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Posted By: romey on 2005-08-05
In Reply to: eTransPlus-- I wasn't going to say anything else but..... - anon

here here, but didn't you like the pretty picture on the oversized coaster!!!!

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Insulting or what?????
I read this ad and my blood pressure got so high, I came off my seat. Old Timey doesn't seem to mean having a brain. Perhaps those of us who have been in this profession -- personally I have been for over 45 years -- have burned out all of our brain cells. Gimme a break. The whole attitude of that ad is insulting. Sure hope she sits and waits for applicants -- maybe she can check out the Wal-Mart Electronics Department.
They only pay 7/8 cpl! That's insulting!
.04 and .05 insulting
Amen! Glad you will not let them post such an insulting remuneration.
3 cpl insulting indeed
What next! Will we have to pay to work?
nobody is being insulting.

In my response, i posted about the NEGATIVE response shown to the original poster who simply thanked me for an encouraging response.  Somehow, the negative poster(s) assumed that their response was not appreciated as there was no specific thank you involved.  FYI, the OP did not say she didn't appreciate the other posts; but someone with preconceived ideas jumped to conclusions huh? therefore, my post about attitude was, i believe, correct.  Remember, she was a new hire, excited about her new job, and looking for some support, NOT to get slammed with a bunch of negatives. 

Again, when you have a bum attitude, it affects your personal relationships, your work relationships and your decisions as well.  There is a time and place for negativity and i don't think that is what the OP was looking for. 

Their pay is insulting.
Less than 7cpl. No kidding.
wow.......that is insulting.
was that an offer made to an MT with experience?

Especially as an IC! Very insulting.
that rate is insulting!
Try to find something that pays hourly. It is very hard to make money being paid by the line for QA, especially if the accounts are hard or the MTs do not do good work.
That's just as insulting as implying that
those of us who had everything go wrong had it happen because we weren't quality MTs. Attitude is 90%?  I'll tell ya, I sat there with my HAPPY EXCITED attitude for days and days and days and days, and guess what???  No work was no work was no work.  Had not 1 bit to do with my attitude, and its insulting for you to even speak that.  There were a great number of us hired on at the same time, all different accounts and platforms. I think one cheerleader made it thru without a hitch, and the rest of us got hit with one technical problem after another, keeping our chin up and plodding thru all these hoops, because we had a GREAT attitude, only to encounter no work over and over and over.  Days turning into weeks, weeks into over a month. Give me a break.  Attitude.    They don't have their act together for some reason, and it sure was not OUR attitudes. 
This is absolutely insulting. nm
Who's pay isn't insulting anymore?
The best I've ever been offered was 8 cpl for standard transcription on an account that only had editing at half that. The MT business just does not seem fair anymore. Sometimes I think they don't want us to make a living. But it is not like they can survive without us. Besides greed, what are they (MTSOs) thinking these days?
When your advice is insulting
You may be the best at your profession, if you think so.  However, when time has taken its toll on you....it's probably time to go.  Or maybe just try to stick to what it is that you do best, but it is certainly not communicating with people.
Not only insulting, worthy of becoming physically

No offense, but you are insulting the wrong ones.
You are correct when you say that difficult jobs make you a better MT. But the same holds true for cherry-pickers. They would be decent MTs (as well as honest ones)if they were honest enough to type whatever came up into their que. In my early days as an on-the-job MT, I myself had a more experienced MT cherry-pick and my lines and paycheck suffered because of it. I don't check for cherry-picking, never have, but I resent them thinking they have a right to pick and choose what I type. I, too, now am good enough to do any job, but that is no excuse for others to be dishonest. You obviously must not have to worry about money. It's a shame you are insulting the honest MTs who are complaining about the dishonest ones. You seem to be insulting the wrong people.
Not insulting. Just stating my observation of the
w 2
Insulting others who are hurting is not standing up for yourself
Don't fool yourself into thinking what you have up your back is a backbone ;-)

7 cpl with my experience was insulting...and if your insulted that I said so, GOOD! you should be!
If others read my posts as insulting that shows their
I post what I see as proactive, get her done, dont be a victim encouragment. Strongly put, maybe.  But I feel passionatly about this issue and hate to see women letting themselves be vicitms.  Engaging in the poor you, you been treated bad, it is so sad, does nothing to encourage them to drag themselves out of the mire and take charge of their lives.
I think your comparison is ridiculous and insulting. Try getting a farm worker's job and you'
True. It was demeaning and insulting. Tell me you didn't like my resume or that I smell bad..
Whatever... but don't tell me that I do not have experience.  What is with these people. If they are that unprofessional, we would feel blessed we received the kiss-off form letter LOL
I dont think that the act of insulting a person whether on a board or in life is no way to treat any
Who in the heck pays you that insulting rate. As Dr. Phil says, "Are you kidding me" LOL
There is no way. I cant get over it, 2 cpl a line???? just pennies a line what an insult for your time. I dont care if you are an old MT or newbie that is ridiculous and when people accept that kind of pay it just drives down the cpl for all of us. I mean heck if they can get people to do it for 2 cpl, why pay 5 cpl so they can pay their bills. That just blows my mind. You'd be better off working an 8-hour shift at McDonalds.
So telling someone to suck it up has nothing to do with lack of spiritual grace or insulting a perso
I am not the poster you originally addressed this to, but I will from now on suck it up and consider myself under your advice and control. Feel better now? For some reason, I don't... I think I need to check to see why...
Yeah I had applied for the Escription account (before I knew the insulting pay rate) with years of
experience and no one bothered to get back to me. Once they told me what they paid, I would have never accepted anyway, but I find it odd that they would not pursue someone with years of experience. I guess they knew there would be no one I would accept their pay. Apparently, they are hoping some desperate people apply, which is NOT me but best wishes to them.
Stop taking these insulting wages and they will stop offering them.