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ended it

Posted By: blondie on 2008-01-19
In Reply to: I am growing tired of this sm - You know me well and I'm a TTer

If you don't think you are selling yourself cheap then what business is it of anyone else to tell you? Not mine. If you are happy with what you make that is all that matters. I understand.
But it sounds like you have benefits that would amount to a lot of money. That means a lot. Health ins. for less than $100 per month. That is worth so much. Keep bragging and letting me know how great Transtech is because you are letting me know that yes there are good MT jobs out there. That gives me hope to know there are good companies.

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ended up almost 2400
So what?  You are a critical person.  So what?  Just because my post may be sloppy due to trying to hurry doesn't mean I am a bad transcriptionist.  However, your nasty post speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. 
Can I ask..where you ended up?? Any other suggestions out there.

Boy, it's almost impossible to find a decent company these days..

I ended up at Transtech...sm
I am considered a rehire, so if I ever wanted to I could go back to MW, but don't see that happen, at least not at this time.
How ironic!! Game just ended. Sox won.
I did, too, but I ended up working for YOG until the Squid ate it. nm
right; and I did not quit my old job, ended up staying with my old job.
Wanted to say thanks for all your back and forth here. I ended up with several resumes looking for
I guess if you slam a company on here, everyone already knows you are a disgruntled ex-employee with no skills and know that there are openings available. I appreciate as we have so many new accounts coming in and just starting. I really needed the extra ICs. WOW This is awesome!!
Mine ended at the end of the month, then COBRA took over. nm

Every 2 weeks on Monday. Pay period ended
 this past Sunday and I will get paid next Monday, 11/12. 
Who would offer such a rate if they actually ended on paying anyone that or the accounts are....
probably awful, all ESL or something. No one pays 11 cpl these days so I figured there was a catch.
Your reading comprehension is very poor. No wonder you ended up with that bridge - sm

The message is to write to your representative on your own behalf. 

You must be psychic. I just ended up going on Ebay today and bought a Dell with Windows XP on it.
I originally went through Dell directly but they charged $400 more for the same computer because they were customizing it with Windows XP as now all the computer came standard with Vista. Apparently not so customized..haha.. better deals on Ebay.. I LOVE EBAY..
I wasn't there long enough, put in a 2-week notice but ended up leaving early, footpedal and last