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You can purchase that insurance online. Just go to their website. You sm

Posted By: passing through on 2005-12-27
In Reply to: I called 6 agencies from my local yellow - Call local insurance agencies

do not need to be in a group.

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I purchase insurance independently so
I applied online either at their website or from a job posting on here (sm)
I didn't hear anything for about a week...so then I just called them and told them I submitted a resume and application (and that questionaire too) online and they asked me a few questions, then said someone would get back with me...I figured it would be a while but I heard back from them like an hour later and they offered me a position. I've been here about a month now and like it very much.
The insurance website may have...
a temporary card you can print.  I remember having to do this before.  Lack
The insurance website may have...
a temporary card you can print.  I remember having to do this before.  Lack of
The insurance website may have...
a temporary card you can print.  I remember having to do this before.  Lack of HR
Good for you!!! Any time any of my appointments come up, I will check first, and then cancel as well and tell them why I am canceling. GOOD JOB!!
Don't purchase anything.

Not sure if they charge you for leads or not, but don't purchase anything. You can check out places like www.transcriptionresource.com to find companies, and post your resume on the boards.  Most of those work at home leads places are dead links to so called jobs.   I found my jobs on this board. HTH  Good luck!!

Yes, purchase (or have one built)

Yes, I would like to purchase one or if it is more cost effective to have on built I would like to do that. The platform that I use now is VERY expensive. If some knows of a company that can build one for me I would appreciate the info.

also, do you have to purchase your own pedal?
wow, I had to purchase mine :(
Where did you purchase your software and

Where did you purchase Medbrain from? Tks. nm
please dont tell me you that you were told to purchase that yourself too :(
You have to purchase a different "program" for job placement?


You say "No one would have told you to purchase that." sm.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe the person at Keystrokes DID tell her that and that they DID make a mistake.
My children are insured by their father and I purchase my

insurance.  For vacations, I work an extra day a week for a twice a month for a couple months going into the month of my vacation.  As for holidays, I usually work them.  I look at it as being blessed enough to have a job at home where I can be with my girls and so if my usual days off happen to fall on the holiday, I usually volunteer to work 1/2 day, usually in the evening of the holiday so I can have the day with my girls and I work after they are in bed.  Hope this helps!

You want to PURCHASE your own platform? Platforms are very expensive so
An IC might be willing to purchase equipment to dial into their system if they can. nm
$1000 toward the purchase of a new hybrid vehicle
It's a nice way for TT to encourage environmental consciousness. My husband and I are in need of a new car. Haven't made a decision yet, but we're definitely considering taking TT up on this offer.
did you have to purchase equipment for this service to work or do they supply - nm
Version 8 stinks. I would not do purchase anything to work for a company.
don't do it, unless they are paying you 12 cpl to edit the VR.

Tell them you can not afford it with the line rate they pay...he he!

Happy New Year!!
Does anyone speak legalese? From the MDI/Transcend purchase contract- sm

I found this.  Now it sounds to me like that means they possibly have a list of people they plan to let go? And they can let go the rest at any time?   There was prior mention of MDI supplying T with a list of people making over $35,000.  Would they be the peope on Schedule 6.11?  The entire document is here:  http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/858452/000119312509183673/dex20.htm

Section 6.11 Employees.

(a) Purchaser shall continue the services of the employees of the Company following the Closing except for the individuals listed on Schedule 6.11 hereof who shall be terminated at or shortly following the Closing. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, nothing herein expressed or implied shall confer upon any employee of the Company, any other employee or legal representatives or beneficiaries of any thereof any rights or remedies, including any rights to employment or continued employment for any specified period of any nature or kind whatsoever under or by reason of this Agreement, or shall cause the employment status of any employee to be other than terminable at will.

(b) Purchaser covenants and agrees that in connection with any decision concerning a Company employee’s eligibility for participation and vesting in any employee welfare benefit plan, employee pension benefit plan, or employee fringe benefit arrangement established or maintained by the Purchaser, the Purchaser will recognize such employee’s cumulative prior service with the Company.

You should check out the Nuance website and the Focus website
Nuance is Dictaphone and since a lot of use Dictaphone equipment, you can say we all have something to do with this. If you are surprised at the website above, look at the US website of nuance. Just IMHO and try to get both sides of the corporation.
that's why I went with online
I had the same situation. Was being paid about $14.5 w/nighttime differential. Myself and 2 other MTs in the hospital did all the work (out of about 6 total) and were paid the lowest. When they hired someone who supposedly had a lot of experience that did not know basic rad terminology (and I mean this was REAL bad) and typed no more than 12 simple chest/bone reports in a 5-hr day and wouldn't fire her, I quit.

Best move I ever made. Went COBRA for 18 mos. Would never go back. They called about 6 mos later asking if I cd prn (they were 700 reports behind with the 2 other top MTs out) & I told them $20/hr and they wouldn't do it - so no go for me.
on their online app, it says they don't have PT.

where is the online EC
They have ads online, just none on here.
They have ads out all over the internet saying they are hiring, just none on here and I applied.  They offered me the position the day after I applied and I got suspicious after I realized they didn't even require me to take any sort of test or anything.  I hate that they sent me the equipment BEFORE they gave me this info, but I am going to mail it right back to them, it sounds too shady to me as well.
Well I tried looking online for information
but there was none of any help. I think that is a sign to decline the offer.
This is for online work...
maybe you have a backlog on C-phone work, but always a shortage with online.
OK- I didn't know they had online AND
C-Phone work.  I may still apply....
Thanks...I went online and applied. nm

Online testing
Does anyone else have a problem with online testing for a company, in response to an ad on the job board, before even speaking with a recruiter or person from the company?  The ad gives no indication of pay or the shift they are hiring for - do I spend time taking a test and then find out the hours I need are not available?  Do I spend time taking a test, then find out the pay is so low and the insurance so high that I would not have applied, had I known this before hand?  Does it feel kind of impersonal to take a test without even having had contact with a person?  Do you  spend time taking the test and hope the hours are what you want or do you just ignore this job posting?
Applying online....
On www.mditrans.net there is a link on the left that says apply online. I don't think there is a link to apply online at the other site, just email/phone numbers if you wish to contact them.
ascripts online

Has anyone heard of them? Thanks for the info.


Two online schools

that have a record of getting their graduates placed in positions at home WITHOUT needing 2 years of experience are:




thanks, I did the online application for TT
hope to hear from them soon.
Not at online companies.

The ads tell all.  They all pay between 7 and 9 cpl.  Some will pay 10, but I would say they are probably ESL accounts that they can't find anyone to do.

Again: Nowadays this is done ONLINE...sm
What is going on on this boards?

Is this some kind of advertising campaign to buy


for doing MTing?

MTs are pressured to use hot keys (shortcuts) instead of the mouse ,, and not to take one's fingers off the keyboard, especialy when doing VR.

Why should I go and look into my books, wasting all that time?

one can look up these 'slangs' online,
does not mean one is a user.
8-9 cpl for online MTSOs and
with no middle man. 
401k funds are protected by govt insurance similar to the insurance
that banks have (FDIC). It is safe even if the company goes under.
The insurance cost is double for Transcend but insurance probably doesn't factor in for her.
I have heard more good things about Axolotl than Transcend, although it seems Axolotl may be less flexible with your schedule and someone told me that QA was pretty strict, which should not matter either if you have worked for a hospital and know what your QA score is.
apply online at medquist
statutory requires no minimum
Medscribe Online....any info?
Just trying to see if this company is legit or not.  Do they pay on time?  Thank you.
Anyone take the online Medware test?
usually, for the online tests, you can download...
the voice file into a file on your computer, then download into Express Scribe player (free online), so you can use your foot pedal instead of the keyboard.
No shortage on my online account
I only work via .wav account right now, so that is ONLY online work. My account has a backlog, and the total amount of minutes on the system for all online accounts awhile ago was about 2900, so I have no idea what's going on with your account, because there's no shortage that I can see.
Another ? about Med. Transcription Corp. & Online App.


They ask what is your preferred specialty and preferred work type as well as most difficult specialty and work type. 

What are they referring to when they say work type?  I'm confused.  Don't understand what they are referring to.


You can file a complaint online at www.bbb.org
I have made 3 complaints with the online BBB and it
did not cost a cent. It never hurts to try.
I sent them my resume and took their online tests...
they e-mailed me and said I did extremely well on the tests. Then I took the online transcription test. I told them ahead of time that in my 15 years of transcribing I did maybe 5 OP reports and they said that was fine. I have NO experience in them whatsoever.  One of the test reports was an OP which I failed miserably.  The other 2 reports I did fine on.  However, they did not hire me and I have to believe it was solely on that one OP report because all they could tell me was I did well on MOST of the transcription test reports.  Oh well...I have heard a lot of good about them though apart from running out of work.