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You must know the office number

Posted By: Liz M. on 2005-09-19
In Reply to: I like the company too,but I just got more answers before - Just me

Hello there,
I will be at the office all day tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Would love to talk to you again.



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Call their 800 office number and ask nm.
Does anyone happen to have the number to call Amherst MQ office. Thanks much.
Can anyone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call so I can talk
to someone there without getting a lot of other people involved before I find out what kind of accounts they have to offer. I am interested in transferring from my current office but would like to speak with someone up there first. Even an email address of someone would help.
The main office was in Bolingbrook but they built an office in Yorkville last fall. SM
I think that the owners live in Yorkville, so it was built close to their house. Nice office, just pretty far out.
Just curious, is the MQ Nashville office the old Lanier office? nm
I don't work in the office and never claimed to. I am just saying that since the new office open
October with everyone of the admin staff in one place, these problems do not occur any more.
Can't get paid in the office if you don't work in the office.
JLG has MT's working at home, not in the office, not to mention working out of state.  The mail is the only way to get paid since they have temporarily suspended direct deposit.  The only ones getting paid on time are the ones that do work in the office, like the management and people answering the phone. 
Closed FW office, Indianapolis office too. nm
US MTs are just a number to HIS
HIS just needed US-based MTs so that their clients would stay and they could finally break even!
Tax ID number

I am just trying to estimate my taxes and my tax program won't do anything without a tax ID number....I tried the Medquist board twice with no response.  could some former or current  MQ'er take pity and email me the tax ID number?? smedmiston@bellsouth.net.

Wonder how they got your number?
I guess that is what would bug me the most :-)
I have the number

I got offered a full-time position and got phone numbers and e-mails with no problem.  I have the transcription manager's cell.  E-mail for details.

They did offer me an check if i wanted it.  I chose the direct deposit, but i think they will pay by check too.

Number 1, 2, and 3
1. I come to this site for a break and to see what other MTs are doing or not doing. Sometimes I post and sometimes do not.

2. No one said anything about delirium but if being happy because your are not being taken advantage of by a company, then yes, we are; however, apparently some just want to express relief.

3. Hanging out on a site where people are looking for a job for transcription, to me at this point in my life, is to break and hang out with my peers.

4. Large groups of people are not deliriously trying to get people to Keystrokes, I think just sighing, I know I am after all I have been though.

Hope this helps. Can we express opinions if we are not looking for job? I like the main board too.
Wish it was just one number.......
By the way, I'm not working today. Are you?
Which FOF number were you in?
I was in FOF 12 with Rachel. I'm still having to use Netcare for my account, which is good i guess, because was already familiar with it from training.

About my name, I love it. My great-grandmother suggested it, so I got it, then got her first name as my middle name. So it worked out perfectly.
There are a number of different
versions of Meditech.  I type in Meditech Magic using Shorthand expander.  I know lots of people copy and paste from Word, but I'm afraid I will screw something up.  I really like Meditech because I get paid by the gross line.  I make more money on this account than anywhere else.  I also like Meditech because the patient's entire chart is available so rarely do I have to leave any blanks.  Lab values can be verified, x-rays reports are accessible, etc..  It's not made for the MT, true, but there are a lot of benefits to using it. 
Call 800-788-0629 and ask for the payroll rep - they may want your last name as different employees handle different letters (some do payroll for last names A-F, etc.)
SS number
Why would an IC need to give out a SS number? They don't match your contributions, so I would think they would have to accept a tax ID number. I really don't know. Probably curious as well.
here's their site and number sm
IC MT, do you have a certain number of lines (sm)
or hours you *require* for yourself? How many hours in a given day do you work? Thanks!!!! That helps.
Thanks for the contact number.. I will do that! ... nm
Not tons, but there are a number of them who SM
are totally unintelligible.
I think there are a huge number
who lie about their qualifications and experience. The company I contract with has hired MTs who claim to have 10 years experience. Their final product looks like they are recent graduates of IHA who failed high school English.
I wondered that, too. There was a number in
I wonder?
Have phone number for MDI-MD,

301-236-6770, have not been able to find web site.  You can Google U.S. Medical Transcriptionists Directory.  It lists transcription companies by state.  You'll find MDI-MD there, but gives no web site.  Hope this helps.

I don't know the percentage number, but I'd say
there were no more difficult dictators on the accounts I'm working on than on any other big city hospital that I've worked for over 20 years. And I say difficult dictators versus ESL, as ESL seems to be a negative; people think that foreign-born dictators are difficult to transcribe. There are a good deal of dictators on my accounts who are foreign-born, and if you look at the list of names in the physician's list, you'd think you'll be slogging away all day for very low line counts. That's not so. Most of the dictators are very good. As anywhere, there are a few really horrible dictators, both foreign-born and good old red-white-and blue Americans.
I have absolutely no complaints about TT.
No, you just see an MT ID number...no names...nm
Do they have a new phone number?
The one in California is no longer valid, the one in Virginia just has a generic we are not available answering machine.  What's up?  Do you know what's going on? 
TT'ers, how can I put -yo right after a number
Did the KS people who got the new number (sm)
to call in (the two hospitals with lag time) completely 100% solve your problem?  Using the different number, I still had five more times it dropped.  I was wondering if it was only me.....Appreciate your input....
Number of docs
Are there any companies that assign a certain number of doctors?  I have too many to EVER make a good line count.
Could be any number of factors
It could be any number of factors.  For someone to be on actual QA hold for 15 months sounds a little odd.  How do you know the account requirements do not specifically call for 100% review from the service.  I think you answered your own question.  If someone needs actual QA hold for that long they'd be released.  I think there is more to this behind the scenes that you are unaware of.  If you're making your lines and an income, who cares how anyway?  I can assure you the QA person is not making any extra money and enjoying the power by having to review each and every document.  I suspect it's more of a client requirement for it to be going on this long.
There are a number of people who have had sm
bad experiences with DSG - call it sour grapes or whatever.  I have worked for dozens of companies as an IC over the last 18 years. I did QA for them for about 6 months - I would definitely rank them near the bottom of my fave list.  If you badly need the job and have a high tolerance level - I'd recommend you go for it.  A bad job is better than no job sometimes.
We do not have an 800 number either. The reasoning is that sm
toll-free numbers are very, very expensive for companies and with cell phones and unlimited long distance, there is no reason to have them any longer.

You are the only one that has thrown that number out there, no one else
You my dear are lacking. I never said I did that much an hour. I said for a half hour it was 446 and then I got straight and stuck with that crap. I love VR, type fast but I donít have to work now, unlike years past. This is just my chump change, as someone called it below.
Probably not you at all, number of openings sm
and number applying. On MT stars you can see how many views the ad had, some up to 2800, may be 1 opening, so look how many passed over. Just keep applying. I have seen this same concern frequently in other posts here and on MTDaily.com so don't think it is you particularly. Just hangggg in.
Your federal ID is just your SS number.
I am not an IC at Transcend, but I do some IC work in my local area. All I needed for this was to get a business license in my city of residence, for a home-based business. It costs me $26 a year, but I'm sure that will vary widely depending on where you live. (And that fee is tax-deductible.)

That's all it takes to become an 'established company,' to the best of my knowledge. Instead of a W2 at tax time you get a 1099.

Just call your city hall and ask them how to get a license to set up a home-based business.

If you have a home-based business you can write off all your computer equipment and repairs, and if your accountant is savvy enough, you can even take the home office tax deduction. Mine told me that is no longer an audit red flag because so many people are telecommuting now.
Number of accounts
I have more than 4 accounts w/ MDI, and I have work solidly for several years now. I am sorry you were not able to get enough work. When I leave MDI it will not be for lack of work but, rather, due to the offshoring issue related to Transcend. I realize my experience may likely be the exception rather than the rule, but this has always worked for me, to keep myself consistently in work in the leanest of times. I never stopped asking to be cross trained, even at 4 accounts.
Just figuring on the number of emails

With the last count of MLSs I had heard there at around 100 (not counting MDI), I was figuring that since I received 73 emails of support for either the content of my post or disagreement with it being removed, it was the majority.  If the base number of 100 had changed, then I stand corrected.

Well it appears that that number has been disconnected.
Thanks for providing the phone number
I saw where you provided a phone number for OSi below.  I just called them and ask them to check out your posts.  I hope you've enjoyed working there.  I also hope your mama knows someone at another MT company.
The largest number of complaints (sm)
about companies that I see on this board are for two reasons: 1) Companies that routinely overhire and make everyone fight for adequate work but still insist on line/hour quotas being met; and 2) Companies that don't communicate well -- recruiters that are more focused on selling their particular service than listening to make certain there will be a good fit between service and MTs and supervisors who are quick to send emails to criticize an MT but are frustratingly unavailable when the work volume is low or when MTs have problems that need addressed.
We are growing. You are a person not a number.
We have employees in 18 states and have full bennies. Other states ICs and SEs. Pay is decent with incentives. Good team work. Direct deposit every other Friday. Pay is correct and on time.
just look at the number of ads they post and ask what their retention
The number of times it has been viewed.
That is correct, but it could any number of MTSOs. sm
You need to find out what MTSO it is and that is who you will be working for, not Dictaphone Corporation.

Here is how it works - Dictaphone will get the contract from the hospital for the use of their software, equipment, etc. Dictaphone will contract with a transcription company to do that hospital's transcription. Sometimes, one hospital account will be subcontracted to 2 or more transcription companies.

Hope this information helps you in some way.

Good luck.
I do a large number of ESLs and usually

don't have issues, but when I worked at SS their ESL dictators on at least 1 account were horrendous.  They were bad dictators on top of the sound quality being the worst I've encountered in my 20 years of MTing.  Management was a joke and you couldn't believe a word the CEO told you.   I worked in QA and the quality of the transcription was very bad.   Someone asked me if the work was done in India and I said it may very well be because it was so bad that it pretty much had to be done over.   I had some suggestions on how to better run things and was offered a management position to implement them, but I declined. 

The reason there is a lot of work is because they can't keep MTs.   I agree not all companies, not matter how good they are, are a good fit for all MTs, but if a company has constant turnover there has to be a reason for it.  I work because I need the money and I don't see any reason to waste my time going with a company that has the reputation that SS does.  There have been a handful of MTs who despite all the negatives about SS decided to accept positions.  A couple of MTs have come back about a month layer apologizing for not believing us and said everything we said was true.  

I would not refer my worst enemy to this company. 

I phoned the number on their website
and talked to one of the owners of the company. Seems like a nice company. I think the posting here on MTSTARS said it was IME work, which is what she told me on the phone. It is IC status and pay is 8 cpl.
sure can. Every report you do can be found by a job number. It is very sm
user friendly. Best platform I have ever used, and I have been in this business for 25 plus years!
There is no suite number listed. I did not see one.
945 E. Paces Ferry is a building full of offices. Where did you see the office suite number and what is it? I live in Atlanta and can go see for myself ---that is, if I have a suite number.
Most companies either go by number of lines
a day or number of hours.  The hours can vary from company to company as to what is considered PT versus FT.   The lines can vary too, though 500 to 600 lines per day is what is generally considered part-time.