone work for or know anything about Omniscribe?
Sounds like a good place from what I've heard, I know they hire ICs...anything else pertinent?  Thanks.
Omniscribe in Idaho?
I've searched and read the archives, but I'm looking for more recent information. Thanks!
Omniscribe Rocks!
Okay, so the subject of this messages says it all. I have not been with Omniscribe for very long, just a few months, but I have been a medical Transcriptionist for over 10 years and have worked for a few different companies. I would highly recommend this company to any new or established medical transcriptionist. I LOVE the account I work on and really love the flexibility offered by this company. Yes, they DEMAND high quality, (the highest standards I have come across to date), but I would not have it any other way. Kresta is a fair and delightful person to work for and I would suggest if you are looking for a great company to work for...look no further. Note to the flamer of the negative post, to quote Shakespeare The lady doth protest too much, me thinks. (smirk). D
OmniScribe.....please read....
Hi everybody!!  Yesterday, OmniScribe contacted me through email and asked me to take a test for them.  It was not the typical test where they ask you about your grammar skills and medical knowledge and stuff like that.  It asked really off the wall questions.  Has anyone else had this experience with them or any other agencies?  Any and all questions, comments or otherwise are welcome.  Thanks!
OmniScribe.....has anyone heard of this company? Just wondering because they
offered to test me.  Thanks
Happy New Year. May we all have happy home lives (sm)
and do whatever it takes to make our work lives work for us too. 
A few posts about them about 3/4 of the way down this page between the DSG & Diskriter posts. nm
Right and told we should be happy we have jobs. Not too happy right now.




I can't say enough nice things about this company; very flexible, you area a statutory employee. That means that they pay the employer portion of your SS. Great on time pay, tons of work. Do your lines and you are left alone! Expect to be responsible though. Pay for your phone; rent a Lanier or a C-phone if you don't have one; BayScribe platform. Anything that is a bit of an inconvenience is more than made up for. You will know to the minute how much you will make and how many lines you have typed. Check it out!

What recent changes? nm


This was recent thank you
I did take a leap of faith with them and they do pay on time now. They turned that around but nothing else. I stuck up for them and got burned bigtime. All I said was they do not understand what an IC is and were very rude when I pointed it out. Not a vendetta, just a warning. Check them out and ask a lot of questions for clarification. That was all i was saying.
Anything recent on SPi - sm

Since the archives are acting up, need something current on SPi from someone in the know.  Pay, work schedules, how they are to work with, etc. 


Not recent, but I can say ...
Of all the companies I've worked for, they were by far and away my favorite. Easy platform, great dictators, (mostly) fantastic management. But, it's been over 4 years since I've worked for them.

I had been with them for a couple of years, had my set dictators, and they hired a new manager for my account who completely ripped everyone up and around and didn't communicate at all what she was doing or why. Long story short, there was a pretty big fall out with that account and several of us left. A month or two later, I heard she was fired.

I think about going back to them sometimes, honestly. And I would in a heartbeat, if they were like the old T-C I worked for back in the day. Can't say if they are or not, but historically they were a great company to work for.

Good luck!
Is there anything recent in there?
Everything I saw was from 4 to 6 years ago in the archives when they were using C-phones and only hiring IC's.

Does anyone work there now or worked there recently with any insight?
Anyone have recent info on OSI? nm