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You think this is madness??? sm

Posted By: FlaMT on 2006-01-14
In Reply to: Mr./Ms. Moderator pleeeeeeze!!! - full moon madness???

You should have been on here a few days ago.     LOL.  Today was a walk in the park.



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This is just madness!!!!!!!!!
If you read my posts closely, you will see that I have not degraded a single person. Someone wanted our opinions of OSi so she could make a job decision. I simply said that OSi had stood by me through thick and thin.

How people are promoted, I have no clue.

What goes on behind closed doors, I have no clue.

I do a good job. They pay me. If I see an error somewhere, I bring it to my manager's attention. If I do something wrong, I apologize and don't do it again. I follow the chain of command.

These people are not perfect. They could be goofy monsters or something.

All that I did was give my opinion of how they had treated me *without* being considered an *insider* with gravy jobs or bonuses for disasters and the like.

I cannot for the life of me understand how I have been berated here when, basically, all that I said was that OSi had been very understanding and compassionate towards me. Period.

I am not addressing any other issues. It is none of my business.

Yours truly,

That wasn't just idle madness.  Those were examples of how things are done at SS.  I'm sure there are some who haven't experienced any problems and are happy with their jobs at SS.  But there are also those of us who have experienced problems and realize that is not the way a company should treat people.
Missed the madness...
wish I saw those posts since deleted...you're not going anywhere? were you supposed to? Unless you are that recruiter that pisses evryone off when you call them. If it is you, you should really grow up. You cannot keep biting the hand that feeds you. We know you get paid for each person you bring on, but insulting them isn't going to help your cause any. Ever hear of honey instead of vinegar?