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any comments about them get deleted, check archives or MTSPOT.

Posted By: former ks on 2005-09-22
In Reply to: Key Transcription, anyone? - curious


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really nasty comments are deleted by the moderators..
and sometimes they are even checked before they make it to the board and deleted.
there are several comments in the archives.
You should do a search for comments about JLG in the archives.
I have looked at archives, seems mostly positive comments.
Today check lower half of page 3 - that has a ton of comments from their MTs

check out archives
I did check archives but - sm

most over over 1-year-old posts.  Anything current?

check the archives
Check the archives. nm
You need to check the archives.

A lot in the archives about Transend.

Check the archives. Nothing has
varying rates. You have to wait 120 days to get it.  Don't know about the other company.  We are always having system problems at Transcend, even now is down again.  Beyond TXT goes down on a daily basis so be sure to be flexible and work around it. Poor sound quality.  You have to email tech for problems and they take usually a full day to get back to you, so that can cost money due to lost production.  Also, all accounts going to VR in the next several months, and Transcend will only pay you half your line count, usually 4 CPL, for VR.  On the positive side, pay is always on time and they have direct deposit.  You will learn a lot more about Transcend if you check the archives.  I have found all of it to be true.
Check the archives - sm
There are those who are extremely happy and others who have had bad experiences.
Check the archives. There is a lot
company.  Nothing has changed.
Check the archives.

Check the archives
and see the various comments here .. this is the last company in the country I would ever accept a position with unless, of course, you enjoy being treated like a worker in Delhi. Oh yeah, and when the team leads are asked to post here to tell you how wonderful it is .. take that with a grain of salt too. You can do much better than DeVenture. We all can.
Check the archives...

There are people who have had horrible experiences with AllType from bait and switch to dishonest and incompetent management.  A friend of mine once worked for them and says a hospital client recently found out they were offshoring their work after being told repeatedly by AT that was not the case.  They don't seem to be ethical at any level, client or employee.  Please be very careful.

check archives. (nm)
check the archives
Did you check the archives?
Probably if those companies haven't been ripped apart by this board, they might be okay.
Check further in the archives. Been there done that!
No msg
check the archives.....sm
I MAy  be mistaken, but i think there were some pay issues with this company,  but i am almost certain.
Check the archives. nm
Check the archives and the second
Google box.
Check the archives. nm
Check the archives
There was practically a revolution on these boards with people who had been happy with MDI suddenly trashing them because of their decision to go with VR to keep that account. Apparently several MTs left rather than do the VR, and even those that were willing to learn heard the pay was going to be 3 cpl (not 3 cpl less but 3 cpl total) and many of them apparently left as well.

Oh yes, there was GREAT resistance to the conversion to VR on that account. If you have time, check out the archives and read the posts. You'll be amazed.
Check the archives...
I don't say that to be rude, it's just I'm working right now and don't have time, so please don't take this as being rude or abrupt.

I believe about 95% that it was indeed Transtech that is now at 12-15% and is looking to offshore an increasing amount because they ALLEGEDLY HAVE TO DO IT because they cannot find MTs to work the shift when this is required.

I call BS on this statement. There are too many hungry MTs looking for work all over these boards who would JUMP at that chance, odd hours or not, to put food on their tables and pay their bills.

It's a cost-cutting maneuver and nothing less.

But, please, check the archives and correct me if I'm wrong, but Larry is currently up to about 10-15% offshoring and NOT opposed to increasing that figure in the least.

It's going to be a bumpy ride, ladies...PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS.
Check the archives - both good and bad. nm
I would also suggest to check the archives. SM

I have never worked from home before, always in-house.

I have worked for Transcend for roughly 2 months. I have found everyone to be very professional and willing to help, understanding as well. Aside from only a couple e-mails not being replied to, all of my inquiries to managment, trainers, and technical support have been answered in a professional, prompt manner.

The new platform they are using does have a few bugs, but they are working on it and have made improvements even since I started on it a week ago. It is a little faster to get reports and is easy to navigate now that I've used it a week.

The pay has been right on time. The work is there on my account, however, most of it comes later in the evening. I do know e-mails often get sent out for help on other accounts.  My main account has VERY little ESL. There are many samples to go by as well and that helps greatly. There is quite a bit of formatting to learn with each separate account, but like with any new job, policies and procedures take a while to get locked into the brain.

My main problem is getting my line count up as my family is not cooperating with me!

It's just like working at McDonald's or Burger King. Either you like McD's fries or you don't. It's all in what you like and what you can accept, etc.

all good if you check the archives

Check archives, lots there.
Check the archives.. BAD BAD..Indian ran.
You can check the archives, but not much good about them.
They recently changed their name but can't remember what the other name was.  They offshore, they've cut pay or restructured the pay system so you can't figure out what you're making, sound quality is not good.   I think there is plenty of work because no one stays for long.   They've been offering significant bonuses in the past, bu don't know details. 
Check the archives. Not good at all.
Totally Indian-based company. All supervisors, QA, and trainers are in India. Very hard to understand. I would avoid them.
Check the archives. Not very good.
I worked there very briefly about 3 years ago and hated every minute of it. It's an Indian company. Read the archives.
Check archives. Tons there.
Check archives again, use top search box. (sm)
The top search box brings up boatloads of responses. You have to read through them. When I did it just now, there are pages and pages of negatives, some recent, some old, which implies they are consistently bad. As I have posted more than once in the past, the pay is crappy, the communication is horrible, and the work load unpredictable. Nothing like not being able to make the quota without having to work all night the last few nights of the payperiod (because there's no work available until late evening). They also expect you to work a set schedule, which isn't a true IC, according to the IRS.
All I can say is please check the archives for the poor SM
reviews on this company before you worry about the schedule. I worked there, it was a nightmare, or more of a joke, really. Most poorly managed company I have ever had the displeasure of working for.

That being said, if I recall correctly, I had a set number of lines to get in per day. No real set hours or schedule. Just had to get the lines in. That was hard, though, because they always seemed to come up with fewer lines....
I would check the archives on this one. I worked there. Sm
Really, really mismanaged. Management had no idea how to manage. It was a joke. Flexible schedule. The other poster was right about little to no training (if that would be an issue for you at all).
Do your research and check the archives, and no
it isn't a good company. 
Check the archives, there is plenty of
Check in the archives and in the "search for"
Check the archives - there were recent posts about them.
USA Only!
If you check archives there is info there on SmartMed, don't know about
other company.  I tested for SmartMed (they went by a different name though) and was offered an MT position, which I turned down.  They called about a month later to offer me a QA position because they had started offshoring work.  Not much nice to say about them from recent posts. 
if Alliance/Documed, check archives for no-no's. nm
Same here as I posted previously. Check archives here.
If you check the archives it is pretty well split.
Check the archives. Most work done in India, they
have office in India.  I have never seen anything good about them. 
Check the archives. Lots about them recently.
I wouldn't bother.  They can't get you anything better than you can get yourself.  They are basically recruiters who get paid if you are hired, but they don't have a whole bunch of companies so they aren't really weeding them out for you. 
Check the archives, lots on them. Indian run. nm
Check the archives. This question has been asked several
times the last couple of weeks. 
Check archives, plenty of info.