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my check was there on Friday, it usually is on Thursday which is early

Posted By: TTS New Hampshire - ALWAYS pay on time on 2007-02-07
In Reply to: I don't understand - J


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Same here..I've been trying since early Friday..(sm)
I'll call Monday if I can't get in by then. It's never been down this long before.
I got my invoice Thursday and sent it in Thursday. Guess you are special. Hip hip hooray. nm
Tomorrow being Thursday
I'd ask if you could give them an answer on Monday, unless they seem desperate to get you started right away and make an immediate offer.

Personally, I'd make sure I called WMX before the other interview so I'd have a better idea of how to proceed. If WMX isn't going to make an offer, you'll know going into the other interview and can feel free to accept whatever they may offer.

Let us know what happens :-)

I tested last Thursday and got an email
right after submitting my test in regards to an oral test, which I did on Friday. The QA person I spoke to on Friday told me I tested extremely well and that I would get an offer by Monday. However, I was contacted yesterday by email saying that my 20+ years experience did not qualify me for their current openings.

Try calling them though. Who knows you still may have a shot. Good luck.
yes very very busy will answer thursday NM
mine was cut as of last thursday but it started
this PP
It took over 2 weeks for me to get my response..but I did e-mail here again last Thursday and
finally got a response.  As far as I know, they are not done yet with everyone's schedules so please try again.  If not Lee, call or e-mail Martha or Becky or call your lead Transcriptionist and tell them.  I know they are busy with the new insurance changes and Aflac coming on board but I would definitely try someone else in the office.  Good Luck!
Oh my no! LOTS of work. Didn't have first 15 minutes of Thursday, but swamped outside of that. nm
Pay due Friday, still ???
I do not want to post the name of this particular company but has been on this board several times. You do your days and times and then nothing. I have bills to pay and wish the companies could get our money to us just like we are there to type their reports.
every other Friday
Every other Friday
I've been with Focus almost 2 years and the pay periods have always ended every other Friday during these 2 years.
They pay every other Friday. How hard is that
They finally did pay me Friday
Well I finally did get all my pay, minus the western union fees. But what it took me to get it was almost not worth it.
it's friday free-for-all! Hoo-ha! nm



I sent my resume on a Friday, sm
took the test over the weekend and was hired on Monday.
I wish that people who get into this profession would understand that hospitals operate 24/7/365. My daughter is a registered nurse and does not demand a m-F schedule and YES she does have children. You got into this profession because of having kids at home and wanting to be a stay at home mommy. Well, 30 years of experience under my belt and most of the companies that I have spoken with allow me to work the hours that I want to work because of the fact that in general, I put in 12 hour days and even work weekends and dont take a day off unless I need to, due to illness or whatever and also, due to the fact that if I do have an emergency, I let someone know in advance and just not refuse to work
My Goodness! You'd think it was Friday--sm
today what with every body biting each other's heads off and getting all *snarky* over things that don't really matter. Get a grip you all, have a cold one, and mellow out! geez. some of Y'all are just LOOKIN' for an argument and if you can't get one going, you'll start one! sick *o this stuff. I think most of the people in this thread need a good long ol* fashioned *time out* in the corner!
I got mine on Friday before I started on (sm)
Monday. Had plenty of time to get it set up and get a KMV switch.
Be nice, people - it's Friday

I had Vonage Friday of last week and
I work for MDI and use Charter. I don't know if my problem was with the cable or with Vonage, but I would be at the end of a job and the Vonage phone would just cut out...sometimes staying connected, just not operational for a little bit (30-60 seconds), or worse, it would just cut off and I lost the job. The job got stuck in never-never land and I could not get it back to finish transcribing it. One job cost me almost 100 lines. So, on Tuesday I got Charter's ULD...the independent sales rep gave it to me for $15/month.
Thanks - I sent my test back Friday
so hopefully I'll hear back by the end of next week. I'm really interested in doing clinic notes so I hoping I did well enough.
P.S. He briefly told me on Friday

He specializes in this field and knows the laws of companies versus IC status.  He is a long time friend of the family so it won't cost me much and well worth every penny of whatever I do have to pay. 

Monday-Friday, First Shift?
Does anyone know of companies that have accounts with Monday to Friday, first shift positions? Personal obligations do not allow me to work weekends or evenings and so many companies want this. If I could do it I would, but it is not possible, and they all seem to want weekends and second or third shifts. I really need to find something. Any help greatly appreciated.
I am hoping for Friday but it could be Monday. sm
The pay period just ended yesterday. With over 400 employees it might be difficult to get it all done by Friday but I sure am crossing my fingers!
Made decision; Friday last day
Whew! Glad that's over! :)

Thanks folks.
Out of work 15 times Friday
Has happened all week long.  Think I got a total of 4 hours yesterday.  My STM said we were down 750 dictation minutes for some reason this week.  She had no idea why.  I have 8 different accounts I pull from. 
Yes, a day early!!!
Sorry about that, it's still early...nm
Check Monster, CareerBuilder, MedHunters.com. Check with the companies you see listed if they're
direct deposit every 2 weeks, on Friday,
Do you mean in addition to your reg Friday work? When do they give it to you?
Pay due Monday, I get by direct deposit on Friday. sm
Partly company, where most get on Saturday via direct deposit.  I just happen to have a very friendly bank who posts the minute the get it and 1 a.m. on Friday.  So sorry.  We all need to get our pay on time. 
They were pretty fast with my DD. Mine comes in on friday w/ DD
Mine is always there on Friday, but Monday is payday.
Umm, I am paid every other Friday, on time. Work
Mine has been in the bank midnight Friday and
I have promised to pay some bills Saturday morning! I sure hope that I don't get into trouble over this. I know they say we don't get paid til Monday, but if the money has always been there before, why should we assume different! I will be in some real trouble if the money is not in the bank midnight tonight. The bills don't wait til the weekend is over the money is due now. Why would they not communicate a problem with us? Before I have a fit, I am going to assume it will be there. Why assume the worst if they did not say anything right? (she asks nervously).
Agree with you. Payday is Monday, this is the Friday..

before payday. Some people will whine about anything. As I said before, plan your finances better and you won't be relying on DD. Why don't you call payroll and whine to them, see what they tell you?

I applied on Friday and received an email
on Sunday asking about my availability for an interview. I responded on Sunday with totally open availability and I have not heard anything back. What should I make of this?
The rep I spoke with on Friday mentioned 60 positions... nm
Getting afraid of waking up on Friday/Saturday
Every weekend now, a flurry of e mails how we better work the weekend or find something else. I am downright weary. What about all those times we did not have any work, or when there is no work when we are scheduled. Double standard here but not for the MT. When you say jump I need to ask how high. Sorry about this, but I am wanting to avoid my e mail come the weekend. The threats are just too much for my stomach.
Mine was deposited on Friday b/c of the holiday..
Mine was there Friday too. Direct Deposit (nm)?
No email of any kind here. Was off Friday and Saturday
not sure if I should stay up all night waiting for something or get some extra sleep!!
I have always been an early worker but now..sm
there is NO work and when it does come in it seems everyone is waiting like me to grab it and then there is NO work as there were only a few reports. I addressed these concerns only to be told I needed to be more flexible.
I was asking who the one who paid early is! nm
To early riser
This is exactly who the posts are talking about. Gosh, wonder if this is the only 1 who apparently does this time after time because most seem to know who it is.
whoops, go FOR it, too early
They release you from QA early because they
to review the reports correctly. It is sad. You get what you pay for. Plus you can type all you want from the first day with no regard to quality and I wonder how many slip through without going through QA first?
Retiring early...

First, how do you know the year I was born?? I have already checked with Social Security, and I can retire at the age of 62, 66 or 70 (according to my year of birth).  In addition, I have checked with my financial advisor/stock broker, and he advises me that, yes it would benefit me if I wait until I am 66, as I would get more money, but I do not HAVE to wait until then.  Furthermore, he explained the whole scenario if I work while I am drawing SS. I can work, but I cannot make over 14,130/year.  Whatever amount I do make over that, they will deduct it from my SS.  This money is put aside for me (so to speak). Then, when I reach age 66, I will then be distributed any monies (on my SS check) that I made over and above that 14,130/year, over the rest of my lifetime. So I will kind of get a raise.  If you go to the SS website it explains all of this.  So, the question is, do I want to continue typing my brains out; I don't think so.  I will probably retire at 64-65 and do something enjoyable with my life, but it won't have anything to do with typing, guaranteed!

Looking for a company who hires Monday-Friday days
Does anyone know of a company who hires full time transcriptionists for Monday-Friday?  I have years and years experience and am tired of working the weekends!  Your help will be greatly appreciated!
Mine has ALWAYS been in my bank on Friday, if not before, from Transtech, so absolutely different

This pay period is different.  My bank is such a good bank, so it is NOT the bank.  I called my bank and a DD is not even pending from Transtech.  New payroll person inhouse may want to save TT $$$  by holding off on our pay.  Things are changing at TT every day now.  It has been SO GOOD for over a year.   Sigh . . . .