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not to but in but MTing put herself out there stating she was perfect...

Posted By: banshee on 2007-11-17
In Reply to: What's your point? - ugh

and had 100% quality. No one is going to just take your word for it with a comment like that. I am not even in QA and thought the exact same thing when I read the post - I could not help but notice the errors.

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Beg to differ. It is not perfect and is a long way from being perfect. A LOT of hospitals
are moving away from voice recognition after trying it and failing. The good news is that once burned, it is hard to convince a board of directors to put out money like that for a second try.

I think that it has its place and does work if done right in certain facilities, but it is a VERY small percentage and will not hurt us for many, many years to come.

I am not hiding my head in the sand; I am actually seeing the trend reverse.
Never said perfect. If it were perfect, there would never be room for sm

change or growth.  What I was talking about was the continuous posting by the same people, over and over again, that is vague and destructive.  This is not just about Keystrokes, this is about the posts for other companies as well.

I think that not every MT is a good fit for every company, and not every company is good fit for every MT.  If this were the case, there would be very little job searching or hiring going on, only if someone retired or left the field or entered the field.

It is the outright lying that is so horrible.  Keystrokes is a transcription company which means that we have the normal ups and downs that every company has in terms of slow and busy periods.  We have been very fortunate to have very little down time due to busy and also new accounts. 

If there are check problems, they are resolved.  We all wish there were no problems and this is the biggest topic at manager meetings, but human error comes into play here as well.  We have a new time recording system that should eliminate that, if the information is entered correctly from the MT. 

If there are tough dictators on the account, it is not the fault of the company.  It is the fault of the hospital that has them on staff, but you have to take the good with the bad.

If there are QA complaints, it is usually that the leads are too strict.  The owners have said that they would rather be known for being too picky than too lenient, thus having accounts say the work is not up to standard. 

If there is a reliability problem, it just might not be a good fit.

I know that if I were to take over recruiting and hiring (which I absolutely want NOTHING to do with), I would not take job hoppers.  However, I have been told that you have to look at the hopping and why it has happened.  A lot could be poor choices.  That's why I will never be in charge of hiring, but I can control the MT QA and reliability once they are on my account.


MTing could not have said it any better!
Sorry everyone, I have been busy today. MTing could not have described the company any better. Also to add to that, to get a raise they do evaluations on your work and always tag you for stupid things such as missing a semicolon which enables your pay raise. A semicolon honestly does not interfere with patient care. Everyone is human and nobody is perfect!
The hospital I worked at outsourced our department and went with them. Quality was a nightmare and they are not renewing the contract.
Hello, I am Karen, are ya'll working?  I need something to keep my busy, and it needs to be steady.  Where is the work?  Help....

Excellent, excellent post.  Your references to the psychological studies is right on target.  There is no reason why medical transcription should be any different than other professions as far as what ambitious, serious workers want in a job.  We have every right, and it only makes common sense, to seek the job where we have the most to gain and are the most satisfied.  Isn't that what everyone else does when interviewing with and/or deciding to stay/leave a company or profession? 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of transcription, it is not always apparent at the beginning how well a particular job will suit our needs or how truthful the service has been with us.  I've been stung twice in 3 years.  In such a situation, to not look for something better is not only stupid for the MT but does not pay off for the service either if they have an unhappy MT who, as this poster has said, will not perform at his/her best.  It has to be a good match both ways for it to work to each party's benefit.  That's the nature of this profession.



I'm in love with it too. I've only been with them for almost a year but they've been great for me. I do OP notes and really get good lines. TT is by far the best co. I've ever worked for. They are so employee oriented and have a great leadership team in place. Couldn't ask for better on anything. Looking for another great year.

Found this as their website.  Some Co info and you can take a test/apply on line.  read through it quick and sounded good.  You could always check with Dept of Labor, Texas Work Force, Better Business Bureau to start with.  I have never been a very trusting person and not getting any easier to trust people now-a-days. 

I've googled medquist v. (as in lawsuit) in the past and you get all kinds of stuff, so that's not a good sign.   

http://www.mtsoftexas.com/  Good luck. 

Not only is asking ICs to work set schedules not right, it is ILLEGAL. Whoever is asking for this needs to take a good look at the US Tax Code and labor laws as well. Call them on it if this ever happens in an actual situation.
Busy MTing
My sentiments exactly. One has to look out for themselves because God knows these companies donot look out for you Wouldn't you like to know how much the company actually gets per line plus they make all these promises to get an acccount on board and to get an MT to work there.
Busy MTing.
You are absolutely correct dear. It's no one business if you work for 10 companies. that is your perogative. More power to dear. I am on your side all athe way.
State of US MTing
...poop, or xxxx before the moderator gets hold of this... it has become all a game, a XXXXXXX game. NOBODY WANTS TO TELL THE TRUTH... Corporate poop heads are all sending what ever they can to India and playing games with US MTs. Just look at IT jobs in other web sites... this is all XXXXXXXt.
state of MTing
.. yes, I agree. BUT, there are other factors involved today. The time is RIPE for corporate greed. Under the current presidential administration, CORPORATIONS RULE. Their exploitation of workers is at an all time high. Mark my words, in the coming year or so, we will be seeing many demonstrations from all sectors of workers and industries. President Bush has not a clue as to what his directives has done to the average working American. Please, I am neither a Democrat or Republican. I truly believe that Bush is so far removed and protected from the average American, that he has no idea how many jobs are discarded to third world countries because of his polices. We are truly at a unique point in the American history. America is changing rapidly. Mting and outsourcing is not unique - there are so many other fields affected by the current administration's policies. Not until the damage is done, will our goverment ask, Duh, what happened?
The state of MTing
Your post is well received as both a former owner and a transcriptionist. But this is not the whole picture of the state of MTing today. What you are experiencing and what the transcriptionists are experiencing is something like a star that is burning out and sputtering.

Deep down inside we all know that medical transcription as we know it is changing dramatically, changing because of technology and other sources available at much cheaper labor costs. This profession has no job enrichment. There are few real opportunities that offer true advancement with better pay. There is no security, not that we feel we must be entitled to it, little benefit or perks, and the pay psychologically does not attract the personality who is motivated to advance, and is ambitious. This is not a value judgment about anyone who performs transcription. It is a stark fact in the industry, and your post reflects the true position and frustration felt in the industry. Any business behavioral professional will tell you when there is no job enrichment or motivation, or incentive, workers will perform below their level. The industry pay scale has been directly impacted by the healthcare corporations and globalization. Now, please, do not misunderstand what I am saying. Each and every one of us should have the ethics to perform a job well done, and give our best no matter what pay we get. But studies and analysis of job performance will show you time and time again that when there is low pay, no raises, lack of incentive, and no future in a job, one begins to see the problems you are describing exactly. The expectations to uphold the privacy, confidentiality, accurateness, have an extremely extensive knowledge of medical language, and continue education in the field, does not match the low pay any more. So you see, you get transcriptionists that are anxious, always looking for better pay, even if it's a quarter of a cent more, and the focus goes toward that penny. Businesses struggle to stay afloat with operational costs and payroll, and more and more trying to attract good transcriptionists.

The thing I hear and understand about comparsion to Transcriptionist in India is the disturbing message American transcriptionists get from those that control the pay scale. As Americans workers, we have standards and protection for the American worker - labor laws, a livable wage, ethics,and we have gotten used to that. When you hear a business owner flagrantly make statements about how the poor little Indian transcriptionist will be grateful to work long hours for very little pay, work weekends,holidays, make her job her life, something about that pitted against our standard becomes disturbing. Since we are not yet at the economic level of India, you will continue to see revolving door workers. You might say the etiquette is becoming that of workers who can get a job at Seven-Eleven or MacDonalds - sure you can get a job there, those jobs are plentiful, and pay almost as much as transcription does today. These are just the cold hard facts. Perhaps if industry owners would try something different - instead of going through 3000 resumes to get a good handful transcriptionists who possess both the work ethic and the quality, start off at an agreeable pay with guaranteed raises based on consistency and rotate weekends. More companies should learn that rotating weekends works better than consistently looking for permanent weekend schedules. Transcriptionists need to have a balance of work and life outside the computer.
Change and MTing

This is no longer the once respected career where one is paid for their knowledge and many years of experience.  I urge everyone to pay very close attention to who they are voting for in the presidential race and what they stand for.  Back the candidate who says no more tax breaks for businesses that are sending our jobs overseas.  It not only applies to our jobs but those throughout the country.  How many times do you call a customer service line and get someone on the line you cannot even understand??? This is an outrage!!! While people here in the US struggle to find jobs or see their $$$ go down and still have to work under sweatshop conditions.  Bottom line, back the person who is going to help us the most at risk for losing our job to some offshore company.  Companies will say they will never do it.  Believe me, if its going to increase their bottom line they will do it.  Most of all do vote, every single vote can make a difference.

She went back to MTing for OSi
nm.. RH
how long have you been MTing?

Sometimes it can take a while to work up your counts.  But as other posters below have said, if you've been at this for a while, I'd look into how the company is paying you - what constitutes a line, spaces included, expansions included, normals included, etc.  If you feel they're not paying you correctly, you may want to address that with them.  I would definitely suggest a change in employers before giving up the whole industry.  You might have just gone with a sneaky company.

There are companies out there that pay for ADT info, you just have to seek them out.

Believe like you want but my MTing money is
not all that I have, receive a trust fund each month plus retirement money. Sorry you seem so bent out of shape about the possibility of having to do VR.
I think the OP was stating that she got some

However, I remember this job post and I think the pay was 7 cpl.  You get what you pay for is all I can say.   

As far as your reasons for job hopping, it makes me no nevermind, I was simply pointing out the fact that you've had four jobs in 15 years.  In my opinion, that is a lot of jobs to have in that span of time.  I had the same employer for 15+ years and have serviced the same accounts for 10+.  Longevity equals production in this business. 

I think that many promises are made to these MTs by these MTSOs, and then the promises are broken.  I think that causes a sour taste.  Let's face it.  Business is business.  

Not a newbie, but I have been away from MTing for a year...sm
and I was never the fastest typer in the West to begin with. Plus I cant find a job doing anything outside my home either!!! It is really scary trying to get a job anywhere these days. I like Allegiant's flexibility and line count requirements. I think I can do them...
Yep.. they are both back to just MTing as well as one of the trainers
Best platform ever used in 20 years of MTing. NM
Yep, I make as much MTing now as I would on disability.
Guess what I am going to take since I qualify?
so glad to hear that MTing has been sm
brought down to a profession of chump change by the newbies.
so glad to hear that MTing has been sm
brought down to a profession of chump change! You do the profession proud. NOT!
VR is more difficult than straight MTing
because there are no expanders, no templates, no macros and that brings you down. You MTs who so desparately stick to the OLD methods, are impotent without your Expanders and your grammar and spelling is questionable when it comes to correcting the whole document!
VR is ok, but the payment is pitiful. Hopefully this will be corrected in the future. VR is here to stay, believe it or not!

YOU are the ignorant one, always were and always will be, the future will show you!
VR and straight need the same MTing knowledge...sm
the manual skills differ, but not necessarily always.

You can download to an MT who has never done VR a VR document for editing and she will be able to do it. NO SOPECIAL trainin g is necessary.

When I tested for companies, when VR was introduced, they tested me on editing VR, I had never done it before and I passed.

Basically every MT can do it, bringing up the speed that is the challenge.
good point, keep MTing
at least some, and you can still take those tax deductions as well as keep your skills up.
I am just stating my opinion like everyone else...sm
on the board. I must have struck a nerve with you for you to be so insulted. What's with "get over yourself" - just because I'm happy with my company and you probably aren't - means what? That I think I'm better than everyone? Don't think so. You should try being more positive, you might be more pleasant.
By the way, stating that you feel you let them down
is an admission that sounds like guilt. Don't get your denial of that issue either!
If DOL is all your HR dept will take, then anyone stating here they could
Perhaps you should just give it up if you are not willing to call and/or see an attorney for yourself. lol

Stating the name of a job position
I had though that all job ads posted had to state the name of the company; however, there is one posted by an MTRecruiter who seems to be looking for different companies.  Shouldn't that person name the companies who he/she is recruiting for?  Thanks.
Why did you say that? Now there will be 60 messages stating
I was getting 9 cpl with them and they let me go stating I could not do op notes sm
Op notes are all I do for MQ and my other job.  They just didn't want to pay me 9 cpl and they dropped me to 7 cpl on er reports.  It is an awful company to work for.  I would not go there in any way, shape or form.
and I am stating my opinion also. sm
If the companies don't want to set up auto e-mail they don't want to. you aren't going to change them. Grow up. Not being nasty just to the point.
This might be stating the obvious but...
Make sure you make the corrections and save the revised document!

I updated my resume and saved it, but when I went to send it out realized I had not updated my email address. I updated it on the resume I was sending out at that particular moment, but forgot to change it and save it in Word. After I had to correct it 3-4 times as I went to send it, I FINALLY remembered to go into the actual document, make the change and save it.

Sometimes I really wonder how I function in day to day life, I'm such a scatterbrain, lol!!!
meant hourly rates for MTing, not QA.
If money's an issue, you're better off MTing.
Most QAs do it because they MT'd until their hands gave out & can no longer MT.
I really get the idea you would love MTing go out of business
Lots of your postings go in the same vein. My work on VR is darn near perfect but it still will throw in some crazies ever so often that has not done before and continue on with that for awhile. My hospital allows for the patient's name in a report. Eight months ago the names were almost always right, now never so we have to change those. Eight months ago when doing preop diagnoses you had the first diagnosis under the preop and now it is out by the side so then you have to move that down and put #2 and #3 under those. It can do things today that you may not have had last year. The ones that were problems last year cleared up this year. I do not worry about a machine putting me out of business, hey if that happens I might be like others and just retire, right?
Typing is the LAST thing MTing is about, it's about KNOWLEDGE..nm
Having the years in MTing is making no difference
with the pay. If that were the case I would be making the big $$$ as I have over 30 years. You are either going to have to learn or find another profession, that is unless you are perhaps working for a specialty group of physicians, not these companies. I was outsourced from a hospital position to a company. Do you really think that company takes into consideration the years I have in? Nah, doesn’t happen. Having said that, I am extremely happy I know VR and use it now, only work an 8 hour day and can make good money doing that.
I am only stating that she posted on another board. I don't know her
one way or the other, you are right. I am not the basher. I just thought that post would clarify what someone else said. That's all. I am not bashing this woman. I am just giving information that I read while posting a question about Transtech on another board
He emailed me afterward, stating that he had
that he called to tell me about the additional ways. I never responded. The scary thing is that I had posted my resume to so many places here, so I had no clue who it was.
Several posts in the archives stating this. nt
I'm not being rude. The OP is stating she is lacking
work, and you give her a lecture related to your problems. Again, apples and oranges. That means opposite! So you slacked off and caused the company problems, etc. Unless you know the OP personally and are accusing her of same, your post is irrelevant. Are you helping her get work? Are you answering her question why there is no work for her? No, you turned her post into your own post! Help the lady out and answer her questions - she didn't ask for your work history, etc. Nothing said negative about the company, so you're rather protective. Unless, as often happens here, a whole thread was deleted by now and I missed it! Peace to you! Just trying to point out that your post is not helpful or on topic of the original questions!
email again just stating you submitted
your resume about 10 days ago and have not heard anything as of yet for testing. They will get back to you very shortly then.
Just stating the facts, maam.
Wow! What remarkable perceptive powers you must possess to be able to glean personal information from a 2-line post! If you ever get tired of QA, do consider the Psychic Friends' Network. Seriously though, what you refer to as ''answers'' and ''corrections'' are more often personal preferences (varying from QA to QA) and petty nit-picking about poorly communicated, ever-changing rules. You might want to examine, though, why you are emotional and upset enough to post rambling diatribes over MTs comparing their work experiences and pet peeves on an MT forum. Thanks for the heartfelt holiday wishes though (so good to know that you love me!) and for your approval to ''say what you have to if you must''. LOL!
Not trying to start anything just stating facts

But Amphion has just informed me that they are letting me go because I am not making their line count and its the end of probation.  I don't know if it is all the extra stuff I had to do in the document information screen before being able to type or I'm just stupid, but I have always made like counts before and have never ever been let go from an MT job before or any job for that matter.  I am not going to badmouth them but it is a very bad feeling when I know I did my best.  I'm not a newbie either, I have 9 years under my belt.

Not trying to start anything just stating facts
Don't feel bad, I just started there and I know I am not going to be able to meet their line counts with all the looking up things and a different doctor every report. I also have never had trouble meeting line counts before, but this is a joke. Just move on and chalk it up to experience.
Not really complaining, just stating a fact
had not gotten even an email and never did.
When stating something, please have your facts straight
I am the person you are talking about. I am not QAd once a year. Where you got that from, dreaming I guess. We are checked every 3 months with pulled reports. In between those 3 months we also are checked and hear back from QA and also if the hospital I do work for has any issues, also hear from them. My QA has never been 97 and last time was a 99%. I am glad my initials are on the report because I stand behind all work that I do. Oh, I might be fast but was told by the higher ups at my company we have even faster. Sorry you cannot make it on VR, quit hating.