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Posted By: Fed up MT on 2009-04-17
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I have worked for this company three years and all of a sudden we are experiencing low volume on this one particular account. This has been going on for about six weeks and everyone that is on the account is fed up and looking at possible employment elsewhere. First one and then two more people were moved onto this clinic account. Then none of us had enough work because the account was not large enough to carry that many MTs. Then the patient lists starting show only about 1/2 of what they used to be!

Of course, I am thinking we are going to lose this account as I believe their contract is up this month (judging by my hire date).

However, maybe it is the economy and things are simply slow? OTOH, this is a specialty practice and I find it hard to believe that the patients are not there, as in this field, you don't have a lot of choice as to whether or not to see a doctor.

So, is anyone else working on an account that you have been with a long time all of a sudden seeing a drop in the workload?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I don't think so. They have had the EMR in the clinic for over a year and if anything they were dictating more! In the last 2 months it just seems the bottom has fallen out.