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do you have documentation on this?

Posted By: name withheld on 2008-09-11
In Reply to: MTSO bait and switch when hiring QA staff - sm

Maybe you can sue these jerks.

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You won't get any documentation

such as an NSF stamp until you actually deposit the check and it goes through the bank's system.

If you go in, a teller can tell you verbally whether or not there are funds, but you won't get any stamp.  I think if there was a nearby branch of that bank I would go in every day and check.  The moment there was any money in the comnpany's account, I would try to grab it.  It is really first-come, first-served in a situation like that.  Some banks, however, won't even cash a check drawn on their bank unless YOU also have an account there. 

SPI Helthcare Documentation
Good morning all!  I am a current MQ'er looking to possibly jump ship.  I am supposed to test with SPI in the next few days and just had a few questions about the company.  How long are pay periods?  How free is scheduling?  Does work run out?  Any information would help.  I checked the archives, but there was nothing current.  TIA!
SPI Healthcare Documentation
I heard they only hire ICs for MTs right now but will get employee and benefit package in near future. Payday is 15th and last day of the month. Scheduling is pretty flexible. Everyone I know there is pretty happy. Depends on which account you are assigned to about the extra phone line being needed. Some accts only require 1. Ask the recruiter any questions you might have for further info. Don't rely on this board for everything.
are you nuts? Documentation is not going to
go away. If anything else, it will increase due to sue-happy people.
As long as you have documentation for what you
ProScript Documentation Services
I just want everyone out there to know that if they are looking for the best company to work for, an honest company, always paid on time, benefits available, bonus incentives, wonderful people, and management who actually know your name and work with you so that everyone benefits, this is definitely the company to look into.  If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me - I have nothing to hide.
What type of documentation do you get for taxes?
Sounds like you've got the documentation to
If nothing else, it might be enteraining making them squirm a bit. Hee.
i have documentation on TTS...i was an IC, but they demanded much different....email me if you need
Association for Healthcare Documentation in India (nm)
AAMT has a new name: Association for Integrity of Healthcare Documentation.

Medical Transcription has been voted out of their title.