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You should rethink that Aces up job...sm

Posted By: nn on 2008-07-11
In Reply to: Try AcesUP, we are drowning in work and have- sm -

These people have almost 100% VR...they work with Focus, and they mainly have work only in the evenings.  They will switch you from account to account.  I doubt if she even has her own accounts.

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you might want to rethink that
Why do you think the Canadians (and citizens of other countries) come here for their care. Because ours is better and you don't have to wait two years to get in. My friend's dad recently died. When she talked to his physician she said it looked like a CABG could have saved him, and the physician agreed. unfortunately, the procedure wasn't performed. Guess why. He was too old. How old is too old? In this case, in Great Britain, 55. Yup, he was 55 and denied a CABG because he was too old and it was not a cost efficient procedure. This physician told her we Americans think we deserve health care at any age because we all want to just live too long. Our system has flaws, but the grass is not necessarily greener...... I am 55 and I think I have a lot of good years left. I sure don't want to be too old for that CABG, do you?
Rethink SmartMed
Rethink the SmartMed option.  Their Summit platform is very cumbersome and not user friendly.  If editors let certain mistakes slip through, they get docked $10 per document. I realize no mistakes should get through but we are only human and sometimes a mistake gets through. They never gave me feedback on how I was doing, yet sent the blanket email saying certain things would get docked. In contract, stated about getting docked, but only after conference with supervisor. Email said docking would start immediately, with no conference. Support VERY slow to respond. You work for four weeks before seeing first check. I finally decided the headaches not worth my time and left after just a few weeks. I am hoping I see that first, and last, paycheck. 
rethink Medware
I did not have a good experience there either...pay was low, checks were short for lines on each check I received. I was there for 2-1/2 months and was constantly switching from 1 account to another. I do not recommend Medware to anyone ever! JMHO
If I were you - I would rethink working for a company. sm
See if the hospital will allow you to work as a remote employee (from home). That would be your best bet.
Do yourself a favor - rethink Webmedx. sm
I changed jobs this past year. I did research on every company I could find - tested with most of them. I went through the testing with MT Matchmaker, who contacted Webmedx on my behalf. After weighing all of the pros and cons of all the companies, I took a job with Webmedx. I have been very impressed with them. They are very organized, have plenty of work, and provide everything you could possibly need at your fingertips. The platform is easy. The QA is tough initially, but very professional, kind, and helpful. I really think this is a good company.
Aces UP
Job ad for this company is on Job Board...has anyone checked it out?  I never heard of this company before.  I would be interested in this position, but it seems as though the cpl rate is rather low for the experience they seem to be asking for.  What would your opinion be?  Thanks for sharing.
Aces Up
Did you work on the oncology account they are now hiring for?  If so, how was the voice quality and also the platform I Know Med?  She told me that you can work in Word and cut and paste back into I Know Med, but it seems to me that you would spend a lot of time switching back and forth, which I would think would be very time consuming?  Was there enough work?  Thanks for any info. 
It's Aces Up....

Before you even CONSIDER SPI, rethink it. I'll be happy to talk.

Aces Up - Any new opinions?
Please tell me about the platform, accounts, working methods, pay rates, people, etc....    Thanks
Aces' Pay Fair...former employee
I'll say it clearly here, the pay at the lower line rate actually typically worked out to be around 10-12 cpl for what I *ACTUALLY* typed. Simply cut old report, paste in word, follow MD instructions, type a 20-30 lines manually with new info, paste back and send, boom 100+ lines at the lower rate Its fair and frankly FAR better than most voice recognition systems. I left for a variety of reasons, none of which would be a problem for 99% of MTs in the world.

Anyone work for Aces UP Medical Services ? nm
Any current info on Aces Up Transcription? Thanks! :) nm

Has anyone heard of or worked for ACES Up Medical Services? nm