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You say you have the medical background, do you mean you took a course or you are just

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-27
In Reply to: Does anyone ever hire entry level MT? - Laurie

a medical office worker? No one will give you half a chance unless you actually take a transcription course.

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also don't know your background but
have you archived for ebay selling? I know a couple of other MTers who pick up an extra couple hundred doing Ebay...maybe that is something up your alley/you can research? Just a thought. Good luck!
SCAM would not give them a dime. IF they want to do a background check on you it should be at the companies expense never should u have to pay.
DR background checks. sm
I stated the part about DR giving out names to marketing companies is a LIE.  Yes if you are going to be a hospital employee, HELLO, you have to do what the hospital requires, not a DR requirement.  Although I am physically 2,000 miles away from my account, I had to take physical just as if I were walking into the door of the hospital to work, as that is what the hospital requires of all employees.  You are treated just like a hospital employee.  Yes the physical exam and TB test were a  pain in the butt, but it was so worth it.  Guess it depends on what you are looking for.  As far as credit check, background checks, I told my team leader I was concerned as I am not exactly Mother Theresa.  She told me not to worry.  Everything went fine and I a will never be an IC again, I will retire with DR.
You must go through FBI background check
and it is VERRRRY thorough.
Necessary to do background checks on
So they can do payroll and insurance? They don't realize that a lot of people will quit for this very reason and a lot of good potential employees will never be hired. Invasion of privacy is unnecessary especially those of us who have been with TT for a long time. I'm so disappointed with this whole thing. I made a mistake when I was young and stupid but it has not gone away and I would rather quit than have the company find out about it and fire me.
background check
Other than that they do a Background check, seems to be a pretty reputable company.
If I can do a background check on them to
Background checks
I'm afraid I can't answer your question but I think I understand.  I have nothing to fear in a background check myself but that aside, I wouldn't want to submit to it unless there was a reason for it and I'm sorry....an MT job has nothing to do with a criminal background.  It is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS and IMHO is just another way of demoralizing the employee, something that seems to be in vogue these days with most employers.  I can tell you though what I would do.  I would ask them up front if this was their policy, AFTER I had been offered a job I thought I wanted to accept.  If they said they did it, and I'm not sure I'd want to work for a company that did, I would give them a brief explanation of what they would find.  I rented a house once to a person who said they had lost their house and they couldn't find anyone who would rent to them.  I gave them a chance, best renters I've ever had. 
background check
I work for a smaller company who does work for some larger hospitals and they do require background checks for all employees whether you work directly for the hospital or for the transcription company.  I would say most of the more reputable companie do require these checks.
Background checks
Anybody ever have to sign an Authorization for Background Check and Consumer Report form for employment? It states they can ask anybody anything about me at any time before or during employment. Gives them totally free rein to go through any of my private records. I don't have anything to hide, but makes me feel creepy giving them that permission. Wondered if this is normal and accepted nowadays.  
Execuscribe also wants to do a background
check and I turned them down a year ago for that reason alone. I don't have anything to hide either, but it is creepy to think about someone doing that.
background checks
Lots of companies do background checks, but they pay for that themselves - that is a cost of doing business. I would be very suspicious of someone who wanted $ up front for the background check and then wanted lots of personal, sensitive info.
You can also do a background check on companies
Check with the BBB and check with other agencies for reports against the company.

As an MTSO myself, I encourage that. It's always a good idea to check out what you're getting into. I have no problem with MTs sharing this information on a message board, either. I think it's a good thing. If an MTSO has a history of not paying employees, that is definitely something an MT needs to know in advance and if other MTs failed to report that to the BBB or other agencies, a message board may be the only place you can find that info.

However, when I work for someone, even if I have a problem with that company or person, I will keep my mouth shut until I quit. Once you no longer have a working relationship with them, then it's fair game. Until then, I prefer to zip my lip. I don't burn my bridges in case I would like a reference later and quitting always looks better on a resume than being let go. It's not a matter of loyalty, just good business sense. It will always be more beneficial to you, the MT, to keep your thoughts to yourself until you sever the working relationship.
Background noise occasionally very bad ...
I am one who started in the beginning with this Sept/Oct -start account. Does anybody else have certain files that have an unusual level of background noise? I can tell that many of their dictation stations are right there at the busy nursing desks, but now and then I have one where the background noise (voices) is louder than the dictator. Do you think it's possible the stations have a conference setting, and some of the stations have that chosen instead of the proper dictation setting? You know, like the portable tape recorders had. Possible? Somebody in a discussion below mentioned the importance of a good sound card, but I would think it would be all the time rather than now and then if it were a sound card issue.
Intrusive background checks? No.
They never did intrusive background checks. What they did was just verify your social security number with who you were and when someone works at home, I think that is fair.
you pee in a cup, they do background check, 30 days for ins.
They are d/l in the background, but once the next demo screen comes up,
it takes forever for the actual typing screen to come up. Frustrating.


I was offered a position with Diskriter a couple of months ago for one of their biggest accounts and as their employee.  I decided against it was they needed to know my life, past and present, all my addresses, etc.  Not to mention they sent me about 30 different forms to fill out.  It was unreal.

I have nothing to hide but it is really none of their business about my personal life as long as it does not affect them or my job. 

That should say I would...sorry, expander running in background. nm
spheris background check
Does Spheris do background checks and if they do-for what reason do they not hire??
They want permission to do background checks.....
background & credit checks
When I applied to MQ a little over a year ago I read where they had the right to do a background check on me I hadn't been in a situation in quite some time where it would even be a second thought. I'm nowhere near a cheerleader for MQ (far from it these days), but to my knowledge they never did one. While I would play a libertarian card here, my guess is that they do this in case something arises later. It seems more a CYA thing in case the MT doesn't return their PC, or there is a question about other things (drugs or whatever).

Interestingly, as I wrote the line about an MT not returning MQs PC, I talked to my friend yesterday who actually got fired from the Q over a totally made-up situation, and she still hadn't sent the PC back to them. It's been a good 3 months by now, so go figure. Her only reason was the cost of the boxes, as she's not using it.

Hope this helps. ??
Diskriter used to do background checks.
No worse than screaming children in the background!
When you've done this a while you can block anything out.
Background check Milner Transcription
Does anybody know if Milner Transcription in Georgia does a background check?
I agree with you about this, but the background check business...sm

has happened to  me before.  I DO have something that I'd rather not share with others, but my supervisors are aware of it.  If it comes up in a background check (it is not criminal and has not shown up previously) they are aware of it, I have not lied about it and it should not cause any problems.  I have been through this with 2 other companies in the recent past, no problems.

Background checks are expensive and I think the cost of doing a check in depth on everyone would be cost prohibitive.  Right now, if you know it or not, everyone who is employed in the US has to prove citizenship and eligibility to work in the US.  This is part of the Homeland Security Act and absolutely nothing to do with TT or their PEOs.  I am a recent hire and I had to go through this process with the previous PEO.  If you are legal to work in the US, you have nothing to worry about. There is your background check and you have George Bush to thank for it. 

I wonder about some of you reactionaries.  What ever happened using common sense?  My mother told me not to believe everything I hear.  I extend that to not believing everything I read from an unreliable source, like a message board.  


Which companies do criminal background checks?
no nasty comments, you wouldn't understand.  Just asking a question.  Thanx for your help.  It would save me alot of time to know this information.  Thank you.
While I agree that background checks may not be necessary for this job, I sure wouldn't want
anyone who may have been convicted of identity theft typing reports for my company.
Credit & criminal background checks

I'm thinking of applying to these companies and wonder which ones do these checks.  Don't judge me but anyone with teenagers knows that things can get out of hand.  Thank you.

Diskriter, Alltype, TTS, MDI-MD and (yes) Medquist.

Also, has anyone ever been hired and then fired for a stained record?

They asked for a background check but most companies do, don't they?
They asked for $55 for my background check. I have tried to search, Google, ect, and I can't find anything about them except more job listings. Any advice at all for a struggling newbie?
Get ready for the 'FBI type' background check

I refused to complete all of that paperwork and be subjected to such an extensive background check so I can work in my 'home office'.  I don't have any negatives, but thought this was rediculous, especially since I would be working from home. I think companies should focus on making sure the patients information is private.

I understand the premise of doing a simple background check, but they do a much more than that. Good luck.

no longer require physicals, but background check
a must - - hospitals that use their service require it, does not mean it is Diskriter policy but the hospital who use their service - - with all the identify theft out there, I didn't mind it at all - - if you don't have anything to hide you shouldnt either
I remember they did intrusive background checks. Forget them.
Yes, I was told that you had to have a drug test and background check.

Doesn't Diskriter require criminal background check?
I can totally understand a drug test and criminal background check, but...sm
personally I don't feel you can always judge the caliber of an employee based on a credit report. I know plenty of people who are the salt of the earth, of high moral standing and work ethic that may have encountered a unfortunate circumstance, i.e. job loss, car accident, excessive medical bills, that may have put a blemish on their credit report. They should not be discriminated against.

However, I do see where a credit report would be necessary for a position of relevance. I just don't see the justification for an at-home IC who is using their own equipment, paying their own taxes, etc. to have to submit this information.

I'll use my own situation as an example. A few years back my husband accrued an excessive amount of medical bills and I was unemployed because my job was outsourced. We were late on a few bills and are trying to rebuild our score so that we can get a good interest rate on a home. Every time that score is pulled, it drops a few points. We have worked very hard to rebuild this score just to have it drop because a company wants to know personal/private information. We as MTs are supposed to respect the privacy of patients and have HIPAA drilled into us daily. I feel my personal information should be respected as well. A criminal background check isn't personal information, but necessary for the safety of all involved.
Has anyone ever noticed how DQS picks up noise terribly in the background. Doesnt make my life any
easier trying to hear the dictator.
I dont mind background checks, but why credit checks!!!! nm
Does background check include credit check?

QT Medical
Will they hire newbies?
I wonder just how much medical
benefits are costing them, anyway, if anything.  My benefits are literally just a few dollars cheaper than if I bought my own personal comparable plan.
USA Medical
If this is the company out of Florida, I have worked for them for 18 months. They are very timely in pay, and are a very good company to work with. I highly recommend them.
QT Medical does nm
JLG and QT Medical both have some
accounts that use WP.   I have seen other companies advertise WP, but I don't remember their names. 
QT Medical
All of your concerns are valid.  Four words:  Outsourcing, no money and RUN!!!!!!
NE Medical
Have you been with this company long. Can you tell me what platform they use and are they flexible regarding hours?
Medical INK?
Thanks in advance!
QT Medical
 Anything new on the status of QT. It is so very quiet and little communication about anything...so different from a few years ago. Feels like BIG changes coming down the pike. Anyone know anything? Thanks.
KM Medical

Anyone know about this company out of Palmdale, CA?  I looked in search but could not find anything.  Thanks



AC Medical
AC has been no better. I have yet to recieve a paycheck on time, and my last 2 paycheck were less than HALF what they were supposed to be. They are looking into it They don't even mail the checks close to payday, its supposed to be the 1st and 15th and they aren't even mailed out until the 5th, 6th or even later. What a nightmare!
QT Medical
Another national got the main account, we lost an account this week and there is nothing left.  The overseas vendor was in the office.  Does anyone know if they are selling or done?  Direct deposit ended as well, which is a big indicator that the company is on its way out.  Owner's blog for Ruban Rouge tells a story of wealth and lavish lifestyle.  There is a regret page for the owner on Google of how many people have been destroyed in her path.  I know there are only a handful of people left but enough is enough.  I am definitely taking another job and I suggest we all do.  It is no longer the company we knew, not to mention a company at all.