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do the math

Posted By: You are a joke on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: I am not on a 100+ MD account. nm - Who's a Joke

I have another a/c with about 30 MDs over the period of the week. No one does 20-25 reports an hour on this one either except Sat/Sun when they are doing all chest & bone x-rays.

Perhaps some day I'll work for a place where 20-25 reports an hour can be done. For all the places I've worked that would amount to 400-500 lines/hr. perhaps even 600 in some instances.

The cardiology interventional I do on one a/c often run 100+ lines. You want to take $1.75-2.00 for that? LOL. What is that, let's see 0.0175 to .02 a line. A 40-line CT @ the low end of $0.07 line comes out to $2.80. 20-line US is $1.40. Get my drift here?

Don't tell me about how good you are at shortcuts. LOL. You should be making a decent salary with a minimum of these, and should be making the big $$ for being REALLY good at this and for being a fast typist. Not a decent salary for both.

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Do the math. How many MTs do you have that (sm)
are actual OSi employees? Also, how many of those MTs are you losing on a daily basis?
there would be math! sm
Just kidding!
How are you doing your math?
Are you assuming 1o words per line?
1000 words x .11 cpl =$110
1000 words x .10 cpl =$100

Any more questions?
Let's do the math ...
I do work for a company that pays me half a cent more per line because I am a CMT. So every 3 years I have to spend about $300 (i.e., about $100 per year) to maintain that credential. I average around 15,000 lines per pay period. Multiply that by 0.005, and I am getting an extra $75 every 2 weeks (or $1950 per year) for being a CMT. In my case, it's well worth it.
Do the math
You say you did 2 test reports in under 10 minutes?

If you do 3 reports in 10 minutes = thats a whopping 2.10 every 30 minutes or 12.60 per hour.

4 every 10 minutes is 16.80...

math anyone??
What I do know is that 22% of each report is spaces, period. So I am not sure how 54 characters equates.

Any math whizzes out there?
Someone help me with my math...

Every 10 seconds of dictation is 15 lines.  If I make 100 minutes a day for radiology at 11/cpl, how much is that in 1 day?  Or is this equation incomplete?  ugh.

Are you using new math?

If you transcribe 2000 lpd you would earn $150 at 7.5 cpl/200 lph

$150 pd x 10 days in a pay period = $1500

$1500 x 2 paychecks a month = $3000 a month (most months have 21 or 22 work days in them)

Assuming you worked 8 hours a day for 20 days in a month, your hourly rate is $18.75 for every hour worked.

I get the impression this is clinic work not acute care.  It is harder to do 2000 lpd consistently on acute care, but not so with clinic after getting accustomed to the account.  I don't know anything about this company.  I'm just making an observation.

Well, I did the math for me

I make .075 cpl.  New ISR rate for me 0.46875 (less than 5 cpl).

11001 lines at my current rate = $1045.09

11001 lines at my new ISR rate = $735.69

Net LOSS per WEEK if my production doesn't change= $309.40

Provided of course, I can even GET that many lines to type.  I can't any more.  I have NSA as I type this.  There's not enough work NOW.  No matter how fast you get at ISR, if there's no work to type, you make NADA! 

Math ??? Not correct

16 hours a day at $50 dollars an hour times 6 days equals 4800 a week times 52 weeks equals 250,000 a year.   But if you take 16 hours times 6 days x 52 weeks equals 4992 hours which if you divide that by your 100 K = $20 per hour.  Not bad.  And if you make 250,000 but only have 100,000 after taxes why work that hard for less than 50% of the pay. 

I did the math a few weeks ago and it is (sm)

roughly a difference of 15.5% - I say 'roughly' because I did the count on Word and have been told Word does not give an accurate count - but used same program for the whole document and figured several ways....

I did the math about 3 months ago and it was
a 15.5% reduction for w/o spaces - this was done on 3 reports using Word and I've been told Word counts or does not count weird things that should be counted - but I figured the same 3 reports as one large document and checked it for a 65 line with spaces, w/o spaces, refigured again on a 55  character line with and w/o for both an MT rate of pay of say 10 cpl and also on a QA line rate of say 4 cpl and it all basically came back at approximately a 15.5% reduction.   I had been told before it was 17% and it might well be 17% figured on a different line counter program  - but if you do the math over a 2 week period or however long your pay period is - this can make a significant difference!!   Good luck.
Oops! Sorry can't do math..30%

Check out this math. LOL
Did you mean $5.50 per 1,000 words? If so, 1,000 words x 5 Keystrokes = 5,000 characters. 5,000 characters/65 cpl = 76.9 lines. $5.50/76.9 = just over $.07 cpl. It seems to be on par.
My math error, sorry. sm

But it is not for me, I don't want to do 2000 lines a day, 250 lines an hour,  for 7.5/lines for $150. bucks.  Burn out.  Nobody should have to work like that to make a living not with the junk dictation.

but ya all go ahead..

No my math is fine
Actually my math is fine, been working with industry standards a long time :)

average 10 words per line

and i'm no longer an MTSO. just a grunt who's happy to be one
Wow, sounds like someone's been doing their math homework.
I bet you grabbed your calculator immediately after you read her post and started punching in numbers. LOL! And you all talk about Happy OSi'er having too much time on her hands? You apparently have plenty of time on yours too. Get a life!
Correct my math if I am wrong....
I have calculated that 22% (on average) of a report is spaces (by manual count). So...if we have to cut out half of the spaces...that is an instant pay cut of 11%. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently they do not think we are capable of doing the math.
The math is there and it is not pretty!
I've never been good at doing the math... SM
Thanks for doing it for me.  The definitely is way too low.
Fuzzy math. A 40% cut in pay is not offset by a 40% increase

in production.  

To break even in this picture, you would have to have a much greater increase in production. IF you currently do 2000 lines a day at 8 cpl, and your new "blended" rate pays 4.8 cpl, you would have to do 3,334 lines to break even, or at least a 67% increase in production.  Do you all really think you can do it? 


that s/b math, didn't mean to sound ugly.
Augusta Medical Transcription -- help me do the math (sm)

Augusta has a job advertised $1.25/thousand characters, 65 character line including headers and footers.  So, that's equal to a little over 8 cpl -- right?  I have never seen a company state pay in such a way. 

Any math wizards out there that can help..Based on a 65 character line,

if you were not paid for spaces, what would 11 cpl (w/o) equal? It sounded good, but when I did the math it was lower than 8 cpl with spaces? I hope I'm not right.

Sorry I know people have asked this before but I couldnt remember answer.


I am not slow, and there is no reason to attack me. Simple math says that if you sm
can type 300 lines per hour @ 9-10 cpl versus 6.5 cpl, which place would you go?  If you cannot figure THAT one out, perhaps it is not me who is slow.
perhaps math is your problem. 375 lines/hour x 0.08 = 30.00. totally doable.
If you figure out the math, 135 words equals 12.5 lines a minute...sm
12.5 lines a minute equals 750 lines an hour. Anybody make that?
54 without spaces = 65 with spaces if you do the math nm