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good pay rate per minute transcription?

Posted By: cloud9 on 2007-07-07
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does anyone know what a decent pay rate would be when working for paid by the minute transcription?  Also when you are paid per the minute does it just include voice or are all of the minutes included whether voice or just silence.  Thanks so much!.

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What is the going rate per minute?

I have no idea what to even charge!  Can someone help?  Thanks!!!!!!!!

Per minute rate
What is the pay range for per minute of transcription? I see more and more people are wanting to pay by the minute instead of the line. Thanks.
rate per minute

just want info, can anyone tell me what the going rate per minute is?  please, just honest info - good/bad  THANKS!

MT per dictation minute rate?
I never heard that one. In MT work 1 dictated minute = 4-6 typing minutes. I'd quit.
do you find being paid per the minute pays better than per line pay rate?

Thank you so much for your help!

1 minute dictation=10 lines of transcription
Every one minute of dictation equals 10 lines of transcription so a 4 minute dictation is equal to 40 lines.  This is for a regular dictator but you always get the slow talkers, the uh, uh, uh dicators or the really fast ones but I've been doing this for 15 years and this is a good rule of thumb.  100 minutes of dictation is equal to 1000 lines give or take a few.
Anyone have a good average for getting paid by the minute?
I have never worked this way so what is a good rate for cents/audio minute?
1.70 regular minute, 2.25 stat per minute. sm
I do all cardiology.
MQ pays 60% of transcription rate for VR.

that is a good rate, is it IC
do they pay spaces and how is the work
It's a good rate af pay
and what I see more often.  First, it is not only $8 per hour as you say in your post, but a base of $8 plus the production incentive.  I make as much as I did before the new plan and I am very happy with my position.  They must be doing something right as we always have work and I enjoy editing the reports on my account.  The people at Medware are great.  As I mentioned before, if you do not like the new pay plan why do you not transcribe?  Medware's line rates are competitive and they have a good insurance plan. 
Not really a good rate at all. VR can be
just as challenging with its small errors as MTs. There are many VR reports that have to be completely redone by the editor.

The pay is an insult to the profession. Line pay is an insult to the profession.
Would this be a good rate? 7 cpl at
A line equals 55 black-characters per line, whatever that means.

what is a good rate
To this poster and anyone else who cares to reply, what is a fair line rate for a very good Transcriptionist with 3+ years experience, who types clinic notes in a variety of specialties (10+) also op notes and ER reports...at 65 characters per line (spaces counted), with about 10% of notes sent to QA, who is accustomed to typing for 8-9 different dictators in an 8-hour shift about half of whom are LEP--limited English proficient (both English first-language and English as second language)? I'd really like to hear your thoughts on what such an MT should be earning. Thanks
What is a good rate for ASR
5-6 cpl is the most I've heard of.  Generally half of straight line rate.  ASR puts in words that aren't there, leaves out ones that are, a lot of complete nonsense.  Occasionally it does come up with a word you might have to look up, like an instrument name. Usually have to retype 50-75% of it.  Not worth it for the time it takes to do.  Just another way to lower our pay and increase the MTSOs.  But it's the wave of the future, until they come up with something else.
Is this a good rate?

I will be interviewing with a local transcription company tomorrow and the owner has offered the following rate: 5.50 per 1000 words with each 5 Keystrokes counting as a word. Has anyone been paid this way and, if so, was it fair?

The platform they use is Microsoft Word, but other than that I do not know any further details.


Is this a good pay rate?

I was offered a position doing primarily clinic notes and letters to referring physicians at a rate of $5.50 per 1000 words.  I know much depends on the dictators, time spent looking up referring physician info, etc, but wondered if anyone else has been paid this way and how it might actually translate into dollars per hour.

It seems everywhere I haved worked they have a different and creative way of paying their transcriptionists!


Its a very good starting rate
I just wanted to know how they start NEW MTs at 9.5 and can only pay the old ones 8-9 cents?? Just don't seem right.
Is 8.5 cpl w/spaces a good rate?
What about 10 without spaces
So, ETMT, what is a good rate?
Is 5 cpl a good rate for eScription VR? I have no
experience in this VR software and have no idea if this rate is good or not.  Please help.  TIA
What is a good rate for editing ASR
I'm sure there are many different platforms, and I don't have any info on the platform I will be using, but I have been told on the account I currently work on, I will soon have a choice of editing Speech or typing.  Can you all share recent experiences with Speech platforms and per line rate?  Thank you!
Their pay rate is pretty good........
BUT they do tend to run out of work.  Everyone that I know, myself included, got started at 10 cpl for typing, 5 cpl for voice recognition.  The PROBLEM is you do run out of work too often and they REQUIRE you to clock out when out of work and sit at your keyboard waiting for work.  It is possible that you could work 8 hours and make only 20 bucks.  So.....if the work was there I guess you could make a good living, but my personal opinion is not so much considering their work flow.
Good line rate, benes and ins.
Have been with Webmedx a while and they offer BCBS, Delta Dental, disability and life ins, plus PTOs.  Line rate,  supervision, work platform and company are all awesome in my book.  Been an MT for 20 years....Good luck.  Hope this helps. 
Who are the good companies that do ASR and pay a decent rate?
I have been an MT a long time - 19 yrs and I am interested in learning ASR, but I need to get informed and rate, companies, realist expectations on lph, etc.  If you can help me out and share your knowledge, I would really appreciate it.  TIA.   I am going to try to line my e-mail in here, so you can e-mail me if you would like. 
Are they going to hire you at that rate? Good Luck. nm
That is good pay for low line rate. I would be happy with that! nm
What is a good line rate for editing? nm
Radioogy Question: What is a good rate of pay on a per report
basis for transcribing radiology?  TIA
So what is a good starting rate for an editor with no experience? nm
Of course, depends on your line rate, but $700.00 is very good for MT right now. I can make over
that if the work is available, and I put in more than 40 hours.  I think to make $1000.00 you need to have lots of expansions and dictators with which you are familiar, IMHO. 
Radiology pay question..What's a good rate per report for

Radiology reports??  $1.20??  Am considering job offer.

It depends on if this is editing other MT's work or VR. If VR, that is a good rate. nm
Really? I thought it sounded like a good line rate.
Is this a good rate for using Dictaphone Speech software?
They offered me 50% per line of what I was currently making back a number of months ago.  Not worth it.
Precyse rate was good but they were always running out of work.
Your line rate is good for clinic work.
Good thing they do because their line rate is marginal.
Great company with good rate offer
nice people in the management too.
That's a pretty good offer. Does the line rate go up for over 175 lph? sm
Will you have VR thrown in there also?
A high turnover rate means all the good MTs

leave and only MTs left at the company are probably the ones who had trouble getting the job they have let alone leaving to find a new one.  That's what a high turnover rate means.  Not to mention, why would anyone want to work for a company with a high turnover rate?  Something's wrong if people keep leaving.

It's called logic and deductive reasoning.  And some people in this neck of the cyber woods are sorely lacking in both.

Saw a 33% QA submission rate - good # of lines. Hummmmm. nm
Is the ASR line rate 1/2 of transcription line rate? sm
Reason I ask is that I assume if they have ASR now that eventually all will be ASR except of course for the awful dictators as this seems to be the norm.
Worked out to a pretty good hourly rate, just not the right company for me. nm
I am looking for a company where I can work as an IC for good lph rate part-time...
I am needing to supplement my income, as I am the sole provider for my family due to hubby recovering from illness.  I would like to find a good company with good pay (9-11 cpl), part-time employee status or IC, hopefully providing all necessary equipment.  I have been searching the archives all day and have not come up with any other than Webmedx, but it sounds as if I would be doing mostly ESL to make the higher lph.  I could possibly come up with the PC if I needed to.  I have 8 years acute care experience.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  If you don't feel comfortable posting, I have included my e-mail address.  Thanks much in advance for all your help
Looking for part-time work with good line rate.

I have loads of acute care experience and I am dependable.  I never miss a day of work, willing to work weekends, etc. I am looking for a dependable company with steady work.  Any ideas?

They weren't good for me. Their Mosaic plan dropped my pay down to an unacceptable rate, so I
webmedix- I have 25 years exp., was offered low rate of pay. Heard it is a good company. nm
Is 8 cpl on 65 char with spaces,header, footer good rate for IC work?
Want to accept position. Wondering if that's a good rate today. THank you
Anybody working on Cquest, likes, dislikes?? good line rate??
Any information would be much appreciated....