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You need to take your acid tongue

Posted By: elsewhere! Nasty, shame, shame! on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: Absolutely NO. - sm


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Oh boy. I have to bite my tongue on this one
Let me just say that if only one of the participants in this study would walk even half the walk that he/she talked, the MT world could be a better place.  Talk about saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. Also would be more enlightening if the complete background history regarding MTing was published regarding some quoted in this article, i.e. the past companies he/she was running/associated with.  It would shed a lot of interesting light and again, contradictions. Talk about 2-faced rhetoric.  Sheesh.  OK, I'll be good and shut up now.
Funny slip of tongue or freudian
Let's just say I'll bite my tongue for fear of
getting kicked off the board for stating how things have been since they started offshoring. But I think you get the general idea.
I've held my tongue about OSI and offshoring
I interviewed with OSi more than 2 years ago. One of my standard questions in an interview is whether or not the company offshores. The recruiter told me up front that the company did offshore on certain accounts that demanded it be done to save money. I accepted that and didn't have a problem with it. That was not the deal breaker for me (I got a better deal from another company on the same day).

I had just left working as the MT coordinator at a small MTSO. While working in-house, I had opportunity to work alongside the marketer. There were several times when he would return from a potential client's office with the news that he could only get the account if he offshored it by client demand. If he took that account by offshoring it, he could get a bigger account associated with it that did not want the offshoring component or rate. From a business prospective, he gave up something small to get something bigger. The offshore component of the business amounted to less than 10% of the client base.

The OSI recruiter was open and honest with me. In my mind, that holds more weight than a recruiter that lies through the teeth just to get you through the door and you end up leaving because they can't deliver on the promises.

Climbing off my soap box now.
Dear SM thank U for not holding your tongue any longer

You don't even know what you are talking about.  They had no choice but to be open about offshoring after the best QA manager EVER got fired for accidentally forwarding an email from India. 

If they had nothing to hide she should have never been fired in the first place. 

Trust me you are much better off not taking the OSi job. 

At least 20 or 25 of us left that place specifically because of what they did to her. 

That was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG   Never looked back

And there it is, the "so are you" rebuttal. Did you stick your tongue out too?

"She speaks with forked tongue!"
Save your finger pointing and tongue wagging.
be defending a company you don't even know, and judging those of us who have no work during training.  Shame on you. Karma comes around.  No one was telling the OP not to work for MDI-MD, quite the contrary. We were trying to warn her that she might not want to purchase a new computer til she checks the waters at this company. No work anytime is not a good thing, no matter how many smiley faces come in the emails.  If you have the luxury of making $10 a day and being happy with that, great, but lots of us support households, and no work is no work is no work. Not a lot of ways to slice it, and judging US because we have no work is just plain old ignorant.