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but it wouldn't be easier for someone who has

Posted By: carpal tunnel syndrome nm on 2008-09-11
In Reply to: Sorry, but it makes sense to type on the - see message


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I wish people wouldn't be so encouraging. Then maybe we wouldn't constantly run
Those are easier to do.
It makes them look good in front of a supervisor who is unaware!
I think they are easier to get, too, sm
but I only worked at MQ for a short while over a year ago. I agree that the atmosphere is better by far, too.
We know they get easier after a while; the woman would just like
NP easier to understand....
but they do go on and on and on forever....just can't keep it brief.
That's easier said than done these days. sm
Even the American products are built overseas or have some ties to offshoring.
easier way to calculate
an easier way to calculate is that it is said that typically it takes 3X as long to transcribe so if itis 45 mins, multiply by 3 and divide by 60 to figure out the amount in hours  so 45 X 3 = 135, divided by 60 = 2.25  two and a quarter hours.
would probably be easier to post the ones who don't
It was easier when they were babies sm
in the pre-toddler stage.  Now that they are preschool/school age, I find it impossible to keep focused on work and them too.  I had to resort to working in the evenings when my husband was home so I could not be distracted. Good Luck!
Nothing easier than self deceit?

I was BEGGED by my supervisor to hang in there and flex.  Told that things would get better.  A bunch of lies.  Lies make me angry.  Especially lies involving my wallet.

Sorry we aren't all half vulcan and see the world with cold professional logic right along with you.  Surprise, some of us get emotional about our paychecks, especially during a recession.  But if you're that embarrassed, don't read about it, and hang out with the other vulcans.

If I kicked you in the shin, would remain the picture of diginity and grace, or would you scream because it hurt?  You are only a paragon of dignity because you personally has hurt you - yet.

I was thinking it might be easier to figure out
LOL. Perhaps I should stick with MQ--easier to spell...sm


Thank you, me, for the info in your previous posts. 

At my company I'd ask for $18; probably wouldn't get it, but I wouldn't go lower. nm
Faster, easier, and more reliable than Autocorrect.
Is there an easier way to find out if companies offshore?
I have worked for 3 companies that all offshored and were absolutely not forthcoming about it upfront. I never want to work for one again. Is there a list somewhere or am I banging my head on the wall. Again.
Dictaphone EXT or Chartscript-Which do you think is an easier platform.
I have worked on Dicatphone and thought that system was fairly easy to learn. How does Chartscript compare to that platform and production wise. thanks
as the poster below says, clinic work is not easier
I work for a large multispecialty clinic, general surgery - transcribe rotator cuff surgery, hernia or breast reconstruction; urology - transcribe the urinary system; orthopedic - joints and bones and muscles, ENT issues, cardiologisy and veins, arteries and valves, dermatology, neurology and nervous system.
MQ speech platform MUCH easier and MT friendly than TT's

Dictatphone Exspeech is just awful !!!!  You will see, I guarantee you  !!!

DQS is excellent editing platform.

Dermatology typically an easier or more difficult specialty? Thanks. nm
That always makes it better. I do local to Houston and since I live there, it seems easier
I do my daily or every couple days after my shift. Much easier (nm)
issues talk to lawyer. This is easier than starving?
I started out in radiology. It's so much easier than acute care.
Never figured out why they separate it from the rest since it's just another specialty. If you can do acute care, you can do radiology, so might as well give it a whirl! Gotta be better than Softscript.
Much easier and better process of doig this, as I worked at a hospital on ExText nm
IMO, it's just easier to be rude hiding behind the guise of a screen name. The hateful ones here
It's likely that the hostile MTs that constantly spew negative remarks are the same ones who are too passive to speak up for themselves in the real world. They are basically cowards that take crap all day then come here and anonymously take their pinned up frustrations out on everyone else.

I have seen this on many message boards, but for whatever reason, MT Stars is the absolute worst for this. Isolation must be a huge factor. Some of these gals just need to get out once in a while. JMO
Better be glad you got the easier dictators soon, because you're time is coming for the ^^^REAL^^

dictators!  Be glad you got off now.  I wondered where my better dictators went the last week or so !!!!!  Lucky you !!!!!

I can always tell when the TT favorite MT's are off, because I get their dictators -- making it easier for me to get my line count. Yea !

TT is constantly hiring, so the above scenario is a norm. 

I wouldn't do it again...
I was trained on one portion of an account (4 new hospitals they got), and it was GREAT! I loved it, told my husband I was SO happy working with them. Then, training ended ... I got switched to the hospital I was hired for (although no one told me that during training), and OMG - it's AWFUL. I can't make a dime. It's either all ESLs that I absolutely cannot understand (and I've been doing ESLs for a long time), or English-speaking guys that are terrible. My rate has gone down tremendously. And, if you have tech problems - you have to e-mail tech support and wait for them to respond. So, like this weekend, I have tech problems and am sitting here with my thumb up my nose waiting for a dopey teckie to get on my problem. I begged them, in an e-mail of course, to CALL me so we could resolve the problem and I could get back to work. Still waiting for that phone call, and it's been since yesterday evening. So, no $$$. About a month ago, I would have told you - GREAT place to work. Right now, I'd have to tell you to RUN AWAY!
I wouldn't do it


To me these things are a big red flag about a company. My reaction would be that they are very controlling and if they are trying to control your speech on the Internet there will be many worse things to come.

I believe a lot of these companies make you jump through hoops, i.e., testing, paper work, etc. before they give you any answers about specifics just so you WILL feel like you have already invested a lot in time and emotion and will not turn back, which is another very good reason to not allow them to silence us on the Internet.  There is very valid information to be shared about companies which is neither bashing nor praising but just that - information allowing us to make a decision about whether a company would be a good fit for us or not - BEFORE doing all the testing.

You must have some doubt in your mind about this or you would not be here asking the question. Go with your gut instinct. There are many good companies out there who do not impose these types of restrictions.

LOL - wouldn't last a day at TSI.. is that
supposed to be a compliment? LOL....
I wouldn't say that...sm
most companies do not say how much they pay because anyone that was any good would not even test then. They also do not base pay on how well you do on the test. You could ace it and still get offered 7 cpl because that is what they start at, no matter how much experience and knowledge you have. Raises are also few and far between. jmo
I wouldn't
It took 7 weeks of my waiting around to get work and then they finally got me on an account and there was no work. One problem after another. Passed between departments, no one ever giving the complete story.

Sad way to run a business in my opinion.
I wouldn't even consider it!
There are MUCH better companies out there...and ones that pay every 2 weeks as opposed to monthly! I would NEVER take a job that paid only once a month!
...nm up there. Pay wouldn't go over 9 cpl not even with
I wouldn't...
I am an experienced MT with 30+ years of experience. I just left this company. First of all, they outsource ALL of the good job types/dictators to India. Secondly, whatever the Indians can't do, they send to ASR. If you are happy to be relegated to an ASR Editor making peanuts, or transcribing the really, really bottom of the barrel reports, then go for it. If you are looking for respect, honest and open communication, plus decent pay, I wouldn't touch this with a 10-foot pole. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Precyse.
you wouldn't know...
you are not morbidly obese. Until you have lived a day in my shoes, save your opinions for someone who cares.
And they wouldn't be the only
I wouldn't run s/m
I would politely tell that recruiter where he could put his job and that would be where the sun doesn't shine! This should tell you what kind of integrity this company has. Congratulations to you for doing the right thing and giving appropriate notice.
P.S...... and I wouldn't be doing this for a
Me too, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else! sm
I can't believe how many MTs on this board are so miserable and getting SO ripped off! Direct Deposit is always on time for us at Webmedx, pay rate fair, good incentive plan. And I have plenty of work (most of the time, you have to admit that everyone runs out occasionally).
Why wouldn't you ask up sm
front in order to avoid wasting yours or their time what the pay scale was, or at least ballpark.  The time allotted doesn't sound unreasonable to complete the test.  If you bring experience and skill it's do-able.  Someone who cannot complete in that time may not be the best match.  Definitely ask up front next time about pay scale and if it's in line with your expectations.  If not, you thank them anyway, but no thanks and move on. 
I wouldn't be so sure about that,
Check the labels in all your clothes, check the boxes the toys came in, check everything. Very little we buy (even at godalmighty walmart) is made in the US. Just because you buy it here, don't be sure it's made here.
Exactly why I wouldn't do this with others.
Sounds like your mom and your sister want the benefits of having their own accounts (higher pay), but want someone to do the extra work for them. Not the type of people I would want to get into business with.
I wouldn't, because it seems that all
that is a joy in your life you would not be able to participate in.   Our pets are just 4-legged children and it would take a lot for me to have to get rid of any of them.   You do what you have to do, especially these days, but I would have to keep exploring options at this point. 
I wouldn't think so...sm
Im having almost the exact same problem. Im short on work, have sent emails to owner, etc..no answer. Looking for another part-time, no luck so far.

I would think that would be beneficial to them..being you are already trained and will require little if any startup time.
WMX wouldn't be so bad if...
ChartMatrix wasn't as slow as molasses.  Don't know anything about Enterprise though.  Is it faster than CM?  Any rad accounts for Enterprise?
you probably wouldn't want that job anyway.
Probably has a LOT of ESLs, so that is why they test that way, to see how you do.  Of course, we are all cold testing and that is always daunting.  I hope you hear from one of the other companies.
I wouldn't say more than what has (sm)
been said. There are people from the company (not us peons) here daily and you are lucky to get what little info is given here. You can keep asking but I doubt very much anyone else is going to go into any more than what is here already.
I wouldn't do it.
Sounds like they are getting their work done for free.

Ten reports is an unusual number for testing purposes. Just 3-4 is more like it.

I know, but wouldn't you just like to know? (sm)
I have been lied to from a company before as to why we were getting a pay cut. I guess curiosity is getting the best of me. I am thinking the MTSOs are charging like 15 to 16 cpl, which would mean that most of them are keeping half.
It definitely wouldn't be for everyone
But I know there are several of the fundamentalist Christian groups that would do just fine, and I'm sure there are at least a few muslim MTs. If I didn't like to drive, smoke, schlep around in jeans, and have responsibilities here that required daily attention, it would probably be worth considering, at least for the short term.
No, I wouldn't. ESPECIALLY if it's as an
IC rather than employee. I wouldn't do it just on principle. That's too low of a line rate to pay an MT with 17 years of experience. These MTSOs are getting much too greedy.