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now I'll be looking for one

Posted By: tired hands on 2005-09-29
In Reply to: A lot of companies only require line - commitments, not hours. passnthru. nm

because I think the hours thing (except so they have an idea of when you work to regulate work flow) is bull.

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If you'll read through past posts you'll find lots of
recent info.  Why do you need menitoring if you already work as an MT.  Unless you do clinic work most companies will require you to work at least one weekend day, at least initially. 
If you'll read the archives you'll find out everything
you want to know, none of it good.
Probably figure you'll want Way more than they'll offer, whatever it might be. :) nm
If you'll read more carefully you'll see
I was referring to AFTER she's missed out on a job, having a friend do sort of an audit to tell her what what was wrong with her test she submitted -- not cheating.
I'll take that hat!
Take ur hat off to me cuz I work at MedQuist, have plenty of work and make a lot of money - and they do leave me alone which is kewl. Been with 'em for 8 years too!
hey, it's ya'll

No, no, no, it's Yu'll for "you will"
I think you'll like VR
I work for MDI on the eScription VR platform, good accounts, good pay, and I need team mates to help with the backlog of work (I'm on 2nd shift). I highly recommend it. I have been on VR for 3 years and have found it more profitable than straight transcription, and much easier on the wrists/hands.
I'll try.. sm
I am happy at OSi. I've been with them for two years now. I've been doing well with them. My main account was a little low on work over the summer, but is back to being pretty busy. Even when it was low, I had my backups. I've been there long enough and have worked on enough accounts that I can grab backup work from several different accounts but usually don't need it. We use the Extext platform and I love it. The best part of it is being able to pull up samples, past reports, etc. That is what helped me move into being able to do op notes which I hadn't done before but now do plenty of. On my main account, I barely have any ESL and the few I do are very easy. I've worked on VA and there are a few more ESL on those, but only a few were very difficult. To compensate, you are allowed a couple of blanks on those anyway, and like I said, when you can pull up other reports for these dictators, it helps a lot anyway. Compared to what I see in some of the job ads, I feel I'm compensated pretty well. There are frequently incentives offered. For the most part, I'm left alone to work and am not bugged. I'm able to do above my 12,000, lines per pay period and also work as an IC with another company to boot. I am paid by direct deposit on time, every time. Never ever a problem with that. The couple of times there has been a problem with my check, say an incentive having been left off or something like that, I've had a manual check cut and in the mail right away. Hopefully this post will be allowed to stay and won't be overrun by those that weren't happy at OSi, but I couldn't be happier there.
You'll get it ----

It won't be the correct amount, but you'll eventually get it.  I'm outta there.  Today was my last day.

Thanks. I'll do that. NM
You'll never know if you don't try.
I would just go for it. Make sure though that you are checking and double checking everything, and look up anything you don't know for sure. This will take a while but eventually you'll get used to the job and you'll be glad you tried it. Good luck.
I'll bet
and you've never made a typo?
I'll 3rd IT

Allstate Transcription started a mentoring program that is very much needed in our industry, and I am pleased to say that I have been a team player for two or three months now!  In this program, Deb, the owner, gives people who have gone through some kind of course an opportunity to work on real accounts with real TATs.  In addition, she provides MEGA feedback with all kinds of documentation to sites for the interns to read.  Deb nor the editors can make anyone do anything.  The intern has to WANT to learn more and improve and has to have the capacity of breaking a habit of doing things their way versus the AAMT BOS way.  Deb will do flips backwards just to help someone succeed with multiple second chances.  In the real world, if you can't produce an accuracy of 98% and above, you will be terminated.  In Deb's defense, she cannot continue to allow a person who is not progressing to fill a slot when she has others begging to get into the program.  It seems that everyone here has a clear understanding of the bigger picture ~ producing 98% accurate work to a client so that they can provide the BEST care to the patient - afterall, it is the patient whose well-being is at stake here.   Carla     

I'll try them both. Thanks.:)

Thanks - I'll try that! - nm
I'll second that!!!
The reason I work for my current company is that they keep all work in the US! I am so glad that I found them!
I'll bet that you do.

You'll never see
10 cpl from MQ even if you truly, truly deserve it.
I'll second that
at least animals are honest about their dishonesty.
I'll second that!
I was hired by Cymed in the fall of 2005, and it really wasn't a very bad place to work, although not the absolute best, but then SPi bought them out in the summer of 2006, and the changes REALLY became evident in the fall of 2006. I started running out of work more and more each day, the account managers were constantly changing, my pay checks started getting screwed up (they stopped paying me my second shift differential that I always got with CyMed), and the office staff was just plain RUDE. I finally got completely fed up and left back in February 2007 and went to Keystrokes and have been 1,000 times happier!
i'll second all of that!
I'll second that!
Love, love, love it there! Never been so happy with a job before!
thank you, I'll try it!!

I'll bet this is TT

Nah, you'll probably have to pay THEM
It won't fly. I still don't believe they'll ever
so many hospitals and doctors don't even know what a CMT is or have never heard of AAMT or whatever they call themselves these days. Why would any sane person push for forced credentialing when it doesn't even increase our pay rates? You'll never gain any extra esteem in the eyes of physicians unless you actually have M.D. after your name. If they ever find a way to implement this (which I highly doubt), I will cease to MT, not because I am incapable of receiving credentials, but because it is completely ridiculous. Yet one more way to force liability on the MT where it should never exist, too. Any MT who falls for this has obviously been brainwashed by AAMT, the organization that changed its name because it had MT in it! They aren't for us in the least so please wake up to that fact. They have and will continue to harm MT more than they will ever advance it. The only ones capable of changing this industry are the individual MTs by not accepting BS, either from pseudo-organizations, MTSOs, or clients. End of story.
I'll tell you what I know sm
They always pay on time every 2 weeks (26 times a year). Reasonable benefits after 90 days if you maintain 11K lines and 80 hours per pay period. QA people are wonderful. Tech support is supreme. Management is nice, polite, available.

The way to be happy at TT is work something other than 8-5 and to agree to having a primary and at least 1 or 2 secondaries. An attitude that work is work and it has to be done, might as well be you, works very well. Being punctual and consistently working your shift will go a long way for you too.

I love it and will continue to stick with it.

I'll just bet MDI
would love to talk to you if you have the experience in acute care they require. Go to mditrans.com for more info. They are great to work for.
Thanks...I'll try that...n/m
not all they say- I'll say!
The reason why you can't get any work after 10 pm. is because the supervisors who are scheduled to work into the late evening and early a.m. aren't on and do not send the work to the MT's. Operations will tell you that they are on all night, but they are not, and everyone knows it. You will only be hired for midnight shifts even though there is plenty of M-F, 9-5 work available (they same those for fav's). You will never get a schedule change, regardless of the promises. Your personal situation will never be considered. All of the execuitves are convinced that every MT is stealing from them and they will ALWAYS be treated like dirt. They are convinced that they pay the highest in the industry when studies have shown that they are in the lower 40% of pay. This is what a company is like when you scummy people running it.
You'll fit right in...
at MedQuist. Why not give them a try?
If you want the best, you'll have to pay for it.
That's just it. Many MTs aren't the best and expect to be paid for it.

I'm a little surprised that you are only now, as an IC, dictating what your rate is. That's what IC is... INDEPENDENT contractor. What took you so long?
I think you'll like it...

It was easy to learn and not too time consuming before entering the actual report screen. 

I'm not sure what I'll do...

They are supposed to call me today. I already work for MED-Scribe of Utah and, although I really like it, I would love to do clinic work and have holidays and weekends free. MED-Scribe has been really nice and helpful so far. Everyone is nice, and I have not run into anyone that is rude. I see a lot of complaints with MTs that have run into rude behavior from companies. I've not had that with MED-Scribe. My only complaint with MED-Scribe is that the communication dept. can be lacking at times. Other than that, it has been fine. It is very full time, though. It was my first job offer, and I took it. Some of the posts about ZyloMed from back in 2006 are very discouraging, but I wonder if things are better there now. Even though I would prefer strictly clinic work, I don't want to make a decision I would regret with a bad company.

I had training on Emdat when I tested with On-Time Transcription. It is very time consuming to fill in all of the info. I can see where Maryann makes a good point about the line count. It would take a lot of time to fill in all the demographics.

Now I'm not sure what to do! I suppose it would depend on how much they offer. I absolutely love Urology! (Sigh!)

And I'll bet they pay
about two rupees a day, ya think?
Thanks-I'll have to seriously look into that nm

they'll get around to it

Maybe your name is out of place in the Rolodex. My suggestion?  Just lay low and see how long you dodge the bullet

It'll probably bog you down
I have satellite, which is only a half step above dialup, and I know when I worked on an account with ExText, it was godawful slow. Not so much the typing, but anything that required contact with the server- demographics, physician lists, download/send, and that sort of thing. It didn't seem quite as bad if you were getting long reports, but if you got anything less than a 5 minute report, you spent so much time waiting that the report was a money-loss.
I'll do better than that
I'll save your seat AND save you a bowl of soup.  LOL
DIT...I'LL BE....
DAMNED!!!  Third week of August came and went and I still haven't received my paycheck.  I sent an e-mail this morning to the owner or whoever she is and she said she would get with payroll and have them contact me about the paycheck....She REASSURED me that I would get paid the third week of August so I continued to work for them and now look!!!  I guess I can't blame anyone but myself.  But I'll tell you one thing....THEY ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS.....SEND ME MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll add to that.
I can't state this strongly enough - do NOT take a position with this company. You WILL NOT have any work - night after night you'll log in to see a row of zeroes staring at you. Try asking for a secondary and you'll get the same thing - another empty account to twiddle your thumbs at. You can't earn a living, you'll never qualify for bennies because you can't make the $900 minimum PPP, you won't get the sign-on bonus for the same reason, and your e-mails are flat-out ignored or not received. If you're willing to juggle four to five accounts to eek out a bare minimum, you may be able to make the minimum PPP, but I think that's doubtful if the numbers tell the truth, and I'm afraid they do.

Transcend is a waste of your time and experience. Please look elsewhere; I took this job in a panic when I lost my former position late last year and so many companies were in a hiring freeze due to the econonmy. I was warned away from Transcend by MANY ex- and current employees, but I took it anyway because it was coming down between Trascend and stocking shelves at the local Safeway.

I'd be making more and have insurance if I'd went with the latter, believe it.
If you take a look around, you'll see that IC
There's a reason for that.
Just being independent doesn't guarantee you anything. It may give you different types of options, but you're not immune to what's happening in MT.
I'll start now if you will

Well, I'm sure you'll get over your issue with me

and you should stop adding the fuel, I think you are enjoying yourself

i'll 2nd MQer
thought maybe i could do better -- wrong!! Either they couldn't/wouldn't give the flexibility, couldn't offer the good platform, other offer no equipment or reimbursement for DSL, some don't have enough work volume... MQ is the place for me!
Yeah, I'll be getting out of there, too.
Way too hard to make any money at Transolutions.
This is management,, ya'll. NM
I'll second that emotion...
Tons of work in Ohio and I have only one account - accounts are monitored very closely and if work starts to thin out people are asked to switch to their secondarys - politely. They try very hard to balance the workload so as to not have anyone run out of work. Hate hearing how other offices are run - yuck.
LMAO. Soon they'll have........sm
    QA to QA the QA-ers !!  
believe me it'll happen
and ppl who never thought they would be home are now home working