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for MQ STAT employees tier rate applies to ME rate as well and how calcluated?

Posted By: yakaback on 2005-09-04
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for a STAT MQ employee:  Does anyone know if the tier rate is going to be applied to the ME rate as well or are they going to go with the 80% of the MT rate for each tier level?  If the tier rate doesn't apply as well to the ME rate then going by the 80% of the MT rate is less than if the tier rate would be applied.  I'm sure that MQ is going to go by whatever keeps money in their pockets.  Guess this is a question for the supervisor tomorrow.

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it tells you your tier rate
on the sheet that comes with thepacket. If you are a Tier 2 like me when I wanna be a Tier 3 I have to test. That's for everyone. I don't know about new hires as SE's are changing to new hire with 8 or 16 or 24 hour work week. Maybe an SE can answer this who has the packet, I am full time.
MQ-New Testing for high tier pay rate

one more thought for the evening on the tier pay rates

are these rates for new hires or will our rate of pay be adjusted according to the stated tier

and does the testing only apply for new hires


any where on the packet does it actually state what your present rate is and if not, and all the packets being sent out are the same, why were we all called--do we have to sign anything and send it back to MQ and when does all this go into effect


thanks for all your help 

Webmedx PTO rate of 1.08 hours per payperiod and only for Full-time Employees
Webmedx only gives PTO and insurance to full-time employees.  No PTO for the first 3 months, then something like 1.08 hours per pay period, starting at 0.  If they run out of work or your ISP goes down or your child gets sick and you cannot get in the full 35 hours to qualify for full-time, they want you to use your PTO to make sure your hours add up to 35 that week.  If you fall below 35 hours for 3 months in a row, no matter what the reason, they automatically drop you to part-time and take away your insurance.  Then, you have to work a minimum of 35 hours for the next 3 months before you will be eligible for insurance again.  As far as holidays, if the holiday falls on your scheduled work day, you have to work, unless you ask for it off in advance, but they do pay you for 8 hours of holiday at your normal rate, in addition to any lines you type that day. 
Their line rate was less than my current nat'l rate, even with mucho experience. nm
no msg
VR rate is 1/2 rate of traditional typing,I believe it is 4 cents line.

I took that to mean you can get to that rate after 1600 lines and that is not the starting rate.
Webmedx ASR rate is 70% of your regular line rate. sm
So if you are on a 9 cpl account, you get 6.3 CPL plus any bonus / incentives / shift differential.
From the current editing rate not typing rate
Depends on # of employees if it applies. Also
Statutory employee is not the same as an employee. Statutory is basically an IC... no overtime at all.

Minimum wage only applies to employees.
is the VR line rate 60% of the regular typing line rate?
Any Accu-Stat Employees, need question answered
Does Accu-Stat supply (rent) you a C-phone or are you responsible to get your own. How much do they cost?  Also, any positives or negatives regarding Accu-Stat would be appreciated.  Thanks in Advance.
Is the ASR line rate 1/2 of transcription line rate? sm
Reason I ask is that I assume if they have ASR now that eventually all will be ASR except of course for the awful dictators as this seems to be the norm.
Tier 4 is the highest tier at MQ, operative reports only. nm
High tier 4 now (out of 5--whatever) was highest MQ tier.
Can pretty much do it all. I detest pathology, too, and thick Russian accents. :)
Allegiant, Greenlight in Oregon, Interpro, Orion, Probity, Stat-IQ, & Stat-Med
Pay rate
Pay rate?
How many years of experience as an MT do you have? Our old contract was based on that - wondering if it is still going to be that way.


Are there any companies who are offering 10 cpl or more for new hires on employee status these days? If so, I have yet to hear about them. From everything I have seen, with experience, 7-8 cpl seems to be the norm with shift differential and production incentives on top of that, plus, of course, any benefits offered.

I have also been very happy at MedWare. I do ER work for them along with some acute care. I have no plans to change jobs anytime in the near future.

Don't be put off by what you see. If you're at all interested, contact the recruiter. He/she can give a much better picture of what is available. Most of the time, on message boards you tend to get a higher percentage of negative comments regarding companies because the people who are happy don't typically take the time to come and write praises, while the people who are not happy are quick to vent. JMO, of course.

Top QA rate!

What would be considered the top rate being offered in the industry for QA? Does anyone know of companies paying good QA rates that they can recommed?

Thank You

Seems to be the going rate these day, but isn't
a good rate. 
My rate was over $300 nm
Why is the rate so low? sm

If I have to read the entire report to verify it is correct, it takes me just as much time as if I typed the report.  My TIME is what I am compensated for.  Why don't editors make the same line rate as transcriptionists?

RE; pay rate
i'm not sure what the norm is but they claim to start out at 8.5 cpl; they claim there are 8 levels, they said they put me at level 7 - hope that helps
V/R rate
what do you make now?

You will get that rate
a Deventure
What is the going rate for...

radiology per report these days?  Been getting paid by line and now have opportunity to switch to per report so just trying to weigh the options.


rate of pay
I'm going from a national back to the hospital I left some years ago, for many reasons, one of which is they grant benefits to parttimers and I haven't had a vacation in 3 years. However, their pay rates have changed, it's paid per character (but not space), instead of by line. I wish I'd written it down. Changes in how to determine MT pay are never a good thing, so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with different methods of figuring pay. In the past,this hospital paid their MT's very generously, so I hope it can't be anything too drastic.
That is a much better rate..(sm)
I left Medquist in July and didn't have insurance coverage until I was eligible at KS in December. So I just took it and figured I would shop around for a cheaper plan at least while I was covered. I'm so glad they're getting insurance that is less expensive. Thanks! 
QA rate
There are still plenty of companies out there that pay an hourly rate but youre right, if you do it by line you would have to go pretty darn fast to make what you normally make and quality would suffer. I think companies that are doing this as a consequence of people not doing what they are supposed to be doing in the first place. I have seen a lot of abuse of this position.
ASR pay rate

What companies are currently transitioning to ASR and, if so, what line rate are they paying for this? 

Is it better to charge a client by line, by page, by word, or by character and if so what do you charge?
The going rate where?
I will be paying $70 and some change a week for me and my two children at DeVenture. It's only $20 a week for me.
Pay rate
About 8-9 cpl depending on experience, plus incentives as posted below.
low rate of pay - sm
my friend currently works for them doing rad and she constantly runs out of work and gets 1.15 per report - she thinks the rate should be higher per report
Don't know if there is a set rate...
but it probably depends on your experience and background. Also, someone I know who worked on their speech recognition platform said it was really difficult to work with...nowhere near as good as Escription!
rate for rad
I was getting 16.00 per hour w/8 years experience.
What is FN's rate for SR? nm
How is the pay rate there?
Generally what is the pay rate per line at Keystrokes? Any bonuses, etc.?
That's right , it was the going rate
for the time - which if you note was 27 YEARS AGO!

How can people be manipulated to think a wage that was GOOD 27 years ago is ACCEPTABLE TODAY?

Yes, you can *survive* on $35,000 but why should you have to? Why would anyone be WILLing to slave over this work for 27-YEAR-OLD wages?

Yes and Yes, but I don't know the rate.
Someone told me that you have to be at 1800+ lines a day, plus need to have worked there for a while, plus be very versatile as the other poster said, to get 11 cpl. Just as in any job, you should try to ask for a raise instead of waiting to be offered one and list out the reasons you think you deserve one.
I asked about this and was told it is not true. They do not offer 11cpl if you do 1800+ lpd.
anyone know pay rate at MD-IT?
Any other info on 'em would be helpful.  Thx
Pay Rate
Hi, I have found that even at 0.0725 to 0.075 cents per 60-character line to not be enough because you actually spend more time trying to make that hourly wage you may have made in-house (not sure what that was) but if it was below $10.00 an hour, you may be okay with .07 a line per 60-character line, not 65-character line. If you are working for 0.05 per 65-character line, you are working way below your worth, unless you are really a beginner and your accuracy and speed are not up to par. If you are a beginner, then I'd say you are lucky. Anyway, if you are experienced, don't sell yourself short...keep looking for a pay rate that will not make you have to sit at the computer for hours and hours just to get minimum wage pay. Just my opinion. I am very happy with my company, however, and it does matter if the people you work with are good to you...money is not everything either. Good luck!
Anyone know about DTS, their pay rate, and

or line count??

How do you know what the cpl rate is?
I didn't see that on the job post.

Cpl Rate

I am employee status for my company.  I started 2 years ago at 0.095.  I have received 2 raises in the last 2 years.  I have great benefits, too.  I do acute care and ER.

If I was working IC, I would not take less than 10 to 11 cpl.  Also, our editors make $15 to $18 an hour.

There are good companies out there and I feel we should not accept anything less than what we deserve.

Did she tell you the pay rate yet?
I have 15 years of exp and she offered me 6 cpl. EEK!
That rate is too low to even consider
Pretty soon the MTs are going to have to pay their jobs just to work. VR work is low-paying but gosh, this is probably the lowest I have seen.
VR rate at TT
Could anyone tell me what TT pays for Escription?  Would appreciate it.