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Posted By: borgontia on 2005-10-20
In Reply to:

aNYONE else here despise Medscribe and their corny contests and their rude way of putting their MTs down verbally in emails and on the phone.  It's like an old fashioned factory.  UGH.  Let me outta here.


They are biatches.


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I hate to say it, but MQ does. nm

come on now, don't hate
I hate to tell you this, but (sm)

I have over 35 years experience as an MT, and I have never done a resume in my life.  I'm afraid if I had to do one, it might not meet your rigid standards of professionalism.  I am an excellent MT, and you would be the one losing out.  BTW, this is absolutely true.  I have never needed a resume.  I have only had about 5 jobs in my entire career as an MT, and I know so many people in this profession that one has never been needed - so Heaven forbid, I would ever want to go to work for your company - and you would be the loser.

Well, there's nothing I hate more... sm
...than being at the bottom of someone's DO-DO list.

Thanks for the laugh in an otherwise testy thread, even if it was just a typo! ;-)
I hate to even ask but...
what exactly does it mean to be incorporated? I feel silly not knowing, but I'll never know if I don't ask, right?
Oh I hate that!
I used work for a company who made all of their MTs have Yahoo messenger open practically 24/7. If they didn't see you online, they would call you to find out why!!! They would constantly message me on my days off, or even when I set to appear offline! I would wake up in the morning and go to my computer to find tons of instant messages from like 4 in the morning! I am SO glad that the company I am with now doesn't do that! To me, if a company tells me that I have to give them my IM address, it would be a huge turnoff. It's kind of like a leash.
hate my job
I hate the last part-time job I took learning ESLs and working 1 to 8 p.m., but I must admit I have had work this summer when there were other people even with this company who didn't.  Just depends on what your pocketbook can weather.
Ugh, I hate it but I do what I have too...sm
I work EVERY Friday night and Saturday night. I absolutely HATE my schedule but my kids have to eat, right? Plus I worry sometimes that all they will remember of their childhood is me working at night, missing out on things and then napping or sleeping the rest of the time. The economy around here is AWFUL. I have been looking/interviewing for a job outside the home since two years ago. NOTHING.
I hate
That is, unfortunately, about the rate for VR. I worked at Lartech for about a year and it was 3 cpl. I started out doing VR and when I switched companies I started doing straight transcription. I went from struggling with VR editing to what would have equaled 700 transcribed lines per day (editing of 1400 basically) up to 1500+ lines a day not even working as much as I had at Lartech. VR totally brings your time down and they dont pay squat! I read somewhere that the companies got paid the SAME amount from the hospitals whether or not it was VR or straight transcription. I have a feeling companies are lining their pockets left and right because of VR.
I hate to say it, but this is well said.
I really hate to say this, but

go to MedQuist.  You have to be able to pass the test but at least there you can gain experience fast.  Also, after there for a year, you can leave.

I hate working there but anyone can do a year of it. 

I don't know if they let you use books for the test or if it is timed or not.  Maybe someone else knows, but a lot of the bigger places let you use books.  Look up everything. 


What I really hate to see is
people who do not want to work on VR for whatever reason come here and throw out, for example, less experienced, slower, etc. and that is what happens. If you donít like, fine, work until your job switches you over and then find another job and then, well you can finish this thought out. To assume, like is about 98% of the time done with VR, is just wrong and that is what I am talking about. The first person said they had experience of 30 years and then went on to say less experienced, well she has less experience than I do and so?
Do I hate it?

Well, HATE is a strong word.  I probably don't hate it as much as I hate war, murder, oppression and hominy, but I pretty much dislike it the way it is now.  The thing is, I have hung on, keeping hope that it would get better, that I would find the perfect niche for me in this industry, and it just isn't happening.


It does to me too but I hate to think
That it's a company I contract with :-(
I'd hate to think that! NM
Hate this
I hate this, too. I had planned to spend the rest of my career here and made many sacrifices (working extra, working when my family wanted to be with them, etc. etc., so much so that it caused difficulties in my family because I was ALWAYS TYPING) and I am sure you all did, too. The MDI we thought we knew is dead. As to how anyone could do such a 180, if I had to guess, I would say it has to do with cold, hard cash. When I was a little kid, my father used to say EVERYONE HAS HIS PRICE. I always thought that was a cynical point of view but now I have to ask, is that true? Again, I have said before, she had an absolute right to do whatever she wants to with HER company but I also think there is a moral and ethical duty to take care of the workers who have made you such a success. It is kind of like we are the MT world equivalent of a one-night stand. Wham, bam, thankya maam. This business of sitting in front of my computer with no work for three months and no explanations and no answers will haunt me forever. It will be a long time before I trust too many people again......How sad. How very, very sad.
Don't you just hate that? sm
I haven't applied with them, so not much help there. But, I've been filling out apps, testing, sending resumes all day. This is SO stressful. You just don't even know what sort of company they are, will you get the schedule you need, will the dictators be decent, is their sound quality decent. Soooooo stressful. Sorry I rambled and wasn't much help for you. Hang in there! :)
I hate being left out...sm
another post mentions Douglasville. Georgia, perhaps, cause that's where I'm at...please tell me, I wanna know...I hate being left out...
I hate Spheris too
Indian givers. That's a nice way of putting it. They are liars, cheaters and users. I need to start looking. I should have started looking years ago. What took me so long to see through them?
Thank you! I hate to see people get taken
like this with the liability issue. It is a nonissue with us.
YUCK!! I hate it!.....
Very few of the docs talk slow/clear enough for the VR software to catch everything. A lot of the reports pretty much have to be retyped.
I hate it when companies do that.
Hate to break it to ya, but
*Isn't this just good business sense on their part in an environment where it is hard enough to feel connected and part of a team?*

Good business and reality are galaxies apart. During my final time at the last company I left, it was commented to me that for as long as I had been there and as good an MT as I was, they were surprised I had not asked for a raise. I had been with them 9 months. I was covering 12 different accounts and doing mostly ESL dictation. They thought when I turned in my resignation it was about money. It wasn't. It was about a having a level playing field and I didn't like their level of *honesty.* My work route was being manipulated and they couldn't admit what they were doing. Gravy was being given to lesser experienced MTs and I was getting nothing but crap and it was being touted that everyone was paid the same cpl. (okay, this example shows they were lying to me on that level! If they were willing to give me more money to keep me, then they were surely doing that to other people, right?) I wanted an honest work environment and the money. That is what I have now. I've already gotten one raise at the new MTSO with the promise of a second when I hit a new lpd average (two months).

So, it would not hurt to broach the subject if they don't with you. The worse they can do is say no to a raise and explain their review policy. At least you will know where you stand, how you feel, and what your options are.
Hate to say it but most patients have no..
clue about who types their medical records or where they go. I'd say the average Joe who doesn't work in the medical field or know an MT personally doesn't even think about their medical records unless they change docs or go to a specialist, and then it's just to ask the receptionist or whoever to fax their records to another office.

There may be a few people out there(very, very few) who have read an article or watched a news program about off shoring of medical records. However, I bet the average person is more worried about their co-pay, wait time to see the doc, etc. when they go to their doctor's office. Not because they are ignorant or don't care, just simply because it's not something most people would even think about.

Sure there might be some people that would be upset that their records were going out of the United States if they were told, but lets face it, it's not exactly information doctor's offices are volunteering to their patients, and most people would think to ask about such a thing.

I personally think it should be a law that they have to disclose that information to each patient, just like receiving the HIPAA paperwork, but I don't see that happening anytime soon unfortunately.
I agree. Hate to do that, but if it were to come to
I would contact the client and let them know.     
What could be worse? I hate OSI
My husband wants me to flat out quit OSI, just walk out now and worry about finding something else later. I am very sorry for the MT's who don't have other means of income.
I hate change, too.... (sm)
w/regards to your ?'s

*I don't know
*I was hired as an employee a couple years ago
*The rad rate I know is 8 cpl, don't know about range
*I don't know about the work volume but there's more radiology than I can do...

And yeah, I hear you on change. It royally stinks. Good luck to you in your search.
Powerscribe, I hate it
Hate to bore everybody but

This is getting old now.  For the past several months, waiting and waiting for work and I do make adjustments apart from getting off day shift.  Christmas is around the corner and I am getting worried. 

Worked on both, hate VR! sm
Love both platforms but only for straight transcription.  Went to the poor house doing VR.
for every some that hate a place, some will not. sm
do you work there?
I hate to disappoint you but I am an MT. ?
It seems rather closed minded to think everyone has your experience.

Several of my friends work for MQ, too. All but one is very happy. The one who isn't has not been happy with any place she has ever worked.
I would hate that - everyone paid the same.
I want to negotiate the best deal I can for MY skills and MY experience. Lumping me in with the inexperienced or poor performers and I lose out.

I hate to say it, but I agree with this. nm
I hate it, but KS uses it on several accounts. nm
I've got one like that. And I really hate it when - sm
she makes corrections on my stuff - that WAS correct, and now it's wrong! She also doesn't seem to know that there are MANY terms out there that are correct in more ways than just one. Other times, she'll correct a 'mistake', and I'll change it in my spell check to help train myself so I don't spell it again. And then, wouldn't ya know, a few weeks or so will go by, and she'll 'correct' that same term again, back to the way I originally had it in the beginning!

So it's no wonder that nowadays I pretty much ignore her completely. I look at her 'corrections', take them with a grain of salt, and other than the ones that truly WERE mistake, I just keep on doing things the way I always do.

QA was originally set in place for quality control, and to help in training. But when they become nothing but something to slow me down for no reason other than to increase HER production numbers, then I just ignore her and get on with my work.
I hate to say the R word but what we really need
is REGULATION of the industry...

Or a UNION which apparently people don't believe in anymore.

EITHER WAY, if we are waiting around for MTSOs large and small to do the RIGHT thing by the PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM MONEY, then we'll have a LONG wait for some of them who are just small time crooks.

THE VAST MAJORITY of MTSOs large and small are NOT crooks, and are abiding by laws written and implied, but we either sue bad companies individuallly at great cost and time or we speak to our representatives in Congress about regulation.

At the very least make your representatives aware of the abuses of the industry - IT JUST INVOLVES A SIMPLE LETTER TO YOUR LOCAL OFFICE.

Just because the suits (small or large) found out there was money to be made in transcription is NO reason for the workers to sign up for slave labor treatment...

This is from a 20+ year veteran who USED to be an MTSO.

If we dont do this? EVENTUALLY there will be high enough numbers of scribes out there that they can FORCE wages down from the old supply and demand construct.

Spheris, I hate to tell you this, but....ms
If you all do decide to stay on with Spheris, you will not make enough money to live on...unless you are really used to the really difficult ESLs because if your hospital had any really good dictators, they will go to India, no doubt about it.  I am so sorry this happened to you.  This place is a disgrace. 
I don't think hate is the appropriate word.
When will it be back up?

I pretty much hate them right now sm
but I'm an editor, not MT. There is no where to go in this company. It's a dead end job. There are no production incentives in editing. They often don't promote from within. It's very discouraging. If you're an MT, it might be a good deal. I don't know.
Then if we are traitors, hate to tell you but
VR is coming and then what, you quit a job making what I consider good money as far as I am concerned, easy job as far as working from home, go to a job paying less away from home. I had no choice as far as going to VR. I was outsourced from an inhouse hospital job where I had worked for 14 years. I could have accepted an inhouse job making less than what the new company was offering on VR. I went with the more pay and able to work from home and to me that is the best. Inferior because I edit. It takes a lot to edit the work and I still do manual but not 100% as in the past. I guess most MTs will a) either become inferior and traitors or b) go to outside work and make less than they can at this job.
I HATE trolls!
Just ignore these kinds of ignorant posters. They are lacking something in themselves that they feel they need to take out on others.

I am sorry about your job prospect, but I truly believe everything does happen for a reason. My thoughts are with you
I hate that happened to you, that is not
I hate it too, but the problem is sm
you can refuse to do it but if you want to work at all, you are gonna have to do it. Personally I think VR is the most stupid thing ever to come along the pike, BUT, we are not going to stop it. These companies are all about money now and unfortunately it is what it is. You can refuse but you may not have any job to do at all! Y es, they will hire the inexperienced people because they don't care about quality anymore.
Do you love, like, hate your job?
I was an MT for years and have been out of it for a year because I was offered a position in my husband's company, but I am considering working as an MT again.  I loved the freedom and the pay was pretty good.  I was just wondering how many people actually ENJOY their jobs currently.  Thanks.
love/hate my job
Love my job but hate having no life because of it. Work on 3 feast or famine accounts, so i basically HAVE to work 7 days a week to make ends meet. No paid time off. Very frustrated right now.
I hate defending them, but....
If you got your line count from the Word function, it's not really accurate. You have to take the character count (with spaces) and divide by 65, and then your line count should match theirs. I think the Word one counts real lines, which, sadly, nobody does anymore.
You know, I would hate for my job to go out tomorrow but
I have a safety net now, not in years past. Am at an age to where if I lost my job, have other income. Others can revolt if they like, not this lady.
Hate to admit this
I applied for it. But you have to have Docshuttle, which is I think around $100, and from what I hear it wouldn't be worth it even if were only $10. I'm desperate enough that I'd have taken it and hoped for a good raise after the 6 cents. Oh, well...guess I better get back to filling out my Hy-Vee application.
hate to break it to ya, but

the statement about MT being dominated by females is no longer a factor when it comes to wages.  The picture is much bigger than that.  If you look at the owners of the majority of companies, they are men, or groups of men and women.  We call those _Boards of Directors_   Some are even called _Lobbiests_ and _Leaders_ of MT-associated groups.

I do agree with being nauseated over the new era of paid spaces being treated as if it was a benefit.  This field is hurting so badly and it has nowhere to go but down.

Hate to break it to you....
but leads do not type during the time they are watching accounts nor do they take work from you. Get YOUR facts straight.