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no new jobs

Posted By: bsafe on 2005-12-04
In Reply to: SoftScript out of work - SSer

Yes, I get that message a lot and I have three accounts. I have only been there a month now and I am waiting to see if it is going to change.

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Cherrypicking is when you work from a pool of jobs and being able to reject the worst jobs to those
Monster Jobs and Career Builder usually have a few path jobs. nm
Don't think any do except for those in-house jobs. Some QA jobs are paid hourly. nm
They didn't take our jobs, QT gave them our jobs. The account is now
back in the hands of US MTs, or will be in just a couple of weeks.  
Are MTs that are looking for jobs finding good jobs right now with everyone looking or is it
getting more difficult to find a good job.  I am most interested in jobs for experienced MTs with more than 10 years service.  I wonder if it is better to put a resume on or just keeping applying or what is the best way to go about this.
Look at all the jobs on the jobs boards.
You can find a job and won't have to apply for unemployment. You would be surprised how many companies need qualified MTs! Go get 'em and get 'em now!

Don't wait until the 11th hour. Too many needs to put your hat in the unemployment slot.

What they lost is our gain.

3 jobs
Yes, I currently work 3 jobs; 2 are national (both suck); pay okay and am an employee and the other one smaller company am an IC (are very nice) but pay a little less. Going crazy because they overhire (the 2 national companies).
4 jobs here
MT jobs

MT Professional with 5 years experience.Looking for clinicial or Independent Doc MT work I can handle anytype of account. 

There are jobs for us
I went to the jobseeking site on this board and have now received 3 offers.  I would like to make the moderator for this message board.  This board has let us be heard.  As a result of being heard, we are considered for jobs first because of our special situation. To every Heartlander, look on the jobseeking site of this board and good luck.
I consider 7 cents per line an insult.  They can get the offshore people instead.
but i have 3 jobs to do it :(
has anyone ever tried 2 new jobs
at the same time, and if so, how was it.  I am thinking of letting go of my current job to try 2 parttime jobs to see which would lead to a better fulltime job. Whew...  thanks! 
2 jobs . .
Most transcriptionists have more than one job, it allows for backup when one runs low. It's not real hard to do, except I did try to learn two new jobs at one time and that was tough. Would start out with one and then the other. It was pretty stressful for a while.
Is more then just the MT jobs.
Most technical services are over seas too. Dell is the worst.. They don't even speak English... Time for the American People to step up to the plate and DEMAND their medical records stay in the States.. I do that when I go to the doctor and hospital.
Log of Jobs
I had to keep a log with companies I worked for that were responsible for the demographics, just to cover my backside. If you don't it's the client's word against yours if the wrong info gets entered. If you want names just e-mail me.
Why do you say that? There are other jobs.
TT, 3 jobs?
I have just started on a hospital account. Not the best hours, have to work the major holidays, and miss things etc. Have my original job, does not pay well. Starting on another service to try it out. Now, considering TT. I was thinking with all the raves about TT, I would make that my main job (working 3rd shift) so I can do things with my family and during the holidays which I could not do with the hospital. I don't know what to do now that I hear TT might not have work for me as I need to support my family (I would take 3rd shift). I am curious as to comments. The other service job I am trying out I hear has great benefits but inflexible. Gave me the schedule I want but will be demanding in that they check line counts daily. I know this is confusing, but trying to sort out. TTers should I take the job and dump the hospital so I can enjoy the holidays and keep another job on the side? Or keep the hospital and forget any flexibility. Any comments appreciated. Thanks
Have you just been applying recently? This is the slowest time for transcription, and a lot of companies might not be hiring at the moment because of work shortages. Keep in touch with them on an occasional basis. Regarding the comments about Amphion, I can't agree. I do a wide variety of transcription with them, some clinical, much acute care, and much surgical. The secret for me was to be willing to transcribe multiple accounts and all specialities. It's a great company to work for, and I'd recommend them. Good luck in your job search!
It's not just our jobs...
I saw on the news that there are web sites where you can assign tasks for people in India and Korea to do your web searches for just one dollar a day.  One lady pays $30.00 per month and she has this task person look up whether she can buy a certain color shoes at a certain store.  She's a marketing executive with just not enough time on her hands to complete all of her tasks, so she pays.  Of course now it is even more advertised since it was on the news.  They even showed a foreign person with a headset smiling and just ready to perform all of your tasks that you cannot get done.  Can you imagine?  So, it is not just transcription, it is everything. 
OPs only jobs
Anyone know who hires for operative reports only, IC or otherwise. I'm looking for a job where I can do strictly that one worktype. I have 18 years experience doing OPs. Any companies out there any more who hire for just OPs that you know of?
That is, what, 3 jobs a day. Used to get more than
I only take jobs that (sm)
have flexible scheduling, i.e., 24 TAT instead of set hours.  I manage to transcribe for 2 separate companies that way.
Two Jobs
I work two jobs because I have to. The main company that I work for perpetually plays games, sending work offsite, and leaving American workers in the lurch. There has been very little work all week; management claims that they have no idea what is going on, but they always say that even when they do know what is going on; many of us can't even make enough money right now to qualify for benefits.

Because of this, I run the two jobs simultaneously, so that I can switch back and forth; although there isn't much switching lately, most of my work is coming from my second, part-time job. We just have to do what we can to survive when these companies are screwing us over in favor of offshoring.
i have had IC jobs...sm
where I didn't have to send in invoices.
MT jobs
I saw one on MT jobs just recently. Did you look there?
I currently have 3 jobs, so I am right there with ya. sm

The result is working every day, no full day off, but it does provide security and benefits, and right now it is worth it to me.  I am planning a trip to Egypt and Israel in late April next year, so I have some incentive to keep going. 

Good luck!

VA Jobs

KNR (K&R) Consulting was actively recruiting for a couple of months here for their new VA accounts they had landed.  I was on their list but found something else while they were gearing up and ended up passing.

Was anyone on this forum successfully recruited for these accounts and, if so, have you started working yet and how are you liking it?

I came across their old emails and realized I'd seen absolutely nothing posted here and couldn't help but wonder whatever happened...

TIA to anyone with info!!!

IC Jobs SM
There are tons of IC jobs posted on mtjobs.com
are there still jobs to get?
I feel like I've sent in at least this number of applications/resumes, as well. Will we get jobs? I have worked for over 15 years in lots of MT areas. I have left messages with recruiters who don't call back. Why do they even advertise? What should our timeline be, if we have passed the tests? Really? I have talked to a number of MT's who have told me with my experience that I should have no trouble. But, I'm still not getting calls or even nos. Do they just end up calling you out of the blue?
ESL jobs
Let's face it we have all had jobs that were 2 minutes long from a difficult ESL that ended up taking forever to get through and then you end up with a terrible line count for all the time you spent listening. Sorry, but none of us are going to believe you if you try to say otherwise. You two posters should keep your HELPFUL advice to yourselves.
3 cpl VR jobs...
TTD is posting a job paying 3 cpl for VR. As an experienced VR Escription MT, that means you will be making around 15 dollars an hour after taxes as an IC. Just wanted to make some of you aware of this. The rate you should be getting should be as an employee making  4 cents a line, that is an ideal position. If you are a newbie and want to consider taking a job for 3 cpl, go for it, and take the experience to a better paying job later on. These companies are paying too low for all of our experience. Stay away from these companies that pay 3 cpl as an IC.
2-3 jobs
By all means, if there were jobs out there to be had, I would be having them. You make it seem so easy to go and get 2-3 jobs in this economy. Decided going back to school is the best plan.

If I had an attic full of treasures I would use something like Craigslist or private Yard Sale situations.  Some small towns in my area have decided people must buy a permit for yard sales.  I have some friends who set up their yard sale in my very large country yard.  They advertise and split the costs for the ad between all of them.  Some of them sell their crafts too.  Most of them make $200 to $500 in a  day.

Some people attend private auctions, like estate auctions, and buy stuff they then re-sell at yard sales.  Who's to say whether they bought the stuff at an auction or got it out of their attic.

As for the housecleaners, they don't have a business per se nor do they need a license unless they are running a business with employees.  The person doing celiac diets had to be approved by the health department but you wouldn't believe how little that cost her.  She sat up her commercial kitchen in an old Air Stream travel trailer she bought for I think she said $1500. Her dad converted it for her and spent another couple hundred dollars, then what the health department charged for their inspection and whamo, she was in a legitimate business.  She doesn't have employees but she did purchase liability insurance (smart) and that insurance and other things are deductible.  As well, the expense of the travel trailer and health department inspection are also depreciated as is her computer, phone and many other deductions that aren't available to employees.

You have to figure out the angles yourself.  If you live outside city limits it is a lot more simple.  The house cleaning people are required to file an income tax return but I seriously doubt they do so as it's a cash business and their customers can't deduct the expense on taxes.  Different story if they were doing commercial cleaning.  I'm not suggesting anyone break the law but it's up to each individual how they want to handle their business or money making effort and whether they want to  have a business or just be self-employed.  In any event, if you do form a business or become self-employed, it is likely that you would actually pay less taxes as the same deductions are available to you that are available to any large business.

I think these days about all you can do is minimize the hoops you have to jump through and go ahead and jump through those you can't avoid.  The trade-off is jump through the necessary hoops and make a living or avoid the hoops and starve to death.

Does anyone know anything about Synernet or PJs transcription companies?
Might as well get used to it. I have 3 jobs and 2


IC Jobs SM

When I first started I had a company do this to me.  Hire me as an IC and then tell me when I had to work, etc.  I decided to go the employee route instead.  Now I need more flexibility so I decided to look for a real IC job again.  I found it with Sten-Tel.  They don't even require a minimal line count (which I thought was a little weird), but they also told me when the work would be available.  If I choose to work outside of that time, then I run the risk of running low on work. So the pay is good for QA and I get to set me schedule.  Now let's hope this all actually works out!!!!  We shall see LOL.  

I do not believe there are too many jobs
that Americans will not do. Where I live, I have seen many illegal immigrants take jobs under the table because contractors can hired them cheaper. Would American guys like these jobs? You betcha but the folks working off the books take them. It has nothing to do with jobs people will not do. I know an American guy who would do anything legal for a job. Not looking to start a war, and smiling right back! :)
Other jobs
I decided to get a completely different job and see how it goes.  Well, it's going great.  The freedom of working 8 hours and being done for the day is awesome!  And a REAL paycheck.   I have been an MT for 16+ years, I think I'm finally going to throw in the towel and have a real life with real money.   This used to be a great profession, but not anymore.  Maybe it will come around, but I can't afford to wait.
Not looking for jobs.. looking for info..
Hi, I am not looking for work, looking for information to pass on, as to what people think are the top 5 companies to work for that do not offshore work. I know that Transcend does not offshore, and have heard that Medquist does offshore. Spheris, I thought did offshore also, but not sure about that.  A lot of people do.  Maybe I should have asked which companies do not offshore, not the top 5--less inflammatory. 
Take a look on the jobs board.
The Amphion HR contact has her name and phone number there. That's probably your
best bet. Good luck!
Thanks. I was looking more at the STARTeam jobs

That's good general information about Transolutions, but I was looking at the STARTeam. I've worked in the not too distant past for Transolutions, and I understand the rest. I know I should probably just call and get my questions answered, but I don't want them to feel like I am playing with them. I'm not too unhappy in my current job....

Anyone working 3 jobs?

I am working as an employee for a company that pays 9cpl and with incentive can get up to 0975 cpl, benefits okay- but no communication whatsoever when you really need them, but when out of TAT get e-mails all day from them.  Some of the staff are rude- they do not return phone calls, or even answer their calls.  I am trying to hold out in hopes that things will get better, as other than the above I love my accounts, although we are running out of work alot, which is another reason why I am looking.   I was offered a position with another company to which I applied that pays 9 cpl, relatively good bennies, but no incentive and I am somewhat skeptical of their software platform.   I am already working an IC position on a good account part-time 600 lines per day which I love and will not give that up.  I am thinking of accepting this other employee offer as part-time first to see if I will like the platform and if it is easy to make the bucks.  Just wondering is anyone else in my predicament and how you worked it all out, (3 jobs) with scheduling and all.  

There is one on the jobs board....
I would take it in a heartbeat but you need a C phone and I just sold mine on ebay.
That is why I work 2 jobs, 1 FT and
1 PT, so I NEVER run out of work.  If 1 runs out, I switch to the other.  It is working out great.  Ya got to keep ya U-know-what covered. (Hope I'm not banned for that.)
lose our jobs?
But, that is what we are already doing. I say UNITE - Now! Is it so difficult to see where this is all going? It is all aimed offshore - bit by bit. The only way we will survive is to get together and make them listen by STRIKING. We are being used, abused, and discarded. They are smiling all the way to the bank. What fools we are.

Be aware. There are company shills and spies on this and every board out there - be careful -
I agree with you - I have 2 different MT jobs
and leaving both for valid reasons (one a low paying VR editing position and the other MTSO who grew into something not remotely connected to who they were when I originally hired on and month after month cut benefits and made things harder than was necessary), and before that I was so burned out I went out and did something outside of MT so I could come back with a better attitude. It looks bad but when you look beyond that all my jobs were 5+ and 10+ year positions. I don't jump for an occasional slow down but if over the course of 6 months I have statistics that show my pay is less than what I need to live on, it is time to leave.
Especially if your jobs are going to India
is to pad for the future since they have been banned from advertising on MT Stars - thus losing a huge potential job pool.
PT IC's who work 2 or more jobs (sm)
What kind of interesting schedules do you keep?  Do you work X amount of lines on X days?  Days versus evenings?  Weekend sometimes?  Just trying to get an idea and be creative with my scheduled and would love to hear how you manage to juggle...thanks!
Finding QA jobs
Usually the way you break into QA is with the company you are transcribing for.  You need to let them know that you are hoping to make the switch and if ever they have a position you would be interested.  In addition, a good answer to the 2 cent deals is that you can see that the company is not truly interested in QA as they should well know that QA has to be a company person who has the time and is compensated for doing a good job seeing that the quality issues are addressed and that production pay certainly does not allow you to spend the time required to do what you know is necessary to perform that position properly.  If they can't find people to do the job, the clients they have are certainly going to complain, complain again and then go elsewhere where the quality IS an issue dealt with correctly and with fairness to QA staff. We don't need to chip away at our industry that is enough disarray!
There are very few jobs where you don't have ESLs, but
some have less than others.