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look, it is all the name of the game

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-15
In Reply to: If you go to the same store every day and spend a lot of money and your neighbor - goes to the store with you for the first time

So, if I happen to be a favorite where I work because I am a high producer, I should not benefit from that?  I should not benefit from that because another MT who is not a high producer does not get the same treatment as me?  So, you are saying that it's unfair treatment to that MT.  Well, I think it's unfair treatment of high producers!  We are the ones that produced those lines.  No one came and helped us type.  We are the ones that sacrificed our personal time to put more into our job.  We are the ones that sat up late at night while others were getting a good night's rest.  We are more often than not the ones that work the overtime and help out on many, many accounts at a moments notice, practially being on call.  So, I think that you get what you deserve.  If you give normal, average, you get normal, average. 

I am tired of being treated unfairly because I work longer/harder than some and reap some benefit from that.  I deserve it.  If you want it, put forth the same effort.  We all have the chance to become high producers or favorites at our companies.  It is just a matter of personal choice if you want to be one or  not.

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    name game
    I have it at the tip of my tongue but it may get removed if posted. 
    Fun with the game
    Mighty Deadly Institution
    The name of the game is NEGOTIATE your SM

    pay.  There is at least 1 person below who is upset because he/she doesn't get the same rate the OP gets.  Question--did you just accept the line rate offered or did you attempt to negotiate it?  More often than not, the MT is offered a line rate and just says okay and it doesn't have to be that way.

    If you have years of experience with 98% quality or better, high-level acute care work (not just rural hospital gallbladder/appendix type stuff) and are willing to work the off shifts you can hold up each of those items and all of them as a whole to leverage yourself into a higher per-line rate right from the start.

    It may only be that the MT next to you is making more per line because they did a better job of negotiating the rate.

    It's all a numbers game.
    When we lived in NYC it sounded like we made a lot of money but we lived the same as we did in Pittsburgh. The numbers are different, but they're all relative.

    $400,000 for a house, you make $200,000 a year.

    $200,000 for a house, you make $100,000 a year.

    Just depends on where you live. You might make more money elsewhere numbers-wise but the standard of living is still the same if you have the same job and educational background.
    Downsizing is the name of the game

    I would stay away unless you want to work your fingers to the bone, be monitored on how many minutes you clock in, and appreciate little or no respect for the work you do.


    Sounded like a backstabbing, dirty trick to play.  But if you had known (and the NEXT time they ask you for a list of worst dictators) you will know what to do...thanks for the tip for the rest of us:  Just do a turnabout and give them a list of your BEST one...they'll send the worst to India!!! Kind of like switching drinks with someone who's spiking your drink when they're not looking (LOL)
    Thanks for playing our game!
    And all you get is this lousy :) icon

    hee hee
    Competition is the Name of the Game!

    What we have always seen happen within the U.S. between U.S. workers in the job market , competition , is expanding to the global marketplace. U.S. workers now not only have to compete with each other in the arena of  marketable skills , they must also compete with those in other countries who not only possess the same marketable skills , but do so at lower prices. Naturally , a company which can get the same production out of a worker for a smaller price is going to choose that worker, as the savings in labor costs will increase the bottom line.We lost our manufacturing base on just this scenario...a fatal blow to the soundness of our economy , IMO. That left us with a service sector base , which is also facing the same threat , with the likelihood of the same result , suffered by our manufacturing base.

    One solution is as Obama has suggested. The feds take away any tax breaks companies which outsource get to the deteriment of U.S. workers. Will the U.S. government do something like that? I doubt it. Look at what is happening right now over the issue of illegal immigration into the U.S. We were attacked on 9/11 ; drugs and criminal are being brought across our borders ; our law enforcement officials and citizens are under attack ON OUR OWN SOIL from those coming across the border ; and in the economic arena , companies are hiring illegals and undercutting U.S. workers' wages.

    The People have demanded the border be secured and the Congress passed a bill calling for U.S. border security. But , what has actually been done? NOTHING!!! Why? Because the feds don't want to secure the borders. If they did , the borders would be secured , or at least a serious attempt would have been made. So , why haven't they secured the border? Because U.S. companies want to employ illegals and pay them lower wages , thus increasing company profits. The dirty little secret , that isn't really a secret , is that our legislators and president are all about serving their masters...and that isn't We the People ; that is the corporate and banking classes who fund their campaigns and give them lucrative positions in their compamies when they leave office.

    So , unfortunately there it is.



    Then instead of playing their game, just come out
    band together, are you game?
    To all my fellow MDI'ers, I think it is time to tighten up the bootstraps and starting thinking out of the box. Let's get together in private, put our thinking caps on, combine resources, and see what we can do for ourselves and each other. Every email will be confidential... we still have our integrity! Write to AmericanMT@yahoo.com
    Well, they have turned into a game...
    It's like survival of the fittest, pitting us against each other to get to the work first so we can make our lines, and it's ridiculous. Of course, they're shining like a new penny at the nonexistent TAT because we all dive as soon as a report pops up, but it's NO WAY for a person to have to make a living.

    This is why I left on September 1st. First, I do not care to work for Transcend (mini-Q, IMO) and, second, I do not care for their tactics the past few months that have turned us all into blood-thirsty scavengers desperately trying to make ends meet.

    And turning it into a battle royale for all MTs cross-trained on all accounts fighting for whatever scraps they deem fit to feed us?

    Nope, life's too short and my skills far too valuable for THAT, the ultimate MTSO game-playing orchestration.

    I left, now have a great gig FT with a great MTSO who has ample work.

    I am a human being, not a catfish, and I refuse to bottom feed like some subhuman entity.

    We ALL dserve better than that, IMO.
    How ironic!! Game just ended. Sox won.
    It all boils down to who will play the game
    There have been a lot of good MTs at OSI. Most of those who do excellent work and have years of experience have left OSi because of tactics such as this. She may have a good work ethic and sunny disposition and do good work but is not in a better position to supervise other MTs who are better all around. The point is that people new to either the MT industry or to OSI are most often the ones promoted because they are most assuredly YES people since they don't have enough experience to know any better that OSI consistently does things such as break the wage and hour law among other things.
    Can't play the game unless you have the equipment.

    join forces, anyone game?
    To all my fellow MDI'ers, I think it is time to tighten up the bootstraps and starting thinking out of the box. Let's get together in private, put our thinking caps on, combine resources, and see what we can do for ourselves and each other. Every email will be confidential... we still have our integrity! Write to AmericanMT@yahoo.com
    the circle game of resumes and ads

    Same old ads, same old resumes.  Nothing is going to change, people.  We are stuck with each other. 

    Happy Labor Day.  Or should I say Groundhog Day?  If you catch my drift.....


    If there are any psychics, I could use the lottery numbers for the Big Game please :) nm
    Good night everyone.
    I do not want to take a job where it's the bait and switch. Tired of that game.
    If you could email me that would be great. This profession is going down hill fast. You get a ton of job offers but no one wants to pay you anything. I wouldnt have a problem with some of the wages, IF Iived in India.. or somewhere else that the cost of living is lower, but unfortunately when you live in America, we need American-ized wages.
    I SO agree. Loved the little tribute toward the end of the game :-) NM
    Who will lead? I'm game and I will follow loudly. anyone else?
    Our anger and disappointment at D's choice is bringing out what has need to be brought out LONG AGO. Our pay stagnated long ago, even those of us with 25 and 30 years plus experience. If someone has the gumption to get this news out, I will fully lend my support and voice. Please contact me off line. We can do something. Though we may feel like victims and even in some sense be victims (of our own trusting natures?), we do not have to act like victims. We do have power. Okay - anyone else
    To clarify I get around their game & count my own too - ichart is short!
    Tired of being ripped off
    LOL I wasn't even thinking Xbox and Game Cube, but there
    is a rapper named Ice Cube. He's the boyfriend/husband in Are We There Yet? and Are We Done Yet?
    Sound mediocre - bait and switch game with them thought. nm
    Good for you, if that is true. It is really a losing game. Wouldn't advise anyone to pursue it.

    You have to lie a lot, wouldn't you agree?  It is all bait and switch for the recruiters.  They promise a lot, but the companies do not follow through.  Care to say who it is you are a hiring manager for?  LOL.  Never heard it called that before.

    It is a losing game. They make next to nothing, get paid for a warm body count. Losers. Recruiters