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Posted By: NM on 2007-12-31
In Reply to: slightly OT, but can you explain what you mean - tnmt

Go to this link and put in your ID with the number part for the password. https://admin.ichart.com/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2flogon.aspx. Go to My Line Counts. Choose the server. Go to Specify Date Range. You can choose any date range but always for the end hours put 23:59. HTH

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Just curious if anyone is having problems with ichart line counts for the last 3 days? 
When you are in iChart...sm
you can see it broken down by hospital. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer. When you get into iChart, you ask for My Line Counts. Once you are in that screen, up in the right hand corner in green is Specify Date Range. Click that. Select the day prior to today (on the left calendar) and today (on the right calendar). Set the time range for 2300 under both calendars and click Submit.

This will give you an accurate count for that day, EXCEPT that during peak hours it may take an hour after you have finished working to give you the final count. After about 4 p.m. EST it is only about 10 to 15 minutes for a final count. It breaks it down by hospital, but also gives you a total.

You can figure 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, it doesn't matter to the program. Given the delay, it is very hard to tell how many lines you are doing in an hour, at least during the day. If you only interested in totals, that is easy to figure out.
Not ichart
I currently work for another company. I type in Extext. My line count is always there whenever I want to look at it. Slow server, thats bull. Write to iChart.Team@Dictaphone.com they might be able to help you with this.
Has anyone worked on this, if so, what did you think about it?  And productoin wise?  Thanks for any information  you might have.  Have a great day!
iChart information
I guess I'm just curious about how to use auto correct or normals, stuff like that. I'll be starting with TSI (Transcription Services of Illinois). Just waiting on Dictaphone to get their stuff straight.
or that 20-30% went to dictaphone/ichart
too many cooks..........
It was a problem with ichart
We were sent email by the company explaining the problem and the issues were resolved. Transtech is honest and forthright about their business and some of the posts bordered on slander, I assume that's why they were removed.
No, not an Ichart problem...
it is because TT tells Dictaphone what to set TT's line count for...this often happens with companies who use ExText. That's why I left.
Not an IChart problem
Is 100% correct. The above poster has it correct. Companies tells dictaphone what to count and that is the line counts you get.
iChart platform???

I am about to start working for Focus, and I was wondering if anybody can give me input on how iChart is to work on.  Is it very MT friendly?


Dictaphone iChart system?

Has anyone heard of this program for transcription?  Opinions, good or bad?




ExText - iChart platform -- HELP!!!
I am starting with a company that uses this software.  I've never used this before and I'm FREAKING OUT.  Can anyone offer any advice on this software?  Bea
Companies using Extext/Ichart
I got a very interesting email from the Ichart team from Dictaphone.  I had written them because I had been questioning my low low line counts with a particular company that I am no longer employed with.  They had disabled the control I feature so you could not see your session statistics. The excuse was - they didn't pay for headers or footers thus the line count not accurate.  Well, fine and well, I asked for a breakdown report by report of what my line count was for each of my reports.  I was told they didn't have this information, I was told by Dictaphone in this email that the administrator certainly does have this information, and that the way lines are counted varies and are totally set by the administrator (or your employer).  The Ichart team did tell me they are working on getting that available on the Ichart site so you can see report by report what your line count is. I think this is the only fair way.  Line counts should be verifiable for each report, not just a lump clump number.  Lets say you did 700 lines like I did one time.  Well, I did about 28 reports.  These were H&Ps and consults mostly with very minimal progress notes.   Do the math, the 700 lines just does not add up right with the # of reports.  So, bottom line, if going to work for an account that uses this system beware, ask questions.  There are a lot of companies out there using it and disabling the session statistics
Been working for me right up to this moment, Ctl/I and iChart, since Fri. nm
Be sure to put ichart "to" time in as 23:59
Send file in ichart

Ctrl+N = to send a file, but only if it does not have any blanks.

Ctrl+L = to send for review, or if it does have blanks.

Will Ichart interface with Instant Text?
If you have to use what THEY say to use, you're stuck. Ctrl + I and logging in to iChart do not
To clarify I get around their game & count my own too - ichart is short!
Tired of being ripped off
Ichart does not give us the # of reports, lines per report,

but does give a pretty instant line count, most of the time. However, that counter is set which ever way the MTSO wants it to be set. They have complete control of that setting and what the MT is paid for.

At least, that is what I was told. Inhouse we could use Ctrl I at anytime to get our exact line count -- true line count with every stroke counting.

Documented line count each report, then compared to ichart end of day
If Ichart deducts 8% from ExText line counts, you are actually not getting paid for spaces

It is the equivalent of a 70.2 character line with spaces, 65  characters without spaces. 

Doesn't apply if your OSI account doesn't use Ichart.
It is the Ichart only for OSi where you are cheated.
It is an ichart problem not a TT problem