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Posted By: mg on 2008-02-07
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Has anyone worked for Medict and if so, what is their platform like and is their workload consistent?

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Could someone who works for Medict please give me some information?
Does anyone have any current information about Medict in Georgia?
Does anyone have current information on Medict? 
Are you referring to the Medict that is out of Florida and run by Gail Hutton? I worked there briefly as a Transcriptionist about a year and a half ago. It was not a bad experience overall. The only real problem I had was their platform and having to have an extra phone line because I was receiving the voice viles via a linear machine. Gail is a very nice lady. Plus, the accounts I had, the dictators were awesome!

Could someone who currently works for Medict in Florida please Email me?

Medict Systems
I am looking to work for Medict Systems of Florida. Does anyone have any feedback? Any information would be appreciated.
Medict Systems in Florida?
Any info on this company from someone who has worked there or knows someone who has?
Any info on Medict out of Tampa? I did
a search and I see where someone has asked about them a couple of times but no responses. 
TRANSCRIPTION AT ITS BEST or MEDICT?? Does anyone have any information?? sm
I just received an email from them requesting two references. The pay is okay, not what I would have hoped. I also received an email from Medict transcription so I'm going to have to make a difficult choice. I searched the archives and couldn't find much. ANY info would be greatly appreciated..the good, bad, or ugly.

Anybody who applied at Medict Systems hear anything yet?
Anyone work for Medict Voice out of Tampa, FL? TIA
Anybody have any info on Medict Systems out of Florida - Good/Bad, platform, pay etc.