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please do not call her a troll - there is no need for that. the QA

Posted By: CURRENT DKR on 2006-03-08
In Reply to: No I am not a troll, but I did find a job. Good for me - Diskriter Employee

part is the truth. There is a severe lack of QA at Diskriter. I just type my lines with or without blanks and just send them through because I was tired of the nasty emails I was getting from my supervisor about my blanks. That's all I will say because I do not know who reads this board

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I call TROLL on the defensive
so-called MT who defends cherry-picking.
Everytime you say something good about a company, they call you a troll - (sm)
Who's the idiot?
Why must the person be a troll? Before its over with I guess you will be a troll also.
Obviously a troll!
First, if you were fired from Spheris, you just aren't too good!  From your post, I can understand why you were fired.  Learn to spell!  I wouldn't go around telling everyone how you were fired either!  Most people aren't proud of that fact.  Your post makes NO sense.  You are jealous because an Andrews graduate received better training and therefore can get a better job.  DUH.  Try another line of work!
I'm not a TROLL
My post sounded very rude and I apologize.  Maybe I'm having a bad day or PMSing...who knows? 
Do you look like a troll??
Dont insult the trolls.
oh lawdy - one troll after another, eh? NM *lol*
This person is a troll. (SM)
Probably a very disgruntled ex-employee. Probably have been banned at some point from this forum for unacceptable posting.

Do not pay any attention to their posts. I am leaving them here so the Administrator can see them first.

Trust me, even with their anonymizers, their ISPs can still be traced and they can be reported to anonymizers for abuse as well.
Ignore the troll.
You are obviously a troll with a vendetta.
Too bad you don't have something better to do than come on here and cause problems.

Can you say "management troll"???
Have you ever heard of a TROLL?

Yes, only a troll masquerading as an MT
would defend cherry-pickers and just say ignore them while looking the other day. REAL MTs would get mad and do something about cherry-pickers, not accuse MTs who disagree wtih it as being kids fighting over candy
you know I think you are the real troll sm
on here. I posted that I DO NOT own an MTSO but now I am a know-it-all and say things over and over. What the heck does that have to do with a post addressing the accusation that I am an MTSO owner. I work for a MTSO just like the rest of you. I happen to like my job, do well etc. etc.

You are nothing but a whiner and complainer that doesn't need to be in this business at all.

I hope one of these days this business DOES go back to where it was where you ahve to work your butt off to get experience with ESLs and everything else. The job is weekends, holidays, whenever the work is there is you want to work from home for an MTSO! If not go into a hospital and work int he MR department.. You will still have to work weekends and holidays.

Shut up or get out!
An obvious troll
put this clown who laughs at other's misery on *ignore.* Let LMAO entertain/babysit him/herself.
why don't you grow up and get a life you troll
whoa - that just may be a troll post.....sm

as I know it, the MT work coming out of India is sent to 3 doctors in India who sit in a room and proofread ALL India-MT work........saw a program on cable TV.....and this work is proofed before it comes back to the US.....

No I am not a troll, but I did find a job. Good for me
I found a job as a medical secretary and that is good enough for me right now. It is not the best situation, but I will get some SUM tapes and practice. Thanks for the advise.
I don't think this is a true manager, just a troll.
Look on an urban dictionary. Its right by troll,
Agree - Some troll trying to stir the pot
Must be having a very boring Easter and trying to seek stimulation on the board. *EYE ROLL*
Ha, ha. I love it. Troll alert! Good one. nm
That person was a troll. Just trying to stir things up. 12 cpl or
Yeah you troll. Get back under the bridge.
It's called a troll. Statements without backup. sm
There is a lot of work out there with Keystrokes and others. MQ is losing accounts, and the other MTSOs are getting them. I am sure that they want to see quality and limit volume the first few days. I would if it were my company.
well, haven't heard the word troll since...
There's something fishy here. The anti-KS troll is back!
I make 9.5 cpl after 2 years. Someone is trying to stir up trouble again.
Good plan. You know they troll these boards, so
I am officially calling you out as the troll that you are.. moderator are you here? sm
if this isnt considered troll like flaming behavior, please define what is.
If this is what is to be here on MT stars, I will be leaving.
Yes, call waiting works. I also have call forwarding from my home line
You can call it greed, I call it feeling like
I am back in the 80s with the money I am pulling in. SS, retirement check and my paycheck, cha-ching. Not planning on taking it with me, never. Love to travel and have 4 places planned for this year. High maintenance lady here. Ta-Ta.
Call them......
Since the Warminster office is being absorbed into the Northeast Region, the only ones who can answer that question for you is the Warminster office itself. I've worked for them for years and have plenty of work - my accounts haven't gone anywhere.
Yes. I get what they call
a tiered incentive on my checks and then get quarterly bonuses to boot. I was quite impressed actually. I started at 8.75 cpl and can earn up to 2 cpl incentive plus the bonuses.

We got Labor day incentives too...$40 for the first 800 lines and $20 for every 400 lines after that.

It may all fall apart but right now I'm happy.

If you truly cannot call, perhaps
it is time to find work with another MTSO/company? That way when one is slow, you will have another as a backup? This is, of course, assuming you are an IC. If you are an employee having communications issues where you cannot even call your employer, I would start looking elsewhere.
I could call and say
I could call and say I I couldn't work that day if I was sick or if my daughter was sick, things like that, but I've never done that with the exception of a few weeks ago when my husband had open heart surgery and I ended up not working for 3 days.
I could call and say
But the point is I would never do that. I have to have a very good reason why I wouldn't work.
Why not just CALL them?
of course call
but I would take this as a warning: If they don't follow up *before* they actually hire you...
So should I call them? (nt)
I had a guy call me to tell me he was going to
his MTs are earning money, but he would not tell me his company name. I did not answer the phone. That really made me nervous. I will not be giving my # out again.
Call and ask.
When I tried to call...
I got the message about the number being disconnected, so I emailed and got called back from another number.
You can call them and ask.
Really not sure, but I would just call them and ask.
Why not just call them?
If I get no work on an account, the first thing I do is call to make sure there is no technical reason for the lack of work. (like maybe I was fired? (locked out?) :))
I would call in and

talk to them.  There is certainly plenty of work and they don't want you to be unhappy.


I got the call too
I am concerned because this company does offshore and I looked at their website briefly and they are apparently looking to acquire more companies.
Definitely would call now!!
Call them!!!
I was afraid to pester the company I tested with, too, but after waiting 8 days I called yesterday and got hired.  If you want the job, pursue it!
they call you once and then
you never hear from them again!