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You may want to search for past posts (sm)

Posted By: MT on 2008-03-22
In Reply to: speech recognition - survivortype

This has been discussed frequently in the past.  I do not personally do this type of transcription, but I have seen posts generally anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 CPL.  I am assuming that 5 cpl is a little above average.  There are also others, I'm sure, who are making more.  But definitely search for past posts, I think you will find more info there.

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If it were just one poster, I could look past that but when I did a search
it was not favorable at all. If there is anyone out there who is very happy there, then I'd love to hear about their experience too, but when you get numerous people saying don't do it, run etc..It just makes you a little apprehensive. I understand the whole disgruntled postal worker mentality and someone will never be happy anywhere so I just take a lot of it with a grain of salt.  When more people than not say it's bad, I have to put some perspective on it. Thanks for the input also.
Search archives - there was some in the past. SM
I worked there for a very short time several years ago. Then, I had straight typing. They were kind. Platform was similar to Ext. Trustworthy - not. I was cheated lines as in they were taking my spaces and diving in half so I was only getting paid for half of my spaces even though specifics stated double space after a period. Once I figured that out, left with no notice.
know it was discussed a lot in the past, maybe search achives?NM
I believe there were posts in the past. (sm)
Check the archives. As I recall, it wasn't good!
Maybe these past posts will help --

I don't work for them but I was thinking about it and I remembered there was a lot of chatter about them within the last couple of months so I did a search of the MTStars Company Board cause I thought I remembered something that might be helpful to you.  Until you get updated info from current or past employees maybe this will help. 

Medical Axolotl [2007-08-25]

Med - employee $100/mo., employee +1 $200/mo., employee + kids $200/mo.and employee + family $300/mo.


Axolotl [2007-08-18]

Axolotl expects quality and reliable MTs. Due to the fact, they do not overstaff, it is IMPERATIVE, everyone be there for their scheduled shifts. They provide OUTSTANDING and affordable benefits, as well as more than competitive pay. If you meet the above standards as an MT, then you should apply. If you don't meet these standards, then you need to find a company who doesn't expect you to produce quality documents and to show up for your shift. I have been an MT for 13 years. Axolotl is better than any company I have ever researched or any employerI have worked for. If you are looking for former employees who did not meet the above standards, I am sure you can find them.


Good luck in whatever you decide. 


There have been several posts about them the past
couple of weeks.  
I have seen several posts over the past
few months (possibly by the same person) who talks about how great they pay.  Someone posted the past week that they offered 8 cpl.  That is not great pay by any stretch, especially with some of the crappy accounts they have. 
There have been posts in the past about MT World and
they were all bad.  I believed they offshored, don't know if they still do. 
Do we have to go through THIS again?? Read past posts! .....nm
There have been some negative posts about them in the past. nm
Please, please, please....read past posts.
They should give you enough warning.
There have been lots of posts in the past. Rather
than restate my experience if you will open your post and at the bottom click on related messages and you'll find lots of information.
Posts about them almost daily. Read through past
posts.  They offshore.  Communication horrible. 
Past posts have them paying only 7 and 7.5 cpl, even for experience. What about
I am interested to know what your QA posts were in the past. Can you elaborate? nm
Past posts said they involved the owner. nm
In Jan. 07 they offered 7 cpl as IC and you had to BUY their software. Past posts
I have been there awhile. The good posts are because over the past few years sm
they have really worked hard to improve employee relationships and it has worked. There are no problems there anymore. They used to say they were growing pains and we all wondered how long they could say that. Now I am glad I stuck it out because all the old problems (and I mean old being over 2 years or more) are gone. Great company to work for.
They last had an ad here in 6/2006, FT only, using Weblinc software. Past posts said
Past posts have been positive. They pay by the keystroke. Used to be all Cphone accts, think
I found 5 posts by doing a search.
I know the subject comes up about once a week, at least.

Also, keep in mind that no one OWES you a response, and it isn't very polite to point out that people haven't done so. It would look so much better in the future if you just repost an inquiry, rather than pointing out that everyone on the board has failed you personally by not jumping up to respond.
you can search previous posts, sm
no complaints here, but some people have had problems, work is there, pay is on time, they pay downtime if work does run out, insurance is good BCBS
Mostly negative posts on a search. nm
Many negative posts about them if you search. nm
No payer! RUN! You can do a search for other posts
you can google search them and get old posts but
no sure how old those might be.
Search for the posts on this board
about Chronicle.  My own experience was:  I HATED the platform (Apex).  It's an antiquated piece of junk that is slower than molasses in January and I couldn't make any money.  QA can be moody and the rules on the account change often - hard to keep up with all the formatting junk.  The owner is nice.  The office staff is nice.  Tech support is so-so as far as helpfulness.  I did not like that I had to stop all Java updates and go back to an older version of Java, which really slowed my system down.  Pay was on time and direct deposit.  The account was okay, it was clinic and good cents per line, but there were a lot of cherrypickers who would scoop out the good reports and leave the junk for other people.  I think Chronicle may have another platform besides Apex, but I am not familiar with it - you can always ask them.
Lots of negative posts if you do a search. nm
trying dong a search on this web site - all posts are gone
Several posts in the last month or so if you do a search. Some like 'em, some don't. nm
It's EASY to search recent posts (sm)

using Google site search.

Ex:  chase site:mtstars.com revealed all the posts written about this transcriptoin company, most recent first.

If you search old posts, they supposedly don't pay much at all, even for experience. nm
Do a search of Meditech on here; lots of posts! - nm
Why search 2 weeks worth of posts?

Odd ... I did a search and most recent posts from 2006.
Thanks for responding anyway. Not sure what I'm doing wrong in terms of the search feature.
Why do people keep asking about Focus?!?!?!? Search the old posts!

There's a wealth of information and I'm getting tired of repeating myself.


Good & bad posts in the past. Must work 1 Sat. a month. Supposed to be gross line pay. Some days
Do a search of this board for Shapin and see how many negative posts there are. nm
Posts found on a search have only negative comments. nm
Search on the company board. Lots of posts.
Lots of posts recently, look down the board, search
the archives.
Search company board. Lots of posts recently, all
bad. Each and every one.
Please search the last 2 pgs. Plenty of neg. posts recently unless they've been deleted. nm
Please search the last 2 pgs. Plenty of neg. posts recently unless they've been deleted. nm
Use the Google box search for MTStars at page top. A few posts from 4/2007 come up.
Recent posts show them with late or nonpayment issues. Do a search. nm
Use the Google box on this page and click on MTStars for your search. Lots of posts
I assume QT Medical. Do a search and you'll find lots of old posts. nm
If you'll read through past posts you'll find lots of
recent info.  Why do you need menitoring if you already work as an MT.  Unless you do clinic work most companies will require you to work at least one weekend day, at least initially. 
Maybe search for Cort or CorT..most posts were negative so maybe they were deleted. nm
Company Board, MTStar Search Box, (located below Google Search Box)