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Posted By: x on 2007-02-17
In Reply to:

does anyone know if deventure has work strictly in the US or do they outsource to india?  I was wondering whether or not to apply but don't want to if they outsource.  Thanks in advance.

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Anybody work for DeVenture?  Need info.

Nice people, but I found their platform to be rather tedious and time-consuming.  Also very strict on scheduling and I needed more flexibility. 


DeVenture ?
Any DeVenture feedback?  All e-mails kept confidential.  Thanks!

I see unanswered posts about Deventure and thought I would give my opinion. I am new there, but impressed. Setup was extremely smooth and recruiter, supervisor, and tech people are on the ball. Good feedback and encouragement. Great accounts and not-so-great accounts. The constant ads are because they are adding new accounts by the minute.



I was just hired by DeVenture. Can anyone tell me anything at all about this company that they would like to share?

Thanks in advance!

Did you say you are now with DeVenture?
I think you did in another post, if I'm mistaken I apologize!  This totally sounds like something they would do.  Truly some great people there!
Any opinions?  good/bad???
DeVenture -

don't venture. the new Q -- dedictated to making even MORE profit off our hardworking backs with fewer crumbs in return.



DeVenture. nm

Okay, I didn't get any responses about the equipment from DeVenture, so I have another question.  I have read that the pay is on the low side, but is it possible to make a decent salary with them? Is the platform user friendly?  Thanks.

I work part-time for DeVenture and you have you use your own computer. They did not provide me with a foot pedal either. They pay 4 cpl for editing.
DeVenture pay
DeVenture pays only 4 cpl for editing.
Deventure anybody? Looking for sm
some information. Line rate and lpd? M-F or do you work 1 day on the weekends? How is their major medical-affordable for a family? How long does it take to kick in? Just trying to get a few answers first before I fill out the app.
How is the pay at DeVenture?
Deventure Pay
Actually, that's pretty good rate of pay for eScription. I get 3.9 cents per line. This week, I'm up to 600 lph.
I have one main and two backups. Plenty of work on all of them.
I've been with Deventure for over 2 years. I'm very happy there also.
deventure VR pay
Does anybody know what Deventure pays for VR position? Thanks.
I really thought this was going to be a great company to work for until the Recruiter/QA supervisor tried to cover herself/save face by telling a blatant lie.  The end. So, be careful and watch your back. Sometimes it is those who initially seem so nice and helpful that end up being not so honest.


I'm responding.  I just didn't see your note until now. 



Nope, I had a real recruitment nightmare experience with them.  They get a chapter in my TEMPORARY NIGHTMARES AS AN MT book whenever I write it.   I sent you a PM.


Are you required to work weekends?  Do they supply equipment?  I am thinking about applying for third shift. 
I was just hired and I am not required to work weekends but I can if I want to. Yes, they supply equipment.
DeVenture might. nm
DeVenture. nm
Does anyone have any info on this company or currently work for them? Good/bad? I would like info on platform, benefits, and pay. Any help is appreciated.
Hi All - Just curious if there is anyone out there who works at DeVenture that could help me at the moment.  I am a new MT there and have a few questions about the company.  Please email me privately - thank you in advance! 
11000 lpw for full time status.
Answers to questions:
1. No trouble at all meeting line count. Always lots of work.
2. I work a few hours a day, never 8 and always get enough lines.
3. No clocks to punch.
4. Insurance starts 60 days after hire.
5. About $23 a week.
6. I don't have vision or dental but it is offered.
Would like to hear from people who work or have worked for DeVenture, pros and cons, please.  Also, how is their platform called Shine?  Thank you.
I work for them. I don't know about the shine platform. Very nice people to work for. No incentives for high line counts. Pay for regular transcription is good but not so good for editing. Pretty easy to get lines required because of great accounts.
Funny, I took the test and passed, called and had interview, and I haven't heard anything ... pretty crappy!
Yeah, that was my post about the company I work for. It just disappeared. This company has lots of work and would love to hire good MTs out there looking for a job. Great benefits, great management, PTO, paychecks always on time and correct.

Anyone have info on this company? Please? I am really looking to switch.  Anything good or bad.


Has anybody had any experiece with this company?  They just offered me 9 cpl to start if I do 175 lph. 

Anybody out there with any information about DeVenture?   I would really appreciate any input you could give me, good or bad.  Thanks!  
Hello.  I would like some info on DeVenture good and bad from someone who works there or has worked there.  I much appreciate it. 
Does anyone work or have worked for DeVenture recently?  I am considering applying with them but really would like some input first.  Thanks. 
Anyone know about DeVenture's
radiology accounts?  Platform?  Pay?  Workload?
Any info? Platform, pay, benefits? Worth interviewing?

I work for DeVenture with EditScript.  You will not find nicer people to work with.  Amanda is very sweet.  Yes, she is new, but she knows what she is doing or she would not be in that position.  They are a great company in every way.


Anyone working for DeVenture either full or part-time?  Can you tell me what the rate per line is?    Thanks!

I have been waiting on my pay from DeVenture for 2 pay periods.  I was last told they would be sending it overnight, and it still has not arrived.   I do not work for the company any longer.  They hired too many people and then fired them.  I will be filing with the Labor Commission in my state, since by law employees are to be paid on the designated pay dates. 

DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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MTStars Team

I worked there for a few days, and the SHINE platform is horribly slow. Many maneuvers require taking hand off keyboard, pages/links to click that have no purpose really, etc. I timed it, took on average 4-1/2 minutes to jump the hoops before transcribing. Great program for the client, lousy for the MT paid on production. But wonderful people, so nice and helpful. Program bites.
Work is REALLY low right now. Not enough to keep me working even part-time. I cannot imagine why they are hiring.

I use Word 2007 with no problems, and I have Vista.  It depends on what team you are on as far as workload.  I do radiology and acute care.  I'm only on my third week, but have been able to make above the required line count each week.  I am hoping, however, that I will have enough work to do above the required 1100 lines per day, which I will be required to do starting next week.  My team leader is very nice.  I had no problems with the recruiter getting back to me on a timely basis.  My first paycheck came in Saturday, only two days after the pay date.  I will have direct deposit after, I believe, 2 or 3 paychecks.

Just remember, not everyone is happy where they work, nor can every employer please every employee all the time.  Try it out.  If you don't like it, there are plenty of other MTSOs out there (some good and some bad, but that's how it is no matter what type of work you do).  I'm just happy to not be driving in traffic any more.

That is exactly what DeVenture did
but I thought it to be strange as well.
I am wondering about them too.  Anybody?
Deventure sm
Okay I am seeing some bad stuff out there about Deventure.  Are there any current nonbiased ex employess or current employess that can give me a run down.  I have a few options and don't want to make a mistake, though when I was asking for information about Trans Tech I got a lot of negative feedback about them hiring and firing and not enough work and I could not be happier there.  Now I am looking for part time work and have been contacted by Deventure.  Hoping to get an honest opinion.  Thanks.
Was it one of those mttest.com tests? That's happened to me several times with that site. I've gotten in the habit of copying and pasting my tests from there. I recently took a test for another company there, Davis Transcription, and it said I failed the first part, so I emailed the recruiter and she reset it so I could retake. I passed that part adn then after the next part it failed me again. I know I didn't fail it and in the past I have gotten in touch with the recruiter and they rechecked and found I did pass the test. I wish companies would quit using that site, it's extremely buggy. I would email the recruiter and ask. Good luck.
Re: DeVenture

I currently work there.  I've been there a month and so far so good.  I never had a problem with the recruiter getting back in touch with me at all.  I had passed the RAD test, but they asked me to test for acute care (which I had not done in 10 years) and passed that as well.  I have had not problems with communication between me and my team leader either.  Instead of emailing her, I just IM her, as that seems to be the best way to keep in touch.

I do find that I work longer than 8 hours, however, because I am still getting back into it with the acute care and clinic note transcription, but getting faster at that every day.

It really depends on what accounts you have and which team you are on.  I have great team leaders who are very helpful.

This is just my $0.02.  All companies will have good and bad reviews, some more than others.  You just have to try it out and see how it goes.