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Posted By: MWMQer on 2005-08-04
In Reply to: WHY DOES MY POST?? - MWMQer

Since it seems to work when I post a reply I'll ask my question here. I saw in the archives 5 posts on eTransPlus that were all favorable. But the last one was in March 2005. If anyone still works there can you just e-mail me or reply to this?? I was wondering about their pay and flexibility with scheduling. I know sometimes we just have to "take the plunge" but I want to just see if I can find out if things were still pretty smooth there.  Thanks.

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Month we were running out of work, didnt hear from supervisors at all when inquired about getting another account, after emailing them several times. Now that there is a very high backload, we're getting emails from them. eTransPlus have gone and is going through changes. The way we get paid has changed. It is now on a graduated scale- So, if you want to make at least 9cpl, you will have to produce 1601 lines per day- If you're not a high producer, don't expect to get more than 6 or 7 cpl.
Thanks..it sounds like it's not too bad if there's plenty of work..I'll probably end up staying put.....  thanks again!! 
If you want to work for crooks and liars, you can work for them, but you will constantly run out of work and they will make promises to you until they are blue in the face and you have to file bankruptcy.  They don't care about you as the main person behind their business success, you are just a number, and  they will send you insulting gifts just to let you know how much you really are appreciated.  So all I saw is beware and don't put all your eggs in the EtransPlus basket for goodness sake. 
I appreciate the info..I'll stay put for a while!!   thanks much!
They have had an ad for radiology people for a new account.
You want JS to email you?

Any information about this company would be appreciated.  I sent my resume yesterday, and within two hours had been called and offered a job.  Sounds great, but it all happened so fast, I have not had time to find out anything about the company, specifically, do they communicate with their MTs, do they run out of work, and do they have a platform where you can make decent money. 

Thank you for the reply. I too did a search but could not find anything recent. As you know, in this business, things change so often, a company that was running out of work six months ago could be overloaded now. As well the management could have changed five times since then! But, thanks for the suggestion.
They have re-record and you cannot hear the jobs. The people are nice enough, but you just can't hear the work.
Etransplus...anyone currently there? sm
I am currently looking towards going back home to work and would like any input on Etransplus, Is the health insurance any good?  It would be just for me.  Is there any flexibility throughout day, do they pay shift premium?  Thanks!

Any current happy campers?  I did a search but everything seems to be at least a year old.


Any updates on this company?  I read some prior posts back in 2005 and was wondering if things have changed.  Thanks for any input as I am thinking of making a change.
I work for eTransPlus and I love it there.  Would definitely recommend it!
Does anyone work for these people and if so, what info can you share?  Thank you.
eTransPlus sm
I work for eTrans and love it. I don't use ExText, so I don't know how that is set up. They do not have ASR and do not offshore. I've been with them for 6 months now and was with the Q before that and absolutely love it here.
Anyone know anything about eTransPlus? 
I've worked for eTransPlus for about 6 months. Usually plenty of work, paid on time, etc. I didn't take out the insurance though, so don't know if that is worth it or not.
Anyone who has applied at eTransPlus heard from them yet? I am getting anxious. My current is going to VR and I really don't want to to that. I much prefer straight transcription.
RE: Etransplus
Anyone currently working for Etransplus?  Any experience with their Propietary (?) platform?  TIA
Anybody know anything about etransplus? nm
Would like to know if eTransPlus workers have any trouble getting a decent line count so they make a good cpl rate because of the tiered way of paying?  Overall, do you think they are a good company to work for?  Thanks for your help.
Is anyone a current employee of this company?  Thanks!

could you email me at gin3tac@yahoo.com  ?  Thanks!


Does anyone work for this company?  It seems like they post job openings every other day and I was just curious as to why.  Do they overhire?  Are they really that busy?  Are they a good company to work for? 


I was considering them, but really do NOT like that tiered pay thing. Does anyone work there or have worked there share to comment? Thanks.

Are there any MTs out there who work for Etrans that get a decent line count lately? I am so tired of these piddley paychecks I keep receiving after sitting here for 40 hours a week with very little work! I can't even remember the last time I got 10,000 lines in a pay period. Just wondering if it's just ME. I could be out picking up tin cans on the side of the road and make a better living!

eTransPlus-- I wasn't going to say anything else but.....

the other poster hit the nail on the head about the insulting gifts sent for transcription week, and don't get me wrong, I don't expect anything as far as "gifts" from my employer, because they are not obligated to it, but give me a break,  "I'm still trying to figure out what my gift is, either a mini mouse pad, the size of a coaster, or is it a coaster."  They really showed me how much they thought of me when I received that gift.

etransplus agony

I spent two weeks jerking around with eTransPlus and they finally sent me out equipment.  They had promised me all operative reports.  That was not the case at all.  When I questioned them they said they could not offer me all operative reports.  I was disgusted.  The pay was barely okay and they don't stick by their words unfortunately.  I am very sad today.

Sounds like eTransPlus. nm
JLG Medical or ETransPlus

I guess I posted on the wrong board (sorry) and my message was deleted.   Need information on JLG Medical and/or  ETransPlus as soon as possible.  If anyone out there can help?  I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

eTransPlus might since they have a current ad out. Know
Anyone work for ETransPlus
or have worked for them?  Any info?  Thanks. 
if you are talking about eTransPlus, no they do not - nm
I recommend eTransPlus - nm
I also work for eTransPlus and have for...

over a year.  I do not have any problems and actually like it very much there.  They have always bent over backwards to accommodate me in every aspect of my employment with them.  All the personnel there have been extremely nice and easy to get along with in my opinion.

I do not know what the OP means by DVI, but I have no problem with the system they use and using their Expander program was no problem for me - they just copied my existing files into theirs and it worked out just fine. 



eTransPlus, anyone ever work there?nm
Does anybody else here besides me work for eTransPlus?
I would love to hear from some other employees of eTransPlus.  I never see anybody say anything about them that actually works for them - only questions abuot how they are...  I know I cannot be the only Transcriptionist they employ!
eTransPlus platform
Anyone who works for eTransPlus know what platform is used and what word Expanders work the best with it?  Thanks
How many hours are FT for etransplus?
etransplus question

I work at eTransPlus and....
I do not normally run out of work - if I run out of work on my primary account, there are always my backup accounts. There are times when things are slow and I might not work my scheduled hours and come back later and get my lines in for the day, but I am not required to do that.

Also, I do 2000 lines a day with no problem usually. And since the required lines are a lot lower than that, then you should not have much of a problem getting your lines in.

I personally love my job and this is the first time in 17 years that I can say that. I will be at eTransPlus for as long as I continue to transcribe.
I went to etransplus from Transtech
Plenty of work always too. I use Extext and imported my ESP file from Transtech. Great bennies.
etransplus testing????

Is anybody else having problems testing?  I went to their website and clicked on the apply now.  It sends you to their testing site, but when I click to sign up it gives me the page cannot be displayed message.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Anyone ever work for eTransPlus?
Very interested in this company but just have not seen that much about them.
eTransPlus Question
Does anyone know if eTransPlus uses voice recognition? If so, are there any straight typing accounts? Thanks!
eTransPlus is my employer (SM)
and they do not have any VR accounts. Sorry about the confusion.
Are you talking about eTransplus?
I had an interview with eTransPlus a short time ago and almost took the job because after researching the archives, they seemed to be the lesser of the evil, if that were possible. 
EtransPlus KC account!! Anyone
work on it and which location is it? You can email me. Do you do one main hospital or all of the affiliates? I just don't want such a huge account that I never get used to the docs. Any info please!!!

Does anybody have any good/bad to say about either of these companies (current info)? TIA
Are you talking about eTransPlus?
eTransPlus pay scale
I've been with them for 4 months and average 10 cpl. They require 10,000 lines per 2 week pay period for benefits (the company pays half of the premiums) and the pay for that on day shift is 8.5. That is only 1,000 lines per day which shouldn't be too hard for an experienced MT. For 12,000 lines, pay is 9 cpl and for 14,000, it is 9.25. You also make a differential for 2nd and 3rd shift. What is good for one MT, may not suit another but I just wanted to make it clear that they don't start you out at 6 cpl. You are paid for your production. My only disappointment is their bad medical insurance.