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could you quickly copy and paste your document into another? then

Posted By: Lily on 2006-06-13
In Reply to: I suppose you have to write down the line count for every single document and it doesnt track them - MT

you could just keep adding on the lines in each document to your own master document for the day. Then you would have a line count for the day. I bet you could write a macro to do this.

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Copy and Paste....

I have a few of my own standards in MS Word that I will copy and paste into Meditech, but I find the tabs do not translate over to Meditech. Do you have this problem as well? It is aggravating because I have to fix these when I go back to the Meditech screen

thanks for the copy and paste--sm
but latest and related are not the same thing. all I am seeing are posts that were placed after mine and nothing in relation to the original post questioning the company. sorry again.
copy/paste is against the rules.. we were
from the onset to NEVER EVER copy and paste. If you are doing this you should stop it soon before they figure it out and you get in trouble.
If I had to copy & paste my IM to an email...

...because I needed a conversation documented, I would do it.  I would find a way.  Even if I had to get a disposable camera and take a couple of darn pictures of the computer with the IM on it.  LOL!  

By the way, what happens if you doin't respond to the IM?  Are you an employee with the co?  No co. would make me do IM, but that's me.  What is the co. so concerned about that they don't want something documented in email???

Should I attach or copy and paste
the questionnaire and resume into an email when sending them back to Webmedx? No preference was given.
but that still takes time to copy/paste

This company prob charges their client the same rate for the entire report; everyone is feeling the crunch!  So, let's hit the MT's pocket; I'd pass on companies like that.

Any company will leave you alone if you do your work, so that's not a plus!  

Put them in auto-correct - copy and paste. Quick and easy! nm
I googled labor board. Copy/paste in address bar
May have to key in either your state or company state not sure which or maybe both.

No special software. Just copy and paste the report you typed to Microsoft Word on your
computer. Under the Tools menu, select Word Count. Characters are listed with or without spaces. Take the total of either and divide by 65 to get your line count. Then match that with what your company is giving you for a line count.

If you don't have Microsoft Word, then you can download a free trial of Abacus line counting software from the internet.
Wilma reincarnated. Cut and paste same response. Cut and paste. nm
Neither. You can copy into Word but cannot copy back into Emdat.


Alt T then Alt W while in a document. sm
This gives you characters, including spaces; add together and divide by 65 for # of lines. I put this # on my log. I can then double check with session statistics at the end of the day if I want.

Glad you like it!
Yes, you should run very quickly, it is by
far the worst company to work for.
AB Document Services???
Does anybody have any info about this company out of Arizona????
P.S. Make sure you document everything.
AB Document Services?

Does anybody have any current information on this company that is in Arizona (work load, etc.)?


If you're in a VR document, even if it's
so bad that you have to retype entire paragraphs, it's still considered VR -- if that's what you're asking. When people refer to switching between VR and straight typing, they are referring to entire reports, some of which you type from scratch and some of which you deal with what VR has vomited out. Good luck to you.
Very quickly. It's the truth.
I know some people may take a little longer to answer, but honestly, I only experienced that a couple of years ago when I first started. Whenever I need to ask a question, I've been getting answers very quickly, and I know that when someone IMs me, I'm getting right back to them...unless I ran to the potty. :)
Move on quickly...
There are other great companies out there. This really touched me, you sound like a single mom who is trying to just make the best for her kids. I feel for you! I, too, am trying to raise two kids, but work for a great national even though there has been a lot said of that, but they have been good to me. Don't feel like where you are at is the only option. There are many other places out there, just start looking and working at home really isn't so bad! Good luck to you!
they can speak as quickly as they want to? sm
WHAT? That is an insane statement. What is worse than a doc who is racing through his dictations, almost nothing worse in my opinion, it's my pet peeve I think (hides)
same lines as word document
The only thing you dont get paid for is the ADT screen, which takes me about 2 seconds to hit the search, date and cc. I really dont care about not getting paid for ADT because it doesn't take any time at all to do this. The document itself always comes out the same line count as word. I think the benefit for this program outweighs not getting paid for ADT at least for me. I also have 2 IC accounts on the side. Their programs are time consuming in figuring out codes, and then saving and sending it in a different format... plus dr. lists manual insert. Another thing on one account you have to email the person every time to get more work so it doesnt flow like DQS. So I think DQS is the most user friendly program I've used. When you copy and paste DQS to word its always been exactly the same lines for me and also the red headings you are paid for.
If I figured on the same document why would this matter?
Mine post soon as document is sent
The longest delay I've ever had was about 30 seconds.
Isn't it against the law for a company to ask you NOT to document your OT hours?
That alone would be a huge red flag for me.  They want you to work OT, but not document it on your timesheet!  That smells fishy! 
doing only a 'spell check' on a VR document
without reading and correcting the whole document, line by line, will NEVER work!
Now I understand! That's the way the editing MTs do it when getting the high line count?
On second thought, maybe I should try it out!!!
Did anyone ever tell you why no cut/paste? I always want to know why. sm
But I'm not going to be able to continue working for them, since they just don't have enough work during the time I have available, so it won't be a problem. 
I am trying to paste...

My resume in the Transtech application form.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do that? 




Cut & Paste why?
I have been curious about this for a while.  Why do companies need us to cut and paste our resumes into an email rather than attaching them.  9 out of 10 companies on MTjobs request this and go so far as to say they will DELETE emails with attachments.  Anyone know or have a guess?
If you pass, they get back w/you quickly
It's after you get "hired" that seems to take forever. I got my test results in 2 days, a week to hear from the recruiter, a week to get employment package, a week to get receipt of that acknowledged and schedule training, a week to start receiving equipment. And who knows how long before one is released from training to full production. I'm starting to wonder, but my current place is so awful that MQ is a definite step up. Anyway, don't quit your old job if you get hired; wait until you know when you will be in full production.
Things disappear so quickly
This is classic, but I can usually get them to go away pretty quickly!
No matter what they say I respond No speak English. One lady even tried speaking in Spanish, but I just kept saying the same thing. LOL! Yes, caller ID helps enormously too! I do not answer unknown name calls who do not display their number or anything that seems fishy.
I just quickly looked through my info

and I can't find the tuition reimbursement info.  I've not had the opportunity to use it.  I do remember something about the fact that they pay for CMT certification if you pass.

If I can answer any other questions for you please don't hesitate to ask! 

Things change quickly, I would look twice -sm
All Type has just done a major cut on their MTs pay rate - major.  At least 80% of their work is done outside of the country and more is being shipped every day.   You are being hired to keep their business moving because many are leaving with the pay cuts and they need you to work while they make the conversion to India complete.  They will need editors to cover the inadequacy of those reports but American MTs can wave so long to their jobs with All Type.  All Type should take down their American flag and fly the flag from the country they support - India.   
things can change very quickly sm
so be careful because you might change your tune!
You are supposed to document discrepancies in a QA note...
of course, doing so will take you over your 15% max of QA referrals, but what the hey...
This isn't a medical document, editor. Focus. :)
It appears to do only the document you are in. As I trust my co. to tally for me, I don't know m
about the function. You might be able to write a macro to do that...but I have no idea how to do that.
mine post immediately as soon as I end the document.
446 lines in 30 minutes? What does your document look like? Same as before your editing?..nm
Info is obviously a cut and paste.
Anyone could do it. Why would OSi stoop so low?
going to cut and paste your post
because everything you have said is so very, very true.  I don't have 31 years of experience - but I do have 25 years of transcription/secretarial experience and 12 years of MT - so I have a little bit of an idea what I am doing - and you are so right - if you cannot at least bring in $100 a day - why bother?  I am at that point too.  I am doing SR for 4.5 cpl now - but have something else in the works - it is my very last straw.... so not giving up quite yet.  I am so very, very sorry for what you have gone through - know you are not alone - not sure what can be done - but you are not the only one in this boat!!
I posted a cut and paste of what sm
they sent me and it clearly states that you are hired as an SC and then are offered SE status.  That's pretty clear.  My question is why would they hire you as SC status, tell you when to work and then offer you SE status?  Pretty fishy.  I understand you don't like the comment I made about being pimped out but I don't know what else to call it when folks accept this practice of working as an SC being told what and when, paying double taxes and putting up with this stuff.  your just handing your hard-earned money over!
I use Meditech and don't cut and paste
and it's fine for me.....we use Word inside Meditech so I have all my macros and stuff.
resume cut/paste
This might help you out :)
4 cpl could be for newbies or editors. Don't judge so quickly
Consider that service owners have to take the time to edit and provide feedback to newbies and that takes a LOT of time. 
Time clock isn't bad. You quickly get used to it. No big deal. sm
I find them pretty flexible, but you do have to work your total required hours.
Can't bring up the article - could you cut and paste - sm
it so that we could read it??
When you paste a resume on the Job Seekers
or does it print correctly on the recruiter's side? 
Is there a good site to get DQS questions answered quickly? nm
Think they're Integrated Document Solutions. Someone asked about them last month. nm
Had to toggle between many screens, no support or qa to speak ofl they dock $10 per document