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i clear over 800 a week, 40/week; 30+ year experience. (nm)

Posted By: betty on 2007-04-04
In Reply to: 800$ week?? - ME


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WMX-only 1 week first year no sick SM
6 holidays, but if you are supposed to work the holiday you have to request it off.
3 days of PTO 1st year NOT 1 week!
With the paid holidays. Absolutely not 1 week until you are there OVER a year, then 3.077 hours per pay period.
Full time with Transtech is both. 40 hours per week and 5500 lines per week.
I did a 2-week stint with MQ last year...trust me...sm
Even with the growing pains TT is having, it is 100% better than my experience at MQ. It sometimes takes a while to get through, but the supervisors, QA, and tech support are 100% helpful and 100% polite.

The work on the new account is far better in quality of dictators and sound quality that what I saw at MQ. You can look up completed reports as reference, and you can look up your old reports to review your blanks, so getting up to speed is pretty easy. QA even e-mails you the physician name or referring facility you couldn't figure out.

The bonus schedule is substantially better than what I was given at MQ, and the base pay is higher. I have taken my time putting together my normal for each and every report, learning account specifics, and figuring out the names of the new doctors, but even then I am still at 80% of goal(and this is typing second shift after doing 600-700 lines a day on another job).

Just to make the comparison really accurate, this is my second week at TT. I had already decided at this point in the game MQ was not going to work. Don't be nervous about the negative things. Of course everything isn't sunshine, but I think you are going to like this just fine.

I would recommend joining the TT board on Yahoo. I am on there, and a lot of other extremely helpful and satisfied people. They helped me fill in some of the communication gaps and were very welcoming, too.

Nope .. email on 1/18 promised "within the next week." Here we are, 1 week later and no info.
The minimum is 5500 per week, NOT 6600 per week. I think you made a typo. :)
Is the week over? I think not. It's been my experience that they do what they say
they will do, so there is really no need to get catty about it. Sheesh!
Been working for Cardioscribe for a year, never once did not get paid within one week of end of pay
Instead of complaining why don't you do, as I did, and just ask. The line counts are being finalized now and the bank deposit will be made tomorrow. As you mentioned, in past posts pay day is the 7th and 22nd, so start the complaining tomorrow if we do not get paid. I have worked here a year and never once did not get paid within 7 days of close of a pay period. That is pretty good compared to other places I have worked for that took 2 and 3 weeks to get paid for a period of time. For those of you that like to say nasty little things about Cardioscribe, quite often, please do us all a favor and find yourself another job and good luck to you. This will blow your mind I am sure, but I am not afraid to backup what I post with my name. Sheryl Cantrell. You are very welcome to contact me if you have questions and apparently do not know how to ask the right person to get answers. I know Tonya posted her name, email and phone number and none of you who seem so unhappy working here have contacted her. As I told her today, there is just some people that like to stir up trouble no matter where you work. If you can find a place that treats you with more respect, kindness, and never a problem getting paid, please go and be happy.
I got mine last week. It was postmarked 1/22/08. I actually have a refund coming this year! sm
I had been an IC for so long that I forgot how fun it is to get a refund, even if only $127!
Last year, from Keystrokes we got Blockbuster gift cards for Christmas and for MT week sm
we got candles and candy. I always get a birthday card too, which is very nice.
I wouldn't assume if was your "mistake"... had a similar experience this week
I applied to Medscribe two weeks ago. I got an e-mail and telephone call on Monday, and I finally (after several attempts) was able to get ahold of Gary Jurenovich (recruiter) on Wednesday. On Wednesday, he made me the offer, sent me the contract and all HR paperwork to fax back to him.

Friday morning, I faxed the paperwork (it is to be faxed within 2 business days). Friday afternoon, I got an e-mail asking how I was doing on the paperwork and I told G I had sent it that morning.

He responded Friday evening that he did not receive it, and that I would need to re-fax. I did not get this e-mail until Tuesday morning (out of town for three-day weekend). He called me at 11:00 that morning and told me that, because I had not faxed him the paperwork, it was a bust.

I told him I could have it re-faxed in an hour and he told me he would see what he could do.

Never heard back from him.

So.. all in all, don't think it was your mistake. My thought is, if they have that little regard for having me as an employee, I might be better off elsewehere.
I get my paycheck every week - that is enough for me! Happy MT week everybody! nm
I got laid off for MT Week. Happy MT Week to me!
Good last week - Slow this week.
I hope this is not an indication of things to come.  I am getting 1,200 lines a day but it is taking me all day to do it.  We seem to be out of work from 9-12 every day this week.  Hope things pick up after Labor Day.
16 hours a week or 8 a week and get
401 K.
Why would anyone work 8 hours a week. The poster above said 16 or 24 hours a week.
Bare minimum? I make over $50,000 a year in 40 hours a week. That is not bare minimum. sm
Bare minimum would be $8 an hour which is $16,640 a year or $10 an hour which is $20,800 a year. I make more than twice that and that is NOT bare minimum.

I worked to get my typing speed to 80 wpm. I worked to get my Expanders user-friendly and plentiful. I am not the fastest because I look up what I do not know, but I am lucky to have a very good memory so if I type it a few times, I do not have to look it up. I keep notes when I run across something I do not know. I am interested in my profession and read the magazines for our profession and network with other transcriptionists during my free time, devoting a minimum of 2 hours per week to networking and learning new things.

I am not the fastest MT, but I am accurate and boiled it down to simple math. I need to transcribe 250 lines per hour for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. At 10cpl, that is 2000 lines a day x 5 days per week x 50 weeks per year. I take 2 weeks off per year during July to visit my grandchildren (unpaid), 1 week a year to vacation with my husband (paid) and 1 week a year to spring clean (paid). I have worked for the same company for 4 years and 8 years for the one before this.

I treat my work hours as work hours and take 1/2 hour for lunch which I do not include in my 8 hours. I pretend that I am working outside the home and do not answer the door, get the mail, do laundry, etc. If I have a good day and go over the 2000, I bank it in my mind for days that are not as good and make sure that I get 10,000 lines each week.

My W2 each year is consistently $50,000. A few years it was higher, but I worked a few weekends, which I no longer do.

It IS possible.
MQ--week end pay

i think the NE is the only region that does not pay for week end and holiday pay. the Ohio office offers not only week end and holiday pay, but also shift differntial pay--and this is all without asking plus the MT's that were transferred there are getting all the lines they need and to top that off, they are in ONE acct, not like 4 or 5 in the NE


that is why it is a great office to be working with--

First week on DQS.. Please tell me it gets better. (sm)

It was only for half the payperiod, but WOW.  When I finally did a count to see how much I had done it was a real surprise.  I know I still have to look up instructions now and again and need to keep building my shortcuts, hope to heck I don't go bankrupt before I get it down to an art.

How long did it take the rest of you to get up to speed? 

About a week or two
I actually cannot remember but I think it was a week or two.....

This is the end of my first week
All kinds of problems, very discouraged, tech problems.
last week....
they stopped taking aps/resumes because they had a lot (mtjobs). now they are hiring again. i went ahead and applied but makes me wonder what they are really looking for because of the notice they had about not taking anymore, and then all of a sudden they are.
But they say they pay once a week.
Dont they?
More week this week than last week, which
suprised me.   I thought maybe some practices would have scaled back for Spring Break/Easter, but if they have, several MTs must have taken off too as we are nearly out of TAT and I have been doing an extra 600 lines a day. 
MT week
MT week is May 14-20
mt week
you can see what the MTs at Heartland got for Transcriptionist week!!
Like they would have done anything for us for MT week anyway. lol nm
MT Week
WebMedX sent candyjar filled with chocolate kisses and midge tootie rolls.  Quite cute!
What did you do for your MTs for MT Week?
Me 2 - per week,not every 2
800$ week??
Man, tell me which company I can make that much and I'll apply ASAP!!!! YEA RIGHT!!!!!
About a week
The offer letter was faxed the next day, as were initial startup paperwork. The foot pedal arrived in 2 days, I think. The software was installed by their IT department the next day. All in all, I think it only took about a week.

Welcome to Keystrokes!
About a week
I received the job offer, had to fill out/sign and fax back all of the paperwork that they e-mailed me, and then I had to wait for them to ship me my equipment. The whole process took a week, and then I started.
I'm going into my 3rd week
I like it.. some things are not the most convenient, but every company has quirks. I am not ready to go postal, so that is a good thing. :) We will wait and see what the paycheck looks like.
About a week but it took about
two weeks to get equipment, ID from hospital and then another week before training began.  But everyone has different experiences.  Good luck!
Also a week here
They contacted me the same day that I sent in my resume, and it took a week from that day to start.
It's the 3rd week in May
MT week
MDI/Transcend sent us all coffee mugs, thank you cards and a calendar, not to mention online Happy MT week
I bet if you offered to work Friday, Sat and Sun or Sat, Sun and Monday for 12 hour shifts, someone would allow you to work 3 days a week. Don't know of any offering 3 days say like Tues, Wed, Thurs or anything.
Took me about a week
I knew the platform and studied the specs before I began, so I was all set to go when I started. Familiarizing the different docs and places seemed to be my problem.
Don't you mean 12-hr 3 day per week? sm
I think those are higher paid positions for weekend coverage.
Been there less than a week and doing

800+ lines.  I use a C-phone and work in Word. 

They have lots of accounts with different platforms.  I suggest you call Lee and talk with her.  Maybe she can move you to a different account. 

Took me about a week to get off TT QA
They don't assign 1 QA to a new MT. I heard from at least 3 or 4 different QA people, maybe more. In my previous jobs I was assigned only 1 person who worked with me. It made it a lot more personal and I didn't get different opinions about the same thing. Like I said it took about a week at TT and I'm fairly new but I don't hear from anybody anymore. They do basically leave you alone to work which is good but they aren't that great in the communicating department.
Where is TT MT who was saying last week that TT
MT Week

Does your company give you anything for MT week?  If so, what?


HAPPY MEDICAL Transcriptionist WEEK

Need a PT job this week
I am having elective surgery soon, a minor procedure but I need a PT job to help with my deductible.  My company is very low on work these days.  Please email me if you like. 
They pay every other week and.... sm

you initially have to get a regular paycheck in the mail.  If you want it fast via overnight you have to pay $25 for it.  After 3 months of paychecks over $500, then you can sign up for direct deposit.

sorry, not trying to be mean, but I really would have a hard time hiring someone who tested like that also. If they are not going to pay attention or think things like that are important on tests, what will they do when they are on their own? Punctuation is a big part of it and more companies should be more particular because MTs should know how to produce quality.
What do you do if, at the end of the week sm
or end of the day you are short on lines because of an out of work situation or if you had an unexpected emergency (power or cable outage, etc.) that prevented you from making your goal lines/hours?
Sorry, what I mean is the $900 for one week...sm
or two weeks, so 40 hours or 80 hours? And no line requirement? Thanks.
I think 70-something per PP (every other week) sm
Highmark BC/BS, not bad.  With dental and vision, the total is around $87 per pay period (off the top of my head).